Value for money – Convicts and Wenches 2016


The start

Where do I start? 

Weather?  Better than expected.  Sunday saw a light breeze and hovered around 20°C.

Snake sightings?  Zero

The two things that count for the happiness level of this event were both favourable.


At the start with the Convicts and Wenches flag

Bring on the new course.  New course?  No one told us there was a new course.  As we ran out the expected 1.5kms on Greens Beach we just kept running.  Around a point.  Around another point.  Still none of the front runners had returned.  More running.  Running.  Running.  Running.


Convicts and Wenches is a trail and beach run.  There are several distances from 50kms down to 5kms.  Team Huey, Dewey and Louie were signed up for the 25km.  With a later start to work in with the tides, we had a lovely relaxing morning at Greens Beach just chilling out.convicts and wenches map

Back to the run…by the time we got back along Greens Beach we had run just over 6kms.  The Unsporty Woman did some calculations…umm…..6kms on Greens Beach + 6kms through the coastal trail + ummm about 9sih kms return along Badgers Beach + 6kms on the coastal trail before going to the finish (we don’t do Greens Beach again).  Ummm…ponder…count on fingers….that’s more than 25kms.


This is the only event I know where the medal is given out with the bib.

I was running with the lovely Cathy who had never run more than 21.1kms.  She is training for her first marathon in August.  She is much faster and stronger than I am but decided to run with me because she wanted some company and was more interested in doing the distance than getting a good time.  I suggested to Cathy that she would get sick of running at my pace and that she would run off on her own.  Which I didn’t mind at all!  She bet me a bottle of wine that she would stay with me.

I was looking forward to my bottle of wine!  I was certain I would win.

Cathy and I coming down from the trail to Badgers Beach

Cathy and I coming down from the trail to Badgers Beach

Through the coastal track the bracken and undergrowth was waist high in places.  The track is extremely narrow, barely passable by one runner.  Perfect snake terriorty.  Cathy was out in front and slowly got ahead of me.  Louise said that she wondered how I would go with the bracken. I didn’t like it at all.

By the time I started to descend from the trail to Badgers Beach Cathy was no where in sight.  But then I got to the drinks station just before the beach and there she was!  She had stopped and waited for me.  We decided there and then that we would buy a good bottle of wine and share it.


Down the boulder crossing we headed, slowly and carefully.  Out along Badgers Beach.  Running.  Running.  Running.  We got to the end of the beach and the turn around wasn’t where it should be!  We ran along the trail for a little ways and there it was.  Oh my goodness.  I got my trusty calculator out again (my fingers) and estimated that we would be doing about 27 to 28kms.

Coming in to finish....I'm a bit confused obviously...

Coming in to finish….I’m a bit confused obviously…

It was a lovely day out on the beach.  I don’t like running through the thick undergrowth but what’s not to like about a beautiful beachy bushy setting?  Nothing.  It was lovely.  Cathy and I chatted along the way, took walk breaks where the track was rough and had a good time.


Louise and Pauly

We saw Louise and Pauly a couple of times and they were running well and strong. They smoked it in and had to wait half an hour for me to finish.


All up I ran 28.20kms for a 25km event in a time of 3:34:00.  Value for money I’d say.

A big enormous thank you to the wonderful Janette and Bruce who came down especially to clap and cheer us all.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see Janette’s beautiful smile.


An ancient wombat wandering around Greens Beach.


Happy running 🙂

Why the extra kms?  A misplaced marker.  Does it really matter?  Not really.  Although it would be nice if the official results noted the extended course.

(Thanks to the facebook photographers for their happy snaps of the day)

Pre-race breaky Louie style. Left over Easter eggs.

Pre-race breaky Louie style. Left over Easter eggs.

15 thoughts on “Value for money – Convicts and Wenches 2016

  1. As always Annie you took everything with a positive attitude. I likely would have been having a meltdown at the extra distance. Glad you didn’t find any snakes along the way. Is the beach hard packed? If ind running in the sand energy sapping but I expect it depends on how soft it is. Bravo for you and breakfast looks good too. 🙂

  2. Wow that looks like so much fun! I’m going to have to reprise my stalking of the Unsporty Lady next year and come for a run 🙂

    And also I’m just desperate to get back to Tassie. It’s so pretty and the food is so good. Although I’m told it gets very cold in winter and I’ll allergic to cold (no really, it’s a thing). Maybe I need to get very rich and buy a summer house there.

    • A summer house here and being rich sounds like the best plan! Please come to Convicts and Wenches, I shall be your personal tour guide! You would love it! I put a youtube on my last post especially to entice you xxx

  3. Well done to all of you!!!! You kept on pushing through even when the going got tough – kudos to all of you. I was so pleased to be there to clap and encourage, was happy to see you arrive back too – even though I thought you were going to keep on running along the beach for another lap, haha!
    Far, happy, always. Jxxx

  4. Well done, especially coping with unexpected extra distance in what was already a tough enough event! I had a couple of friends run it too who were equally surprised!

  5. Super effort, truly hard when the run is longer than expected.
    I love that on the same day, thousands of miles apart we were running on our beloved coasts. I think you beat me with the weather, but I had more hills!

  6. Well done! I think I would have been a bit panicky at the extra distance. For me, so much of a race is psychological and something like this would completely throw me off.
    Congratulations – this does not sound like a race for the weak of heart!

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