18 (ummm) kms

That was just plain terrible.

Every step of it.  Lead legs.  Over worked lungs.  Aching shoulders and neck.  Plod plod plod.  When will this be over?  Oh and a bad attitude to go with all that too.  I know it’s going to be a bad run when even the voices in my head are all negative, usually at least one is sunny.

But I did it.

We were expecting a stormy run today – the rains have finally come and wow have them come!  They started yesterday lunch time and from then until 5pm Friday (today) we’ve had 120mm (nearly 5″).  There has been flash flooding in different parts of the state.

The main street in Deloraine, Emu Bay Road. There was about 40mm in less than 10 minutes complete with fast huge hail storm.
The main street in Deloraine, Emu Bay Road, lunch time yesterday (note the shop across the road about to be inundated with rushing water). The storm clouds had been gathering and then just like that it poured down!  There was about 40mm in less than 10 minutes complete with huge hail stones.  Both my office and the library had water leaks that caused temporary closure while it was mopped up.
The hail was huge!
The hail was huge!

After all the storms of Thursday that lasted into the night and small hours of the morning, I thought that we would be drowned rats out there early today.  I put on a vest and didn’t take my sun glasses.  Guess what?  While it looked dark and stormy it didn’t rain a drop and the wind was just a nice gentle breeze.  At times the sun was out and it was hot and extremely humid.  Serious?  I should hire myself out for weddings and sporting events.  If ever you need fine weather just ask me to come along in my rain coat and gumboots – it’ll be fine for sure!

Eighteen hard slogging kms.  It wasn’t pretty.  It took me 2:01:05.  I had a few walk breaks at the end; I was so exhausted and over it.


My long suffering running buddies Pauly and Louise were waiting at the finish looking fresh as daisies ~ grumble, cuss, curse, grumble ~ How do they do that?

Not a good run today.  Not a happy one either.  A run in the run bank and a run to remind me that when there are good runs to really enjoy them and to appreciate them.  AND a run that reminds me what great running buddies I have, they didn’t growl at me they just kept on running and chatting between themselves (and having a bit of a giggle too).

Best part of the run apart from stopping and turning off my GPS watch?  Saying hello to Louise’s new baby doglet Marley and her gorgeous big doglet Eddie.

Marley - Miss Cuteness but no I'm still not allowed to have a puppy.
Marley – Miss Cuteness; but no I’m still not allowed to have a puppy.
Camera-shy Eddie the big brother.
Camera-shy Eddie the big brother.

Happy running 🙂

PS at the 3rd km I was ready to hang my running shoes up forever… not feeling quite like that now.  Man it was a tough day in the office.  AND I must be feeling better because Louise and I have been hatching New Zealand running plans for 2017 – marathon plans – I must be over the bad run.

PPS What a crazy couple of weeks:  fire and smoke to heavy rain, huge hail and flooding.  The El Nino weather pattern is making his little presence felt in a big way as he always does.

Drought touched paddocks are now flooding.


Watching the rain from the front deck with cows in the rainy mist. It does sound so lovely on the tin roof.
Watching the rain from the front deck with cows in the rainy mist. It does sound so lovely on the tin roof.

19 thoughts on “18 (ummm) kms

  1. Every body has those bad days Annie. I know you will dry yourself off and have a better one next time. Yes we could have used your weather skills at Robyn’s wedding! Hope the flooding doesn’t worsen. What a relief for those affected by fire.

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 did a happy 5km tempo run this morning and loved every step! The rain has been so welcome but my goodness the amount in such a short space of time has caused some shock and quite a few flash floods. But everything is looking better this morning. Last Saturday I was checking Fire updates, today I was checking road closures. We aren’t used to this sort of thing in calm Tasmania.

      1. Wow what a difference a week makes. I am visiting my Mom in a neighbouring province which is usually very cold all winter. For the first time in recorded history it stayed above freezing for more than 24 hours in January.

    1. Thanks Debbie 🙂 did a lovely tempo run at parkrun this morning, feeling much happier. Crazy is right – seriously this weather pattern we’re in has got us all taking notice big time.

  2. Gosh, it sounds like a tough run, but you are right, you did it! Well done

    I did a 6km the other day where I was just wanting it to end, right from the start, it was just so hard. Would have preferred to be running the marathon again rather than running that 6km! It’s so funny how some days it is harder than others!

    Seeing the gorgeous puppy at the end would have just made my day as well, she is adorable!

    Glad to hear you’ve had some rain and glad to hear you’re planning for 2017. The Queenstown Marathon looks fabulous, that is in November, must say I’ve got my eye on that one!

    Happy running 😃🏃🏃🏃

    1. Thanks Megan 🙂 bad runs just seem to be part of the mix. I hope the next time you lace up for a run that you have a wonderful one!!! Marley and Eddie are so cute, I would so love a puppy but Pauly isn’t at all inclined so I have to get my puppy fix when I visit Louise.

      Queenstown Marathon is on my wish list! We know some runners from Tassie who did it last year and they loved it! November doesn’t fit with the dairy farming calendar unfortunately so it won’t be for a few years. We are currently looking at one in April called The Great Forest Run. It’s a marathon in beautiful woodlands. Best part of a trail run in NZ is no snakes or other nasty things bite. I’d also like to do Mt Cook, Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua! So many lovely runs to choose from over there in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

      1. I am sure I will,running is a brilliant sport it gives back so much,. A bad run is also better then no run😂😉 I’m sure you have read my blog I am heading to China thanks to a kind donation however its pretty much only my flights covered and I was hoping you’d share my link gofundme.com/dvffbewc I know it seems cheeky 😝 but desperate times about 14 weeks..woop woop

    1. 🙂 swimming lessons coming in handy hehe 🙂 yes for sure Julie! We have extensive flooding in the back paddocks now but nothing out of the ordinary. It usually happens in winter very slowly, not in summer over less than two days. I couldn’t believe the hail! I was a bit worried about my car but all was ok. And fortunately there are no crops out that were damaged. It’s tough enough dairy farming but crop farmers my goodness…all could be wiped out in less than an hour. Things are looking way more settled this morning 🙂

  3. Oh I am very familiar with THOSE runs.. Horrible, horrible, horrible. But you did it; stuck with it and tapped into your “sisu” and did it. And that feels better than running 50km comfortably. Or almost anyway. 🙂

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