Would the real Huey please stand up

After a few runs together Janette dubbed Louise, Pauly and I Huey, Dewey and Louie.  The three little ducks who run together.  Part of Team Quackers.


Here we are together after Nile 10 Mile 2014

Huey (aka Pauly) is the gung ho one.  The risk taker of the trio.  Training?  Who needs training?  Let’s do back to back marathons!  He says.  Racer of horses.  Mighty Pauly.  Never say never!  Medals?  Not a motivator for Huey at all.

Dewey (aka the Unsporty Woman) is the one in the middle.  Happy to take on a challenge as long as there is planning, appropriate preparation AND medals, of course, are quite nice thank you very much.

And then there is Louie (aka Louise).  She and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to attention to detail and being organised.  We like to plan and train (train – hold onto that word).  We prefer road races rather than trail races.  On trail races we might injure ourselves or worse get our beloved running shoes dirty.  Events must have a medal or they are just not on Louie’s list!

We interrupt this blog post to ask the question…

Would the real Huey please stand up?

Yes, you Louie, you need to stand up here!  For underneath Louie’s calm exterior is another persona altogether.  Under that super fit, super fast, super slim runner’s physique lurks an inner Huey.


I’m not fibbing.

Can you guess what my friend has gone and entered?  Not content to race horses.  Oh no, that’s way too tame.  Louie has entered a race to try and beat a train.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My lovely friend Louise has entered a race that tries to beat a train.

  • Did I mention the race takes place in the tropics (16.9°S)?
  • Did I mention that the elevation gain is 400m in total?
  • Did I mention it’s mostly on trails?
  • Did I mention there are killer stairs?
  • Did I mention there is NO MEDAL???



0 to 400 in 6kms???
0 to 400 in 6kms???

The Lovely Louie has unleashed her inner Huey and has entered the Cairns to Kuranda Train Race in a couple of weeks time.  18kms of huffing and puffing through beautiful tropical rain forest trails.  It looks absolutely stunning.  Huey and I are so jealous!  We are going to have to come and do it one day.

All the best Huey, I mean Louie, you will smash it!

Happy running 🙂

PS All Cairns to Kuranda Train Race images have been shamelessly stolen from their web site.


25 thoughts on “Would the real Huey please stand up

      1. Looks totally amazing! Something I would go and do and suffer the consequences after!!!! But then I’m kinda gung-Ho sometimes haaaahahahaaaaa!!!!

      2. I can see that CJ! You have the adventurer in you for sure! And you like to try new things. I think this would be a great event to walk and there can be 2 or 3 people teams so lots of option to enjoy that magic scenery. But then of course we could just go on the train (hehe) and cheer at the end 🙂

  1. So true CeeJayKay she is an amazing friend and a fantastic writer. I feel very special to have a post written about me and done so very cleverly and funny. I’m still laughing from ready it this morning 😂 You are very gifted Dewey and one day I hope you write a book about all your running stories, it will be fantastic 😄 So glad your my friend xo

    1. it looks AMAZING! i do feel slightly motion sick after looking at the video *lol* but WOW! how gorgeous! Best start a Blog Lou, wanna read all about it!

      1. It would be great to see some drone shots of this event…I love Cairns, it’s so beautiful up there (in the winter anyway, so stinking hot and humid in the summer). I will get the low down from Louie and report back 🙂 She is pretty excited about it!

    2. I’m so glad you liked the post Louie, you are special and right back to you about being lucky to have you as my friend! From the comments on the post I can see you have a little cheer squad for the day. I’m really glad you the post made you laugh – we all need a good old giggle. This running thing is serious business but you and I are examples of how to make it lots of fun in the process. I will never forget the day you asked Pauly and I if you could join us for Run for your Heart. And here we are a few years later with so many runs and ‘shrekking’ under our belts xxxx

  2. Ok that elevation chart gave me a heart attack just looking at it. Wowza! Races with horses and trains. I suppose you folks have one against a jet airliner too? 🙂

      1. (blush) we are just doing the running thing Sue, slightly nuts and always looking for something new hehe 🙂 Is there a run with Moose in Canada? Or a Beat the Bear? Skipping with Squirrels might be safer!

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