Embrace the calm

And that Dear Reader is a wrap.  A Gold Coast Marathon training wrap that is.  Two weeks to go.  It’s taper time.

marathon-taper-rules_thumbRest.  It’s ok.  The training runs are in the running bank all ready to withdraw on marathon day.  Six weeks from marathon to marathon.  Was that a good idea?  I’ll tell you in two weeks.

How am I feeling right now?  Ready to rest.  Last night I slept a solid 10 hours.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.

53RFXHu1This week I shall be embracing the calm.  Tuesday night running and Wednesday night hill repeats are on hold.  And I’ve made the decision not to do the usual 2okm run the week before a marathon.  Next week I’ll be doing 1okms on Friday and 10kms on Saturday to make the 20kms.  When it comes to thinking about the marathon I’m almost in a Zen-like state ~ What will be will be ~  I shall click my heels three times and say Take me to the finish line, take me to the finish line.  Then I shall put one foot in front of the other in running steps until I eventually cross the finish.  Am I in Lala Land?  If I am let me tell you Dear Reader, Lala Land is rather nice.  Come visit with me sometime.  It’s a place for weary runners to contemplate, to rest, to be calm, to have their batteries recharged.  A place to ready the mind for those 42.2kms.

As if the universe knew that tonight signals the start of the taper: I was given a beautiful sunset.  Thanks Universe.


Looking back over the last six weeks there’s been some wonderful runs like the Lilydale Lope and there’s been some hard sloggy runs.  There have been runs that make me feel like I could run forever and runs that make me shake my head and contemplate hanging up my running shoes.  But that’s what running is all about.  It’s about being prepared to push on no matter how we feel, that awesome run is always not too far away.

Today was not such a great run.  6.3kms with the Launceston Running Club for the Carr Villa run, it goes around the cemetery in Launceston.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There is a wonderful walking track outside the boundary of the cemetery and we do two laps.  It’s wide and undulating.  Locals use it for walking their dogs (of which there were quite a few on the track today).  After 23kms yesterday, today was never going to be speedy, but I did it (36:53).

And that as they say is a wrap.  A marathon training wrap.  Hello Taper!  Taper crazies?  Not for me.  I’m going to be calm and happy and arrive at the marathon all zenned up.  Yes I am!  (Now…I just best go count my kms again…have I done enough…oh I think so…oh maybe not…hang on…I could fit in a few more runs I’m sure I could…I just need……to…..) rest and  breathe…  Happy taper!

Happy running 🙂


23 thoughts on “Embrace the calm

  1. I feel super relaxed just reading your post! Enjoy the taper Annie and I’m sure your positivity will shine through on the day. Looking forward to hearing how it goes and as always, wishing you loads of luck for the marathon 🙂

  2. Lovely sunset! Enjoy the taper. Are you allowed to have a few glasses of wine and lovely food? Is pauly tapering too? You need good company to have fun!

    1. Pauly is tapering too. And we are getting into some good eating and a few glasses of wine for me 🙂 We are even going to sit and watch a few movies which is something we don’t do very often. Thanks Julie 🙂

  3. I love the sunset pic – gorgeous! All the best for the next few weeks, you’ve done all the hard work so maybe just trust your training 🙂

  4. Happy taper time Annie. Hydrate, rest, imagine that finish line arms up Annie style, practice those mantras and listen for my cheers! Make that marathon yours. X

    1. Thanks Shaz, I’ll be listening for those cheers, thank you so much. I’m looking forward to the sun, I just hope it’s not too sunny on marathon morning, but what will be will be x

  5. With everything that has happening for you over the last few weeks I’m super impressed that you have stuck to your program and ticked off those runs! Enjoy the calm and rest as much as you can, the training is all there in the legs and head, so enjoy your taper!

    1. Thanks Sam, it’s been interesting times that’s for sure. Running and looking forward to GC has kept me (somewhat) sane. I’m so looking forward to some time out. And ever so grateful to my friends both near and far for their support x

  6. Sounds like you are in a great state of mind Annie. After all that has gone on in your world a zen state sounds wonderful. I loved seeing the sunset on IG and beautiful here again. Best of luck my friend. Enjoy the taper. Xo

  7. Tapering for such a big event is new to us and a little daunting, we too have to trust that the hard work is done, Enjoy this time, Jo
    ( I managed to add the email link for my blog, thanks to Google & your prompt!)

    1. All the best for your taper! It’s quite a nice time in some ways, more time to do other things and to justify a sit and read or a movie or two. I will check out your blog and follow 🙂 thank you Jo-Anne x

  8. There may or may not be cows on the Gold Coast. Just sayin’ so watch out. ;-). Not me but our online running group will be out in force!!

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