Second Annual Beer Day

The Launceston Running Club holds a handicapped race in beautiful White Hills, just 20 minutes south of Launceston, it was today.  Hills, hills and more hills.  Steep hills.  Some undulation.  Big inclines and then a fast decline before yet another hill to the finish.  It’s a 9.75km run that starts and finishes at the Van Dieman Brewery.

A peep inside the brewery

A peep inside the brewery



This is the third time this event has been run and my third time too.  Last year I took the plunge and tried a beer and so began the tradition of my Annual Beer Day.

But first the race.

My handicap is rather generous at the moment.  I think I need to be pulled back.  At 19:00 minutes after the start of the clock I was off:  down a wonderful country lane complete with cattle stops (or grids).  Native territory for this Unsporty Woman.  All up three cattle stops to zoom over.  Then down onto a flat where the river runs.  The evidence of the recent floods was everywhere:  debris and road damage, fences looking worse for wear.

Then the first massive up.  What’s not to LOVE about a hill?

Let’s pause for a moment.  When someone suggests a hilly run, I fairly burst out of my skin with anticipation and happiness.  Why? Because I have taught myself to love hills.  It wasn’t easy.  But it can be done.  Rather than thinking how horrible a hill is, think about how truly wonderful they are!

Hills are our friends. Why?

  • They build endurance and stamina
  • They build mental strength
  • They act like speed or interval work without the huge injury risk
  • If we love them, they are not a deterrent to run a hilly event

Hill repeats.  Do them.  Love them.  Celebrate them.  Then when a hill comes in a race or a fun run…  Ta Da!  You’re ready for it.  You will be a Pro.  You will get to the top and throw your arms in the air and say I ran that hill.  Go me!  Mighty.  That’s how you’ll feel.

Well at least that’s what I do and it has worked for me.

Whitehills map

Back to today’s race.

As I slowly chipped up that hill chanting in my head I am a hill runner, I can run up hills.  I am a hill runner, I can run up hills, I thought about how awesome the top was going to feel.  On the climb I chipped past four runners who had started running before 19:00 mintues.  At the top I was fair puffing.  Then a little flat and another hill.  Then another great big one before the big down began.

Most of the surfaces were compacted gravel (my favourite running surface, just like our farm driveway).  It’s been freezing all week and today was just as cold.  It’s been icy and we’ve had snow on the mountains and frosts in most places.  I was concerned that the shady downhill part of the course would be slippery. Nope, it wasn’t.  I fairly flew down that big hill.  I past two more runners and finally one of the gazelle’s (someone who started after me) raced by like I was standing still.  Then another.  And then another (a friend who has the longest legs, he was fair puffing like a steam train, he was really putting in today).  I cheered them all on but especially Scotty.

Finally one more corner then up to the finish.  I past one more runner at this point before finally crossing the finish line.

I had the best run in a long long time.  I loved every single moment of it.  Despite the cold the sun was out.  What’s not to love about a hilly cool run on a sunny day?  Everything.  There is everything to love about it.

Pretty proud of my laps today.

Pretty proud of my laps today.

Fifth place for me today.  That was great.  Most encouraging.  But this is the Club where we can run for fun.  That’s what was most important to me today.  To run and enjoy it.  What a great run one week out from Marathon number four.

2014: 56:30, 2015: 58:38 and this year back in the 56s.

2014: 56:30, 2015: 58:38 and this year back in the 56s, exactly two minutes faster than last year.

And then it was Beer-0-clock!  Can’t say I’m a huge fan of beer, but it just feels right to drink a toast to such a wonderful race that’s sponsored by a boutique brewery.


Happy running 🙂

This is Glenn who takes so many of the wonderful photos that I pinch from parkrun and LRC. Apart from running photos he takes spectacular Tasmanian wilderness photos too. And as you can see he is a pretty good photo bomber.

This is Glenn who takes so many of the wonderful photos that I pinch from parkrun and LRC. Apart from running photos he takes spectacular Tasmanian wilderness photos too. And as you can see he is a pretty good photo bomber.

25 thoughts on “Second Annual Beer Day

  1. you look like you had to pinch your nose to down that beer lol! great pace today, got to love a run that is fun and a challenge. Good on you!

  2. I need to channel more of your enthusiasm for hills – whether I’m running, cycling or hiking. Usually my inside voice is saying some variation of #%$&*^@ hill.
    Obviously it has paid off for you because you’re a machine!!! 🙂

    • hehe 🙂 yeah, pretty good eh? I was so happy to be finished with a good time that I didn’t really take in that I’d just snuck into the places. I thought I came about 8th. But it’s handicapped so it’s all relative. Fastest male was 39 minutes!

      • Heh the only way we’ll ever catch up to a young bloke is if we throw rock on their general direction. I’m ok with that 😬
        But sometimes I do dream about the 4 minute K. Sigh.

  3. Annie you must be brainwashing me. Reading your post I was feeling the love for those hills. ‘Yeah, I love hills too’ wait a minute! Since when 😆😆😆

  4. Your enthusiasm is infectious but not enough to lure me out for a run as I sit here wheezing, coughing, unable to talk and feeling downright dreadful. Well done on a great time and those lap times are the things dreams are made of. Keep going hard and let your enthusiasm and joy of running take you places that others would never think of going – I’ll say it again you are an inspiration Annie! You’ve made me feel like I’ve run up a hill at least, I haven’t been out in over a week now!

  5. For that hill I think a case of beer is in order. I could be bribed up the hill with the thought of a lovely cold beer or two at the end. Oh yes in fact that has happened before. 🙂

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