Kiwi Marathons

What is it with my cuzzie bros* across The Ditch**?  They are coming up with more and more alluring marathons in the most beautiful of places.

In the space of a few years three new marathon events in New Zealand have entered the running world and are firmly on my wish list.

Aoraki Mount Cook Marathon – Spectacular scenery.  Who wouldn’t want to run a marathon there?

Queentown Marathon – Another simply stunning place to run.

Both these events are only a few years old.

And just this week I’ve heard about the Hawke’s Bay Marathon.  It will hold its first event in May this year.  I dare any runner to watch the promotional video and a) not get goosebumps and b) not start to make travel plans!  Did I mention it runs through wine country?  It does!  Running…  Wine…  and a Medal!  The Unsporty Woman can barely contain herself!  Her fingers itch and twitch as she resists the urge to enter!  That’s right though, it’s the same weekend as The Great Ocean Road Marathon, so an event for another year very soon.

I heard a story from the Queenstown Marathon that puts this whole running a marathon thing into a big picture perspective.  On facebook I noticed a photo of someone who had the Queenstown Marathon logo tattooed on themselves.  My initial reaction was that of questioning.  I love running but that was taking things a little too far for me.

Then I read the story.

The person has been battling addiction for a long time.  They signed up for the marathon to help them in their journey to well and truly kick their habit.  Running the marathon was so much more than just running.  It was about training themselves not to need that substance.  It was about focusing on something good, wholesome and healthy.  It was going to show them that they are in fact a strong person.  I cried when I read that story.  I was so impressed by their strength of character.  And as for the tattoo?  Knowing that story it makes perfect sense to have a permanent reminder of their strength and their achievement that was enabled by training and running the Queenstown Marathon.

For so many of us we get into running thinking it’s something that will make us fit.  It doesn’t take long to find out that this running thing is so very much more than the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other in running steps.

And of course the whole friendship thing and running is something I go on and on about.  Today is Long Run Friday with Louise and of course NZ marathons were discussed and planned and mulled over.  It was good to have something to talk about as we steamed our way around 15kms – we have 90% humidity today.

Here’s to those wonderfully creative Kiwis who know how to design fabulous marathons.

Did I tell you that our major run for 2017 is in the planning pipeline?  The Quackers are planning to be at The Great Forest Run in New Zealand.

Of course The Quackers will have to brush up on how to speak Kiwi.  I’m fortunate that I am married to one so I’m not too bad at their dialect.

June-July 2004 Newsletter.pubI still get the giggles at Pauly’s accent… ask him to tell you about a problem with his Dup Swutch in his Force Sux that he bought in two thousand and sux…hehe.  Translation:  Dip Switch in his Force 6 (his big black car) that he bought in 2006.

Happy running 🙂

* cuzzie bros = cousin brother.  I sometimes think that all Kiwis are related but it’s a term of endearment from what I can gather.

** The Ditch is the Tasman Sea that separates Australia from New Zealand. If we’re popping over The Ditch we’re off for a visit.

7 thoughts on “Kiwi Marathons

  1. So wonderful to have goals to work toward. Love the story of overcoming addiction and using running as a tool to do it.
    Now here’s a question… Do I need to study two languages before arrival? 🙂

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