Good Friday Long Run

Happy Easter!  A long long extra long weekend is just beginning.  Sweet!

Sunrise today
Sunrise today

What could be a better start to the long weekend than waking up at 5:30am to get ready for a long run with Pauly and Louise?  5:30am pre-coffee I might give an interesting response to that question!  Now, post run I can say, There is totally nothing better than an early morning run!

Bowerbank Mill on the edge of Deloraine
Bowerbank Mill on the edge of Deloraine




22kms was on the plan for today.  Being Good Friday and the traffic much quieter, we chose to run along the Meander Highway out to Exton and back.  It was dark and cool but it didn’t take long to warm up.  I can’t say any of us really warmed up all that much though, autumn is here.

Part of my focus on preparing for the Great Ocean Road Marathon is to get my race nutrition sorted.  After all this time you’d think I’d know what I’m doing!  This time around I’m going back to jelly beans and Hammer gels and being more diligent about proper eating and drinking the day before all long runs.  So far so good.  I’ve found the trick is to eat that jelly bean way before I need it.  This is not a new lesson but one that I’m applying with dedication and discipline.

We all loved our run today.  Thanks Louise and Pauly!


We love running out to Exton, a little town near Deloraine but the road is busy. Good Friday and quiet roads was the perfect time to run out that way.
We love running out to Exton, a little town near Deloraine.  Good Friday and quiet roads equals the perfect combination for a run out that way.
Pauly being time keeper - look at those whiskers! Next weekend is the costume party he's growing them for.
Pauly being time-keeper… look at those whiskers! Next weekend is the costume party he’s growing them for.


This week has been week one of a new challenge that I’m doing through work.  It’s call Ritualize.  I’m loving it.  It’s all about making positive changes and the 80/20 lifestyle.  This 80/20 lifestyle is something I’ve been trying to apply for over a year now.  I’ve never called it by that name, but so far everything I’m learning through this challenge runs along the lines of what I’ve been trying to do.  Eating well.  Sleeping well.  Moving more.  Being mindful.  Cutting out sugar and toxins.

And guess what?  I’m coming first!  Who said I wasn’t competitive?  (Umm….think that was me).

There is a great set of videos that reinforce the lifestyle choices I’ve made and to say it’s motivating is an understatement.

A big part of the challenge is to establish rituals.  One is a simple walk around the block during work hours.  I can do this in less than 10 minutes so it’s not a big chunk of time at all.  Best part of this challenge is that it’s getting me up off my chair more during the day.  I’ve got my own pushup and burpee challenge going on and a few other things.  Did I mention that my bio age is -9 years?  But let’s not talk about the no-alcohol challenge (mega fail!).  There is a great little video about it.

Loving the challenge!  There are just over 1500 in our division.
Move more.  Sleep well.  Eat well.  Be mindful.  Above all be happy!  Simple things but so hard to do and be, this challenge is showing more ways to do all this important stuff.

This Easter I hope you get to have some down time and do the things you like to do.  If it’s running I hope you get a really happy, encouraging run in.  I so appreciated the run this morning especially the awesome company.  I’m definitely one run stronger and one run more prepared for the challenge of running three marathons in 2016.

20160325_094733Did someone say eat well?  Hot crossed buns for a post-run breakfast on Good Friday is doing is right (for today anyway).  And they were yum.

Happy running 🙂

13 thoughts on “Good Friday Long Run

    1. Happy Easter to the Continental Travellers xxx I will try and write something about the 80/20 challenge soon. I’m really enjoying this challenge. I like ticking all the boxes and being organised. It appeals greatly to the librarian in me hehe I haven’t done so many burpees and pushups ever!

    1. Thanks Debbie, I’m really loving this challenge, I love how it’s keeping me honest about moving more. I’ve added some mindfulness things too which is something I struggle with (sitting still is a hard thing to do even for a minute hehe).

      1. I’m not sure of the ins and outs of it but it’s all been done through work so I’m assuming it’s pay thing…we used to do the Global Corporate Challenge but this is way more holistic.

  1. So impressed! Up at 5:30 on a bank holiday to run in the almost dark! That’s dedication. You deserve your success! (And your hot cross buns)😊😊

    1. Thanks Julie 🙂 if it wasn’t for the lovely Louie I would rarely get up so early. It really helps having a running buddy and a dedicated time to run. Louie has children at home so we work around her family commitments. But I think even when we are little old ladies she’ll be getting me up at the crack of dawn. As she reminds me often it’s so good to get the run in early and then it’s done for the day 🙂 I’m very lucky to have her as a running buddy and friend.

  2. Up at 5:30 and running 22kms now that sounds like a dedicated and on track running team. Loved seeing Tasmania at daybreak again. Your 80/20 rule sounds awesome Annie. I definitely need to take your example of the getting up and walking around the block. I can sit away at this computer for hours and then think…I don’t think i have budged in half a day. Gulp.
    Happy Easter to you and Paul and big hugs form our house to yours.

    1. It’s so easy to sit for hours and hours and be so engrossed we don’t see the time tick tocking by. I can set reminders with the Ritualize app to get up and move. I haven’t done that as yet but will if I have to. I’m hoping that the habits I get from the challenge stay with me. AND guess what Sue? Pauly and I finally took the bikes out. I can see what you mean about the bike pants. Oh my goodness ouchy bits in places I didn’t know I had!

  3. Stunning sunrise! I love running in the morning but only when I actually manage to win the argument with myself and get out of bed in time! Your 80/20 challenge sounds good – drinking enough water during the day is a personal challenge for me at the moment!!

    1. Thanks Gill 🙂 I don’t often win that argument (today is a case in point, run to do but in bed blogging and drinking coffee…heaven). I’m so fortunate to have Louie as a running buddy. She is the one that gets me out early. And then we get the running done for the day when it’s cool and quiet. I don’t know whay drinking water is so hard to do! I have struggled and struggled. A while ago I started to take 2 x 1L bottles to work with me. One has to be drunk by lunch time. If it’s not I skull it. The other has to be drunk before I get home (frequently I have to skull that too while I’m driving home). It’s a method that usually works for me though. On the days before long runs I try and drink at least half a litre before work and then another as soon as I get home.

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