A lesson from swimming

I don’t call myself the Unsporty Woman for nothing. I truly do not have a sporty bone in my body. It was a minor miracle that the stars lined up to set me on the path to becoming a runner.


For anyone struggling with running goals just remember that if I can do this running thing anyone can. Build up slowly, keep trying, don’t give up; believe that you can. If I can transform myself from non-runner to runner, then you can too! Trust me!

Enter swimming. A few short months ago we joined a pool and gym. At first I was reluctant to do more than paddle around in the pool. I didn’t have proper bathers and didn’t feel the part. I was nervous that if I tried to swim a lap I’d run out of puff and sink!  It had been years since I’d done any serious lap swimming.

It was time to get serious. Just like when I started running and bought myself some new shoes and some running tights, I went out and invested in a pair of decent swimmers designed for lap swimming. It’s funny how looking the part helps with confidence. And like with the running gear, I entered into a contract with myself: If you spend that money on swimmers you have to swim!

I’m pleased to say that after four months I’m able to swim 500m without stopping and swim it well and confidently. Perhaps not elegantly or fast, but I don’t feel like I’m going to drown. I’m in complete control during each lap. It’s time to start increasing the distance.

Perhaps not swimming like a dolphin yet but more dolphin-life every day.

Perhaps not swimming like a dolphin yet but more dolphin-like every day.

Yet again I’ve learnt that I can train my body to do things that I don’t think I can do. My first 25m lap had a little rest in the middle! Now I can do 500m just like that. I’m very proud of myself. And I love it. I love the rhythm and flow of lapping up and down the pool. I love the sound of the bubbles as I breathe out and the whoosh and swish as my arms pull the water and I move slowly forwards.

My try a Triathlon dreams are very much alive and well. Still not sure when, not for a few years maybe. It’s nice to be mixing up the training and doing something that is fun and therapeutic all at the same time.


Most of my swim dates are with Janette which is just lovely. It’s so nice to have someone encouraging me along and who gets the whole joy of being fit and moving. Joining the gym and pool was Janette’s suggestion thanks to a voucher that she had for a month’s free membership. It never would’ve occurred to me. We have to drive an hour to the complex but since we’re in Launceston for so many things we combine our other activities with a trip to the pool too.


Swimming: another lesson that’s taught me that if I persevere I can achieve fitness goals. Another example of believing in myself, building up slowly and refusing to quit. Best of all it’s given me the opportunity to achieve something, and now to take a little pause, look back and say I didn’t quit! I kept going and now I can swim a pretty long way for an Unsporty Woman.  And as always, if I can do these things then you can too!

Happy running 🙂

Ps I haven’t had a go on a bike yet…best do that soonish.

PPs fires are still burning but rain is forecast for late Wednesday and the smoke is so much less.


18 thoughts on “A lesson from swimming

  1. Oh I love the cat photo, that is so me! I can swim, I do swim, but don’t really see enjoy it. Well done you for getting it there and doing it

  2. Great progres Annie!
    And the cat is so me, I did an ocean race yesterday and didn’t particularly enjoy it even now, I wasn’t quite last but nearly!! I enjoy swimming at my own leisurely pace but not under competition stress 😉

    • Oh I can’t imagine swimming it in a race environment. I am sure I’ll be way back at the back but that’s ok. Well done on your ocean swim – I must get out of the pool sometime… not sure when. I think I like that blue line a bit too much.

      • This time last year I couldn’t swim more than 50m of freestyle without going back to my “head out of water” safe breaststroke! And I hadn’t even got back on the bike after getting knocked off! Doing a triathlon was the last thing on my mind – what a lot has happened in a year!
        Stick at the swimming, I’m very sure you could do anything you put your mind to 😊

      • Gosh Sam, you’ve achieved so much in such a short time. I keep thinking of you and get huge inspiration from what you’ve been able to do. NZ isn’t far away!

  3. You are inspiring Annie! You won’t have any problems on a bike. I’m so impressed with your swimming progress!!
    Glad to hear of rain in the forecast and the fires settling. Xo

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 I’m really enjoying the challenge very much. This triathlon thing is quite complicated though…bike, wet suit, tri suit, goggles, bathing cap, bike shoe things…way more complex than running. Not sure I’m going to be coordinated enough but hoping I can at least do one Try a Try.

      • I actually laughed out loud when I read that…An Ironman? I did a spin class at the gym for 30 minutes then did 500m in the pool and I was stuffed hehe…Ironman….Do they have a Fairyflossman? I might be able to do that one hehe 🙂 your encouragement is so appreciated Sue xxx

      • True 🙂 So very true! I bumped into a lovely fellow Launceston Running Club runner at the pool this morning. She got very excited when I told her I was thinking of a triathlon (I’ve even had a little look at wetsuits online….never say never….just have to find an Ironman with like about at least a two day cut off to finish!

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