Fitting in the training

Marathon training is huge.  The actual marathon itself is more like a celebration of the months and months of training, it’s almost minor in some ways.  The training is huge.  Finding the time for long long runs that are the backbone of becoming a marathoner in the midst of a busy life?  Tough!  Throw in Christmas and it’s even tougher for a busy working mum like Louie.

Friday was Boxing Day and fast becoming the annual Deloraine to Exton run by Team Huey, Dewey and Louie.  Unfortunately Pauly was stuck on the farm and couldn’t get away so it was left to Louie and Dewey to keep the tradition alive.

We didn’t.  We didn’t make it to Exton.  We did run 25kms but in and around Deloraine instead.

I’ve read several marathon books and all talk about the importance of the long run.  Miss the long runs and then serious consideration should be given to continuing with the marathon.  Friday was Louise’s only day to fit this long run in so we had to go.  But what was the weather doing?  We’ve been running early to avoid the heat but instead of being hot it was cold and windy with torrential rain.  We love running to Exton (a small town 8kms away).  The highway, which can be busy, becomes dead early in the morning on Boxing Day.  With a front coming through with strong winds and rain that pelted down that made us wonder at times if it wasn’t hail, we turned around and stuck to the more sheltered areas of Deloraine.

Training.  Fitting it in can be tough.  This is where dedication and single-mindedness has to come in.  Get up early and get that training done regardless of the weather.

At the end of that run we could barely feel our hands, our shoes were wetter than wet and squelched when we walked, are clothes were dripping and sodden.  We looked as if we’d just done the swim leg of a triathlon rather than a road run.  But we did it!  Taper time for Louie now.  Next week a 20km run and then the week after Cadbury Marathon (I’m lining up for the half this year).

Watching people on marathon day I often think about how wonderful they are.  They are at the start line about to put their mental and physical toughness to one of life’s ultimate tests – running 42.2kms.  But from now on I’m going to watch marathoners at the start line with new vision.  For months they have been dedicated, they have put in hundreds of kms in training so that they can be at that start line.  The test began months ago when the decision to train was made.  If you’re training for a marathon give yourself a pat on the back, regardless of what happens on race day you are amazing just for making the decision to train!  Big claps and cheers from me to you!

Sunday saw Pauly crank out his 25km training run, I shall write about that next.  For now here is a photo of two very soggy but happy Quackers.  If we can run in those conditions we can run just about anywhere!


Happy running 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fitting in the training

  1. I so agree, training is the hardest part of running a marathon, the hours of running needed and the time you have to find to fit it in. For me this also means getting the training done so it does not effect ‘family time’.
    Sounds like you had a real English weather run! I like running in that, I tend to run in the pouring rain with a big grin on my face, makes me laugh at the madness of it all!

    1. We would’ve all matched Shaz because for most of that run Louie and I had the giggles. At one point we ran through the little camping area on the river and a lady came out and told us that we were really dedicated. After we ran by Louie commented that she thought ‘dedicated’ really meant mad! Louie has that juggle with ‘family time’ too – that part if over for me and when I look back at when I did have the kids still at school I don’t know I’d been able to fit in marathon training too. Seriously impressed with running mums x

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