The Last Weekend of Summer

The last weekend of summer and the second annual Badger’s Head run with The Running Group.  This is a 9-ish km run from one end of Badger’s Beach to the other and return.  One way is lovely, the other way you can pretty much bet will have a full on head wind.  Today was no exception.  The headwind was for the return trip.

It’s a simply stunning place to run.  Remote.  Not a soul apart from fellow The Running Group runners.  Peace.  Wind.  Seagulls.  Sand.  Rolling waves.  It’s a place that revives the soul.




12688103_10153599584593020_6790574444323810134_nBadger’s Beach is one of four beaches that make up Convicts and Wenches.  This event has several distances up to 50km and runs along several beaches in the Narawntapu National Park.  Not sure how to pronounce Narawntapu?  Do it the Tasmanian way, repeat after me:  Nana wants a pooh – see?  easy!

This National Park was formerly known as The Asbestos Range but in the mid 1970s had a name change because of the negative connotation with asbestos.  Narawntapu is the Aboriginal name for the area.

It’s a wonderful place to spot wildlife.  Bakers Beach, which is further around, has bird hides and it’s common to see wombats waddling around at dusk.  The only wildlife that we sighted today was the dreaded March Fly along with his entire extended family, there were so many of them buzzing around.  Despite being a good Girl Guide and having my areoguard   at quick draw, those nasty little creatures still got me.

It was one of those runs to simply enjoy.  Not to worry about pace or training or anything technical.  It’s the last weekend of summer.  We ran to have fun.  After the run we all headed to Beauty Point for a long extended breakfast.


Did I mention that Badger’s Beach forms part of the Convicts and Wenches course?  For some strange reason Team Huey, Dewey and Louie will be lining up for the 25kms again.  Where were our heads?  Oh that’s right, there is a new medal and of course Louise and I decided, that despite the chance of running with snakes and tripping on logs and roots along the trails between beaches, that we just had to run and earn that medal!


Do you like our Canadian running tops?  We are privileged to have the Team from Travel Tales staying with us as they take in Northern Tasmania.  It’s so lovely to meet a fellow blogger and to find that even though we’d never met in person until yesterday, their words on the blog completely matched who they are in person – it was like greeting old friends.

Happy running 🙂

18 thoughts on “The Last Weekend of Summer

  1. I couldn’t agree more Annie. As though we have been old friends for a long time. You are just as you are in the blog, warm, genuine, funny, kind and positive. Now if we can just get the name of that blog changed to Sporty Women!

    • Thanks Sue, we just loved LOVED having you lovely Canadians to stay, we are honoured that we have been part of the Travel Tales story. As far as getting the Un off, hehe, never! I have an image to maintain you know.

  2. nothing like a bit’o’bling hey Anniebabes *giggles*! OMG that place looks amazing… reminds me of ‘home’ makes me kinda homesick if I’m honest!
    I would visit in flash if that flight wasn’t so darned long… yikes!

    • Thanks Joanne 🙂 I love them. I was tickled pink when Sue and Dave presented us with a bag of Canadian goodies. We even have a bear Christmas Tree decoration to hang on the tree…I have it out now though because it’s so cute and reminds me of the bestest visit.

      • Of course Sue and Dave would have a bag of goodies!! 🙂 I’m not surprised it was a wonderful visit 🙂
        I’m looking forward to meeting them in April when they are in Toronto.

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