Running for the love of it

What happens to those really fast people as they get older and slow down?  Do they give up and put away their running shoes?  As their times increase does their love of running decrease?

Not so for the lovely lady I had a chat to today at the Launceston Running Club’s annual Fancy Dress run.  She is shy.  I think this is the very first time she has initiated a conversation with me.  Usually I’ll go up and have a chat with her. 

How was your run? 

Good but getting slower. 

But you’re still right up there with the fast people, I say.  And your name is in the records for all the runs you’ve been fastest lady for.  (She is in fact faster than our current club champion for some races).

Oh that doesn’t matter to me anymore.  I just want to do my best and run to keep fit. 

I loved her attitude.  Here she was running and showing strong commitment to the Club and her running.   The time didn’t matter, running is what matters.  She is always so encouraging of everyone.  Despite her shyness she gave the most lovely speech at one LRC annual dinner.  It showed humility, a sense of humour and a love of running that surpasses any form of competition other than to beat her own goals.

And I might add that she can come from behind and totally smoke me.  Makes me look like I’m standing still!

I absolutely loved this chat.  It showed me yet again that for so many of us running, being active, be it cycling, swimming, working out at the gym is all about our own personal goals.  What this brings home to me is true sportsmanship*:  being gracious and delighting in the successes of others.  That being in it for the long haul regardless of how fast or slow we perceive ourselves to be is the most important thing.  Getting out there and doing it is what matters and if we can do that we are all winners.

AND a big huge shout out to Debbie from Deb’s World who, this week, ran the most kms in one run that she has ever run!  Such a huge achievement!  I cheered when I read her post.  Way to go Debbie!!!

Here are a few happy snaps from our runs yesterday and today…

Friday saw Louie and I plod out 18kms and 21.1kms respectively. We are both on slightly different marathon plans right now. Our runs were for Kms4Kids virtual run.

Friday saw Louie and I plod out 18kms and 21.1kms respectively. We are both on slightly different marathon plans right now. Our runs were for Kms4Kids virtual run.  AND it was FREEZING – -2C


Launceston parkrun - 26:00! Havent run quite that quickly for a while, I was fair puffing at the end.

Launceston parkrun this morning – 26:00! Haven’t run quite that quickly for a while, I was fair puffing at the end.

We went as Dairy Farmers complete with authentically dirty overalls for Pauly.

Launceston Running Club’s Fancy Dress run after parkrun:  We went as Dairy Farmers complete with authentically ‘dirty’ overalls for Pauly.


No ‘dirt’ on my overalls!

13307409_10153836587003020_8484067325571494192_n13332715_10153836587088020_2664870981893075026_nHappy running 🙂

PS we didn’t run in our gumboots, we did a quick change at the end then re-finished!

*sportsmanship – I’m waiting for all those who want me to change the name of my blog to have something to say about this 🙂 The only fitting response to this will be to blow you a very smiley raspberry!

PPS Four Weeks today until Gold Coast Marathon!  We’ll be going from -2°C to 22°C!


16 thoughts on “Running for the love of it

  1. Awww thanks for the shout out Annie! I really appreciate your support from afar 🙂 Glad your run went well today, can only wish for a 26 minute run, but maybe one day it will happen! I love the sound of your friend and her humility, that’s what it’s all about 🙂 Love the overalls and boots too by the way.

  2. haha love the overalls, looks like Pauly just paused from his work to join in. Someone said to us this morning at Parkrun…’it never gets easier, you just get quicker’ but over time maybe you get slower again. Just a cruisey 14k for us this weekend 😉

  3. Love the fancy dress! I was wondering if you ran in wellies – I could imagine it being a bit tricky ! You must be the only person I know who looks good in overalls Annie!!

    • Hehe Thanks Julie 🙂 I am pleased to say that I don’t often do things that require overalls anymore. Most of the jobs I do on the farm are not so messy anymore. But then of course there is calf feeding time, I have waterproof overalls for that!

  4. I really thought the two of you had gone mad and run in your boots! Your friend sounds very inspirational. A great attitude.
    As to changing the name of your blog I have long since given up now. I know you are Sporty. 🙂

  5. Heck Thought you were doing the Cliffy Young shuffle in your gum boots!! Love the story about the lady shows everyone is on their own journey.

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