The Great Ocean Road Marathon – Marathon Number Three

We did it! Pauly and I ran the Great Ocean Road Marathon, Pauly kept me company until the 34km mark then chipped away to the end and waited for me.


At the 22km mark, phoning Janette and Louise for a bit of encouragement – thanks Lovely Ladies. Photo taken by the Energiser Bunny, Elly, who despite not feeling great ran an awesome marathon.

The race delivered on so many levels…


We got it all. Warm sunshine and humidity. Rain. A light breeze that turned into a full-on head wind at the 25km mark and then continued to pound right to the very end.


Happy runner voices mixed and mingled together. Running feet thumping and padding up and down that pretty undulating road. The wind in the trees. The ever present crash of the waves as they crested, broke then rushed and bubbled to the shore. The cheers of volunteers and spectators.


The coast line. The road as it wound up and around the hills and bays. A faint line of brightly clothed runners in their colourful gear weaving in and out into the distance. The burnt-out bush from the recent bush fires. The bright green leafy regrowth on our stubborn Australian flora that refuses to give up no matter how harsh the conditions.  Black trunks with shiny green leaves – a promise that not even a raging fire can keep those trees from regeneration.

Wonderful Volunteers

So many! All working hard. All encouraging. At the second last drink stop I went to fill one of my water bottles with orange sport drink from a cup and a volunteer quickly grabbed it and filled it from a jug, smiling at me and encouraging me while she helped. Her gloved fingers were stained orange from all the filling and handing out of cups she’d done that day. I am humbled and grateful to all who volunteered and worked to support us runners.

The Dairy Farmer with some local girls.

The Dairy Farmer with some local girls.


The first 10kms seemed to whizz by. I ate my gels and jelly beans as per my plan.  All was going ok until we hit half way.  With the second half the weather turned up a few notches and so did my stomach, I wasn’t feeling too good at all. I got out my mantras and concentrated on the scenery. I had to take my running cap off despite the extra Velcro I’d sewn on for such weather conditions.

But I was half way and I had to keep going. There wasn’t any other option!  I chipped away, concentrated on the beautiful scenery, thought of all the people cheering me from all the corners of the world AND I thought of Ally and kept on going!

Soon I was crossing the 42.2km timing mat. I threw my arms in the air and celebrated completing Marathon Number Three.

Then I plodded along to the finish line passing many weary runners in the process and in turn being passed by others. One lady was nearly in tears but she kept on going. Her husband wasn’t in the event but he ran with her for the last two kms encouraging her all the way (he didn’t even have runners on his feet). I saw a young lady who’d being doing so well but had given up and was at a slow walk. We had 1km to go. I tried to buoy her up and told her that she could run one last km. She looked at me with such a desperate look but off she went and soon became a dot in the distance. What I didn’t know at the time was that it wasn’t 1km to go. It was 1.7kms to go! Who moved the finish line?

And that was Marathon Number Three. Not pretty in some ways thanks to a troublesome tummy but in other ways totally breath-taking and beautiful.  Out of the three marathons I’ve had the privilege of running THIS is THE pick.  Just stunningly beautiful.

44.7kms. The longest I’ve ever run. Head wind, funny tummy and all. I’m proud of myself.  I did it!  Big enormous thank you to Elly, Anita and Sally, local ladies running on the day.  To my beautiful running buddies Louie and Janette – how could I ever do this with you two???  AND to my Pauly, bestest running husband in the whole world.

Marathon time – 42.2kms: 5:05:05

Full Distance time – 44 kms: 5:22:42




Happy running 🙂


24 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road Marathon – Marathon Number Three

  1. Awwww! You are such a star! Been dying to read this blog post! You are SUCH an inspiration Anniebabes!!!! You go girl!
    What an achievement!!!! XxxxxxxX

  2. Wow, you’ve brought tears to my eyes with this post. Congratulations! What a huge achievement, I know how tough this run is and the fact the weather was not the best and your troublesome tummy, you did an amazing job.

    You even make me feel like I want to run it again, after reading this! And boy, is that saying something.

    So happy for you. I was thinking of you on Sunday morning knowing what lay ahead of you. And even with the conditions that were thrown at you on the day, you have an awesome smile on your face and managed to encourage other runners, that girl at the end would have been so pumped by your encouragement.

    Well done! I so look forward to continuing to read about your running adventures!

    • Come and do it again Megan! I’d love to be at another event with you. Louise is so keen to do this one. It won’t be next year but perhaps the one after that. Thanks so much for your lovely encouragement x very much appreciated!

  3. I was thinking of you too and am so pleased to read your post. I can’t imagine running for that long, you are amazing! Well done to you both.

  4. Congratulations!! Longer than a full marathon? Oh my! I can just imagine you cheering others on Annie even if you weren’t feeling well. You exude positive energy.

  5. Bravo !!! Love that you have the pic of the cow supporters there. We aren’t actually locals, we are from an online running group and meet at various events, and cows/cowprint have become our “thing”. Huge congratulations.

  6. I loved reading your reports and watching your progress! The photos of you and Paul just sum it all up for me, running together when it was hard going for you, no matter what personal goals you may have, just beautiful.
    Well done on an awesome run (was that your longest?) and thank you once again for sharing it all with us on here 💕

  7. Have only just been catching up with my blog reading and I absolutely loved this – got me a bit teary! Well done on completing a tough event – the weather certainly did throw it all at us and I can’t imagine how much harder that would have been over the longer distance. Inspirational stuff & so wonderful that you were able to run together. I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate an anniversary 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely encouraging comment Gill 🙂 it was a wonderful event despite the challenges, looking back at it now I just feel happy that I did it! Thank you again, just a lovely comment and very much appreciated x

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