‘I knew you could’

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  (It’s definitely not a train because the train was wimpy and pulled out).  

No! It’s Super Louie!


Louise ran The Cairns 2 Kuranda Train Race this morning sans train.  The weather was so wet that the train couldn’t run.  But a bit of rain doesn’t stop our Louie.  No way!  A bit of rain brings out the badass in her!

Before I give you a second-hand account of her epic running adventure indulge me one moment.

Think of your bathroom all cosy and warm, turn up the heat dial to 25°C.  Now turn on your shower to lukewarm.  There you are standing in your running clothes complete with your running shoes on.  Now step into the shower.  All of a sudden the tiled floor becomes a muddy, steep trail still with the shower bucketing down on you.  You turn around and there before you is a slippy, slidey muddy hill of mountainous proportions.

This is the reality that Louie found herself in this morning.  A torrential tropical North Queensland downpour.  Hot and humid. Inclines of heart breaking proportions.

0 to 400 in 6kms???

0 to 400 in 6kms???


All of this didn’t faze our Louie, after checking all the latest warnings and announcements by the race organisers it was deemed that the race was still safe to run.  The train takes a different route to the runners and is much safer.  It was to be minus a couple of drink stops though due to the muddy conditions.  Runners could navigate the track ok but the four-wheel-drives that were supposed to be taking the drink stop equipment and volunteers in wouldn’t be able to make it.

Louie at the start, there were about 100 runners in the event.

Louie at the start, there were about 100 runners in the event.

At no time did Louie feel unsafe.  She was wet through by the 2km mark.  Totally saturated.  But she made it.  She has nothing but wonderful things to say about the race organisers.  They were helpful and encouraging all the time.  Grant dropped Louie off at the start then drove up to Kuranda.  He was wonderful and sent me many text messages keeping me updated on what was going on.

He was also helpful to our Louie: Here is the advice he gave her:

Don’t build up ahead of steam.  Don’t let the rain derail your run and don’t stand staition-ary.

Good advice me thinks!

The first man finished in 01:24:50 and the first woman in 01:40:00.

Our Louie wasn’t far behind, she ran those tough 18kms in 02:10:00.  The little engine that could, the little engine that can beat trains!  A little duck who relished the rain and powered up and over those muddy hills!


Despite the tropical downpour, two leech bites, mud, terribly dirty trail shoes (gasp) Louie made it.  She beat the train because the train didn’t show up!  She said it was one of the toughest events she’s done and those inclines were beyond steep.  Seriously up and up and up.  A lady she ran with for a little while is a local who walks the track frequently and she said she’s never seen it as wet as it was today.  This event will go down as the one and only that the train had to pull out of, but our Louie didn’t.  She conquered that muddy steep track.

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Is it a train?  No it’s Super Louie.

Louie finishing.

Louie finishing.  The rain has made things a bit blurry, but nothing can blur out that happy Finisher’s smile!

Well done Louise!  We are so proud of you!

Happy running 🙂

13 thoughts on “‘I knew you could’

  1. It will be so cool to be able to say that you raced a train and won, for Louie!! Not so much fun for you though, so much for riding on the train with a lovely picnic!

    • Well yes, Grant, Louise’s husband drove up. We were home in Tasmania cheering her on. I felt for those who did want to go up in the train and be there for their friends and family running. She did a great job, so proud of her 🙂

  2. Amazing friends you have Annie but that doesn’t surprise me as you generate awesomeness too! Well done to Louise, sounds like a seriously tough run in particularly bad conditions 😊

  3. Thanks everyone 😄 What an amazing friend I have writing about me again and all the encouragement you gave me. You believe I could do it even when I doubted I could. That’s the first time I’ve lined up at the start line with out Huewy and Dewey 🙈 One day we will race the train together, first I have to erase those EPIC trail hills from my mind and get over the fact my lovely shoes will never be the same again😂 It’s was a great run and very well organised, even though the weather was horrendous I never once felt in safe. Xo Bring on the Gold Coast

  4. Woo hoo – well done Louie – AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!! Probably a bit “quacked” in the head, haha, you are a star!!!!!!

  5. I’ve run in pouring rain. I’ve run on extremely muddy country roads. I’ve run in painfully hot and humid conditions.
    …. but leeches?!!!
    @!%#&*^?!~! If I thought for a second I could encounter leeches on a run, it wouldn’t be happening.

    For that alone, I think Louie is a superstar!!

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