…autumn is here

41°South.  We love our seasons.  Sometimes we can experience all four in one day.  It’s us; it’s our normal.  Come March and we are ready for the season wheel to turn and take us from long, hot, humid summer days to the cooler, crisper days of autumn.

The Autumn Fairy has been snoozing.  It’s mid-March and it’s really only today that we are feeling her active presence.  Welcome Autumn.  I have missed you.  There is nothing better than feeling that freshness blowing in and moving the heat and humidity on.


Friday is long run day.  This is week four of Great Ocean Road Marathon training, the event I’m dedicating to a friend recovering from bowel cancer.  So far so good, training is going smoothly.  Week four called for an 18km long run after the 25kms of last week.  I awoke to rain on the roof that became heavier and heavier.  Thank goodness this was an unusual Friday in that Louise and I weren’t scheduled to run together.  At 6am the rain was fair pelting down.  What to do?  With no fixed plans for the day I snuggled under my doona and had  little sleep in – heaven!

Finally at 2pm it was time to go.  Rain or no rain I had to fit in the run.  The Autumn Fairy looked kindly on Pauly and I and while it drizzled a little, sprinkled a little and there were a few big wind gusts, we didn’t get completely sodden.  In fact, it was a really lovely run.  Relaxed, chatty and happy.  I think our Lovely Golden Keeper of Autumn knew that Pauly and I needed some time out from all the worries that life is currently throwing at us.  We came back revived.  If I can run 18kms in the rain I can do anything!  At least that is what I tell myself.

Pauly and I ran the very same course of our very first 18km run ever.  It rained that day too.  To think that back then (June 2013), what we didn’t know about preparing for big events and what we do now?  Poles apart!  I’m humbled by the running journey my body and mind has allowed me to go on.  Who knew that a few short years on that we would run 18kms in preparation for another marathon?  Back when we ran it the first time we were stunned and amazed that we could run that far!

I’m grateful for a body that can run each and every time I put on my shoes.


The Autumn Fairy’s hand was visible everywhere… rosehips, apples, blackberries, hawthorn berries, fungi… along with wind and rain washing and clearing away the heat ready for a few months of autumn.





A gorgeous teddy bear of a bull that I say hello to on Cheshunt Road
A gorgeous teddy bear of a bull that I say hello to on Cheshunt Road
The Great Western Tiers
The Great Western Tiers


Apples on the side of the road



Finally home, a bit damp, but happy to have got another training run under our belts.  Great Ocean Road Marathon, we are one run stronger!

Happy running 🙂


10 thoughts on “…autumn is here

  1. I feel a lump in my throat looking at that lovely driveway of yours. We miss you and hoping the stresses will soon be over! Good for both of you to go for a run rain or not. Well done!

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