Worn out


At first this post was about worn-out shoes.  Then it was extended to be about how worn out I am feeling.

Two things changed this:  a conversation with a friend and then some reflection while engaging in the therapeutic round and roundness of lawn mowing.

This post will be about gratitude.

Worn-out but grateful

The orange and pink shoes pictured above are my Melbourne Marathon shoes (October 2015).   The purple shoes are my Cadbury Marathon shoes (January 2015).

I wore my Melbourne Marathon shoes for the last time at Convicts and Wenches last weekend.  They aren’t springy anymore.  The bounce has been run out of them.  They aren’t clean and pretty anymore.  The dirt from farm running and trail running shrouds them.  The tread, once grippy and firm is worn and almost smooth in parts.  It’s time for their retirement.

What’s not to love about a worn-out pair of running shoes?

What do these shoes lovingly whisper to me?

They say You’ve run a long way – be proud.

They say You’ve spent time with treasured friends – count your blessings.

They say You didn’t quit – remember you are stronger than you think you are.

They say You are healthy and fit – be humble.

They say You are a runner – be thankful.

They say You, Unsporty Woman, are a MARATHONER.

It’s time for these shoes to be laid to rest.  What will never be laid to rest are the precious memories that were created in them or the learnings that they have given me.

This running thing really isn’t about the event or the time or the average pace, it’s about the journey that running takes us on and the people we meet along the way.  It’s about what running teaches us if we are prepared to listen and try.  Dear Melbourne Marathon shoes, thank you for the lessons you have taught me.  Rest in peace dear shoes.

I’m grateful for worn-out shoes.

Happy running 🙂

PS The lovely Janette ran her 100th parkrun today.  The theme for this post was inspired by a conversation we had very briefly about memories.  She is a wise woman.

PPs What of my Cadbury Marathon shoes?  They are my walking shoes for those early morning walks that I’ve come to love.  Perhaps one day they too will be fully retired, but not quite yet.

PPPS here is a YouTube of Convicts and Wenches to entice you to our island….

11 thoughts on “Worn out

  1. Hey…. And… You are an inspiring, amazing, motivational, awesome woman without whom my ‘journey’ would not have been the same without THANK YOU ANNIE
    X much love xxx

    1. I love my purple ones too 🙂 The orange and pink ones were the only pair left and I wasn’t sure, but I haven’t got on well with Brooks Glycerine 13s so was desperate for another pair of 12s. I’ve managed to get yet another pair of 12s (pink) but what happens when it’s time for them to retire I don’t know!

  2. So beautiful, both your post and the video! There is no doubt we shall have to return for more exploration of gorgeous Tasmania and more time with you and Paul. These adventures create such amazing memories. Run on my friend!

    1. Thanks Sue, I was most impressed with the video. It was fun seeing the drone flying around. It really captured the atmosphere of the event. Of course Louise and I have said ‘never again’ but that was last weekend….perhaps I could do the 50kms one day…

  3. Great post – I feel exactly like that about my shoes! Looking at them brings back so many good memories but, ultimately, it’s the memories you keep, long after the shoes have lost their tread 🙂

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