Flat Point running

Flat Point.  A beautiful part of New Zealand completely off the beaten track.  No phone reception.  Hardly any people.  Remote.  The crashing of waves.  Magnificent sunrises and sunsets.  The perfect place for a long run without distraction.

Last time I ran at Flat Point, two years ago, I ran on the soft sand and came home with a niggle that turned out to be a Morton’s Neuroma.  Fortunately for me, with the excellent care of the podiatrist, the problem healed in no time – looking back it was no time, at the time it felt like forever!

I was not running on the beach again this time.  Instead I ran up the gravel road, back around a meandering section down to sea level again, then along back to the sweet little bach (bach is NZ for holiday house, or shack as we would call it in Australia).


What I loved about this run is that it taught me yet again that I can do so much more than I think I can.  I handled that wonderful run up that hill way better than I ever thought possible.

Flat PointFlat Point is a sheep station.  It has a small subdivision with some holiday homes (baches) and a few farms including a vineyard.  It’s vastly underpopulated which is part of its appeal  The waves crash loudly all day and night.  I could hear them clearly as I wound my way up that big hill.  The views were jaw dropping.  I felt like I was in another world at another time and nothing mattered more than simply putting one foot in front of the other.  Pure stress relief.

I plodded along, making stops to take in the views.

Running along the coastal road
Running along the coastal road
A lone public loo!
A lone public loo!
Winding my way up
Winding my way up




All the way up the hill at the Flat Point Sign.  I had a huge sense of achievement making it to this point
All the way up the hill at the Flat Point Sign. I had a huge sense of achievement making it to this point.
Back down and feeling interested by the warning signs.
Back down and feeling interested by the warning signs.
Beware of punctuation on the road!?!
Beware of punctuation on the road!?!

All up 25kms and feeling pretty A OK!

Not long until the Great Ocean Road Marathon.

Happy running 🙂


19 thoughts on “Flat Point running

  1. Wow, all this running in New Zealand is making me want to go there for a holiday, it looks amazing!

    Well done on this run, with hills like this, you’ve got Great Ocean Road well and truly covered 🙂

    1. Hello Megan, it’s so lovely over there. We are heading back again next year for one called The Great Forest Run. You’d love it! I’m feeling ok about the marathon but still a bit wobbly. Thanks for your encouragement. I really appreciate it!

  2. What a hill! I’m in awe that you just took it in your stride 😊
    Those hills on the GOR will be just be there to be ticked off and give you yet another glorious view, I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since we both did the half there!
    Good luck in your last couple of weeks of training, I hope you manage a few nights in your own bed before travelling again.

    1. Thanks Sam, it was slow chip and plod up the hill, nothing flash! I can’t believe it’s a year either, so many wonderful runs have happened and you are now an Ironman! Thanks for your good luck wishes. I need to get into my mental toughness training. That distance is a bit scary really!

      1. Thanks Julie, I was talking to my friend Janette last night after a Grit Class at the gym where we do countless burpees. She has a giggle at me and my determination (I never want to see a video of myself doing burpees because I think it would be embarrassing…). She laughed at how much I say I love them. When I first learnt how to do a burpee I hated them! I would groan and complain but after a while I told myself that they are good for me and that I have to love them! Now I do them and always go to myself ‘Yay, burpees, my favourite’ AND they are so much easier now! I have done that with hill running. I tell myself how much I love it and off I go and do it. It’s been attitude all the way with me, sometimes I think I must be a little bit simple but this approach works every time. I probably do need a burpee video because no one would laugh harder than me!

      2. 😄😄 I’m doing a lot of reading and reflection on personalities at the moment, and how it influences the way people behave and what they need to be their best. You will know the basics, extroverts need company, introverts need time alone etc. It’s just so much easier /more relaxing for me to pick up a book for an hour than go for a run!! It isn’t going to be as good for my health though😳

  3. That exclamation sign is a bit of a puzzle. I’m curious as to what it’s supposed to mean … besides “Be Surprised” or “Be Amazed”. Actually, given the lovely scenery, “Be Amazed” would be a great interpretation 🙂

    1. I asked Pauly and he said it means there is hazard on the road. There is a little two lane bridge over a big drain just behind the sign so that’s what it was all about. I don’t know why it didn’t have a bridge sign… I like your definition. I was amazed at how beautiful it was and the sound of the waves…so good to listen to all day and then to go to sleep to….total heaven.

      1. You’ve mentioned the sound of the waves a few times. Sound is one of the things that’s missing when we take photos. It’s the reason my husband abandoned the camera years ago and embraced video.
        Not long ago, I came across a small video clip in my photo library I had taken while in Hawaii. What surprised me was the overwhelming sound of the waves in the background. I had forgotten that ubiquitous sound of the waves that seemed to permeate our bones after a while.

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