A run at home

With lots going on I was given some extra farm jobs on Friday.  I had to fit in a run so combined the two.

20160401_105257I ran down to where one of the herds was grazing and let them out of their paddock to walk up to the where the turnips are growing.

20160401_105454Cows are routined ladies and were patiently waiting for me to undo the gate and let them out.  After that it was off for a run on farm road.  I forget how lovely the laneways are.  They are designed to care for the cows’ hooves so are soft and well kept.



By the time I’d had a little run it was time to close the paddock where the girls were enjoying their turnips.  They literally eat them like spaghetti.  They pull them up then slowly munch and suck the long leafy stalks into their mouths.  They way they relish each bite makes turnips seem quite delicious… at least from observation level.

20160401_113741Then it was time to head out and off the farm to finish the run.  All up I did about 4kms on the farm.  We have plenty of laneways and I could do around 20kms without going out the gate.  It’s not always possible though due to work that’s going on around the place.

20160401_115327Run done and jobs done it was time to get ready for the big party for our PT’s 50th birthday.  Pauly had pulled out all the stops and put together a rather stunning costume complete with growing a beard which was shaped into a moustache just a few days ago.

Introducing Wyatt…



Introducing Wyatt and Josephine…

20160401_210723_001We had a great night but getting up and being ready to leave home at 8am this morning was a challenge.  Running 6.4kms in the first Launceston Running Club event for the 2016 was even more of a challenge and right now the thought of running Convicts and Wenches 25kms tomorrow makes me want to go and hide under my doona.  Perhaps Josephine can handle the demon drink but the Unsporty Woman seriously thinks she could become a member of the Temperance Society!

Wish me luck!

Happy running 🙂

12 thoughts on “A run at home

  1. What a beautiful place to run! My dad’s and my neighbor’s cow pastures were always might place as well. Somehow I love the eaten-down grass on the pasture to run on. It is so much better than those golf courses where races always are that take all the spring out of my step. Can’t stand that! Cow pastures rock for running!

  2. I don’t know how you do it, you’re always so busy!
    You both looked amazing 😊
    Have a good run tomorrow, dressing up again 😉

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 runs went well thanks. I didn’t not feel at all well on Saturday but managed to go much faster for the 6.4kms at LRC, then today thanks to an incorrectly placed turn around point our 25kms became 28kms. But we made it!

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