Training in Taupo

A Dedication

This post is dedicated to Taupo and all the wonderful people who design, build and maintain the public toilets.  Yes, the humble public loo.  For in Taupo they are plentiful and this Unsporty Woman is entirely grateful.

Training in Taupo

Here we are in beautiful Taupo New Zealand.  Sounds cliché, but it’s true.  This part of the world is simply stunning; beautiful, majestic, awe-inspiring.  We are here in Pauly’s homeland essentially to visit his family but with The Great Ocean Road Marathon just around the corner (four weeks away) training must take priority.

Our much loved and much travelled coffee plunger. Banana, electrolytes and coffee.
Our much loved and much travelled coffee plunger. Banana, electrolytes and coffee.

Out of the 12 days that we are on holidays today was my day.  Pauly took on the role of support and off I went for a 32km training run.

One of the many drink stops today.
One of the many drink stops today.

I ran around Lake Taupo – into town, then back out to the 19km mark, then back into town to finish up.  It was the best long training run I’ve ever done.  I didn’t feel like walking once.  Great Ocean Road Marathon is 45kms and I could have kept on running to complete another 13kms.  I’m feeling immensely encouraged!

Thermal activity around the lake.
Thermal activity around the lake.



What were the winning ingredients?  The scenery was reviving.  The weather was perfect: 18°C with a slight breeze.  I was running somewhere different.  But the biggest winner was that I managed to let go of home and worries and settle into the run like there was nothing more important in my life than running those 32kms.  I let go.  That’s such a hard thing to do, but just for this morning I let go.

Running gives precious time out no matter where we are and what’s going on.  Running.  Pure stress relief that is available without a prescription but has side effects that cause fitness, happiness and calm.  Dosage?  Whatever works!

Today I am one run stronger.  Great Ocean Road Marathon, I’m a little more prepared to meet you.

32kms done and posing with the Ironman sculptures. I can't imagine swimming and cycling...nope...can't.
32kms done and posing with the Ironman sculptures. Maybe one day…

What about the Taupo toilets?  I’m in love with them.  They are dotted around the lake in regular intervals.  They are beautifully designed.  They are perfect for runners with (ummm) issues.  Three cheers for Taupo toilets!  Taupo is THE benchmark for all things public loo.  Thank you Taupo, you made my run a lot more (ummmm) comfortable today and I am eternally (and internally) grateful.



Happy running 🙂

PS On Saturday Pauly lines up for his second attempt at the Great PukeokaHu Man v Horse race.  While my fingers have itched and twitched to register, I’ve successfully restrained myself.  I will be support crew.  I will not enter.  I will not enter.  No.  I will not enter the horse race….But what if there is a team that needs a runner???…..I will not enter.  I will not enter.  I will not enter the horse race!  I hope!

After the run I indulged in a massage and dip in Debrett's Thermal Pools. 39C and simply fabulous!
After the run I indulged in a massage and dip in Debretts Thermal Pools. 39C and simply fabulous!


Pauly had a massage and a dip too.
Pauly had a massage and a dip too.

Debretts is wonderful.  The pools are thermally heated with reviving natural minerals – it just bubbles up and out of the ground.  In fact it goes through a cooling process before it gets to the pools.  To find out more visit their web site.

Sunset on Lake Taupo. The end of a perfect day.
Sunset on Lake Taupo. The end of a perfect day.


19 thoughts on “Training in Taupo

  1. Sounds like a perfect run, great that you were able to just “be” in the moment and leave all those daily worries behind!
    I love your photos, that’s where we ran on the IM and Debretts is where we went for some relaxation the next day. Taupo is just so beautiful, I’m looking forward to visiting again one day.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and more happy running xx

    1. I thought of you while I was running Sam and then I saw someone swimming out in the lake and thought of you some more. I simply can’t imagine doing a big swim, a big bike ride and then a marathon. It doesn’t gel in my brain at all. But if I was ever going to do a tri longer than a taster Taupo would be the place. No snakes, no jack jumpers, no sharks and then Debretts at the end. Perfect.

      1. They do a half Ironman in Dec, that could surely tempt you 😉
        If and when I’m allowed to run again, that one is on my bucket list!

      2. oooo it surely does tempt me but not this year. I’m at Flat Point at the moment walking around the beach in thongs. NZ is so relaxed without all the nasty biting things that we have. I’ll get a try a tri done and then see how far in distance I think I can do with this multi sport thing. I hope you are all better so you can tick this one off your wish list!!!

  2. I’m so hoping I can meet you at GOR finish line, there are so many parallels with our circumstance, age & approach to running. GOR half is part of our training plan for Gold Coast full (our first). Your running reports are an inspiration to this 52 year old runner.

    1. Thanks you Jo-Anne, you are lovely to be so encouraging. I would love to meet you. My GOR will be around 5 to 5.5 hours (I hope). Pauly will be there much faster than me though. All the best for your training. It really warms my heart that my ramblings are encouraging another beautiful runner. (I did the GOR half last year, so beautiful and I saw a koala!)

  3. Annie it looks wonderful! So lovely to see you and Paul having a relaxing time. Well if running 32kms is relaxing. So wonderful that you are looking and feeling strong. DO NOT sign up for the horse race. You want to be in prime shape for the GOR right? 🙂 Sending lots of love.

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I won’t sign up for the horse race. Not taking any running gear from Taihape (where we are staying) up to Pukeokahu. Not taking any running gear, no! Running 32kms was strangely relaxing. I saw lots of people along the way and some where soaking in homemade spas around the lake (rocks piled up to form pools). It was just so beautiful. And as for Debretts…. perfect. You and Dave have to come. You’ll love NZ.

  4. Yay. 3 cheers for public toilets!!! If you are desperate pretty much anything will do ( I back packed in India 30 yrs ago – believe me I know what I’m talking about) . But if you get clean and nice hand washing too – what luxury. Free of charge? Just what you need if you are running without change. ( boo to Ambleside where I was faced with the choice of jumping the barrier or walking back to the hotel. I walked back) I’m so with you on public sanitation! 😊😊😊

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