Anything is possible – Run Devonport 2016

20160319_165042After running a whole 1km a few short years ago, then running Point to Pinnacle and more recently two marathons I believe that anything is possible – experience has taught me so.  It takes work and time but running dreams can come true.

Yesterday a running friend gave me a special gift.  A Key Ring with little charms that she specifically chose for me!  Fit Mum, a running shoe, a little heart with dream written on it, an I work out charm and a cup of coffee.  I like it very much.  All very apt for me.  It was a gift to say thank you for supporting her with her health and fitness journey.  This lovely lady has had many a set back since I’ve known her, but she refuses to quit.  She gets back on that old horse and keeps on trying.  I was humbled by the gift because what she doesn’t realise is that she inspires me every time I have any interaction with her like over breakfast yesterday or through her facebook page.  She inspires me and spurs me on all the time!  Today was no exception.

Run Devonport 2016

The run starts and finishes at the Devonport Bluff
The run starts and finishes at the Devonport Bluff – Devonport is on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.  It’s where the ferry comes in from the mainland to our island state.
There are several different distances with 10km being the longest.
There are several different distances at Run Devonport with 10km being the longest.

Team Huey, Dewey and Louie ran this event two years ago – this is the first time we were called our duckie name, coined by Janette and it has stuck every since!  We love it.  AND what a magic autumn day today for a run near the beach!  Simply gorgeous.

Louise and Pauly (aka Huey and Louie) were going to have a little go (just a little one, no busting any bits with marathons on the horizon thank you).  Dewey (aka The Unsporty Woman) decided to try and run exactly 60 minutes.  My 10km PB for Run Devonport is 55:03, since then I’ve managed to get in the 51 minute range for a flat 10km.  But not today.  I didn’t let myself get carried away, I stuck to my run plan and managed 58:47 by my watch.  It was quite warm but with an autumnal feel to it.  I was glad of the cool breeze and shady spots out on the run today.  No PBs for the other duckies in this little trio but awesome runs nonetheless.  47ish minutes for Pauly and 46:58 for Louie.  Well done duckies!

The start of the 5km event - our Coach is in there somewhere
The start of the 5km event – our Coach is in there somewhere
And his lovely wife is in there somewhere!
And his lovely wife is in there somewhere!

The course is two 5km laps.  Louise sagely pointed out how good it is for us that we often train with laps.  Laps are not my favourite way to do runs, but so many events that we enter are laps – our training keeps us mentally prepared for having to lap!

Huey and Louie zooming along...had to stop for a photo...
Huey and Louie zooming along…had to stop for a photo…

The course is so pretty

Anything is possible?  It sure it!  I had a great time cheering and encouraging runners.  The Unsporty Woman wonders if runners run faster to get away from her annoying cheering or because she is so good at cheering…. who knows… maybe both!

I received a hug from one chap at the end.  He’d tried to have a slurp at a drink stop and wasn’t getting on too well (much spilling, choking and chortling); I suggested that he pinch the cup to make more of a spout (as I’d read many moons ago, tried it and it works).  Then we had a chat and I found that he was hoping to run 60 minutes.  I assured him we were right on track.  We talked about positive mantras and staying positive.  He glided over that finish line just before me!

Anything is possible if we believe we can do it.

Team Louie, Dewey and Huey at the end
Team Louie, Dewey and Huey at the end

Happy running 🙂

PS I just looked up our results…Louise and I both came second in our age groups!

The Bluff
The Bluff


9 thoughts on “Anything is possible – Run Devonport 2016

  1. Looked like a lovely day for it, we’ll done to all of you, great times as well as training for yet another marathon! You’re unstoppable 😊

  2. I love Tasmania, it’s been way too long since I have visited. Must get back, but when I’m not sure.

    This looks like a great event, what a stunning day.

    ps: I found you via another blog that you commented on. Use mum bloggers need to stick together.

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