Happy to be a runner

Where ever did this week go?  One moment I was jumping out of my skin waiting for our Travel Tales guests to arrive, in a blink they were here, then gone, then it was back into the usual working week and all of a sudden!  It’s Thursday.

What a week.  What a long anticipated week.  In younger days when much anticipated events were past I would be sad and disappointed; I’d be low.  More often than not I’d be upset that it (whatever it was) was over.   Not so anymore.  Now I choose to hold the memories of wonderful times and cherished events close to my heart.  Not to be sad that they are over but to be happy that I had the opportunity that they gave.  The memories created become like a burning fire of happiness in my heart, giving off warmth, smiles and gladness.   They are like a battery of joy that keeps me going.

It was simply wonderful to meet those lovely Canadians in real live time.  In 3D.  It was like they had literally stepped out of the pages of the blog and there they were sharing our home.

A Canadian keepsake being cuddled by a little bear Louie gave me.

A Canadian keepsake being cuddled by a little bear Louie gave me.


I’m sure that if we were closer those Travel Tales people and Pauly and I would be very good friends.  And we are.  We just have a lot of time and ocean between us.

And how was this meeting of four Canadians, one Australian and one Kiwi possible?



The very lovely and real live Sue from Travel Tales of Life standing next to me in my lounge room (http://traveltalesoflife.com)

It was possible because of running.  Little did I know that on that day I decided to put my old beach walking shoes on and try and run to the hay barn that on another day, only a few years away that I would be meeting some lovely people and welcoming them to my home.  I didn’t know that I would make so many friends around the world through blogging about running and I didn’t know that I would meet so many beautiful people at home either.  All because of running.  Who says running is only a faster way of moving forwards than walking?  It sure as heck isn’t!  It’s a life changer.


And guess what this Unsporty Woman is doing on Saturday?  I’m running the run leg in a half ironman.  What was an Unsporty Woman to do?  The cry came out through facebook that a runner was needed so of course I had to say yes.  And I don’t know these people from a bar of soap!  More new people to meet because of running.

Thank you so much Sue and Dave and Cherie and Joe for spending time with us on the farm.  We loved your visit very much.

Happy running 🙂

PS Speaking of lovely people I’ve met because of running, I’m running with Louie tomorrow morning and then before I know it, it’ll be Saturday and time with Janette.  I’m so spoilt!

12 thoughts on “Happy to be a runner

  1. How lovely for you all to meet up! Blogging has been wonderful for meeting new friends the world over. So glad you were able to show them ‘your’ Tasmania too 🙂

  2. Such a lovely post! Your blog is amazing in bringing people together! Running really does bring people together and I agree, since I started running my life is so much richer than before. Enjoy your run leg of the half iron man. What a lovely thing to do. Have fun 🙂

    • Thanks Megan 🙂 life is so much richer with running, you say it so well. I hope to have fun tomorrow. The weather was concerning me but it looks like a 24C day and not the 29C forecast. Fingers crossed.

  3. I love that you can now just pull a half marathon run out of a hat, when requested. 🙂 Enjoy the triathlon/ironman experience. 😀

    • Thanks Heather, no one is more surprised than I am. I stressed to the team that I’m built more for participation than speed and they are still happy to have me. I hope I don’t let them down.

  4. A wonderful post, Annie. This pretty well says it all.
    I love the part about doing the run leg of a Half IM because a call went out on FB. Social media gets a lot of bad raps, but every once in a while, a wonderful thing like this happens. Strangers are connected and the opportunity to make new friends is made ❤

    • Thanks Joanne, that is lovely of you to say. I agree, there is a lot of rubbish highlighted on social media but there’s also a lot of lovely stuff that makes life a whole lot sweeter.

  5. Your blog is always so uplifting and positive, Annie – I love to read each new entry. I hope you have a wonderful time as part of the Half IM team! 🙂

  6. Annie I just read your post out loud to Dave, Cherie and Joe. Our hearts are warmed by your words. The days we had with you and Paul will be a high point of our trip not to mention our lives. It’s amazing to connect virtually and in real life from around the other side of the world. May our paths meet again dear friend. For now huge hugs and much love from all of us. We are so grateful to have had the time together. Xoxo

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