Marathon Training – at the start again

On Monday I will start my third training plan to run 42.2kms at The Great Ocean Road Marathon in May.  But wait there’s more!  This event is 44kms, just a little longer than the Marathon.  It’s one of two Australian marathons to appear on the The 30 Best Marathons in the Entire World list.  After running the half in 2015 I know for a fact that it is simply beautiful.


There are 12 weeks in this plan.  12 weeks to be ready to start. 

I’m dedicating my training and the event to my friend Ally who is on her way to kicking cancer.  Ally and I are not close friends.  Our daughters are and that is a special bond between mums.  Ally has been second Mum to my Isabelle over the years especially having her to stay countless times because farm life sometimes means that we are just too far away from things.  Just let me say that no one deserves to be sick.  No one!  Ally especially doesn’t.  I am fundraising in Ally’s honour.

This will be the third marathon that I’ve prepared for.  Should I be feeling calmer than I am about it? 


There is an element of calm but there are also elements of mystery, trepidation and excitement mixed in with a huge dollop of respect for the distance.


Those 42.kms are like a magical journey.  We can prepare as much as possible but we never know what will happen on the day.  The trick?  To train.  To train the body and the mind to be as strong as possible.


Part of The Great Ocean Road Marathon weekend is a new event – an Ultra Marathon of 60kms.  They’ve published a 12 week marathon training plan.  Oh my goodness.  Marathon training is scary enough, this is just plain terrifying!  I’ve printed it out and have been studying it – it looks like a plan to consider for September when (if everything goes ok) we’ll be starting a 12 week training plan to run The Bruny Island Ultra Marathon of 64kms.

One run at a time.  One run at time we can reach out goals.

keep going

Here we go again?  Yes we do!  I’m grateful for a body that can run and for the determination to start training for marathon number 3.

Happy running 🙂

17 thoughts on “Marathon Training – at the start again

  1. Good luck! You will love the full marathon, and those extra 2km for fun! I know how much you are a lover of hills, so this marathon will be a dream for you! Ita good that you’ve done the half, so you know what is ahead of you after the first half. Enjoy the views and of course, enjoy the koala spotting along the way!

    Last year my work place gave away some free entries for this run, so if I’m feeling fit enough, and I win a free entry, I might just consider doing the half, so who knows, maybe I can cheer you across the line!

    Happy training!

  2. Your ability to run 26.2 miles and think about the next almost immediately is amazing, so courageous. \You are so right to things coming down to things on the day, and to have the best run its the mind and legs that need training. X
    I would be interested in taking a peak at that Ultra plan if you have a min to send me the link?

  3. It makes it so powerful when you’re running for someone/something else. I don’t normally fundraise but this time, I’m running the half for the Indigenous Marathon Project and it’s making me a lot more committed to my training! Good luck with it 🙂

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