Finding that magic point


There is a point in the run where the mind says a resounding enough.  STOP!  It screams at us to desist from this activity and resume normal modes of being (that is, not running).

My experience tells me that once that point is reached that that’s pretty much it.  The test is to find the place before that point is reached.

I found that place on Sunday during the Gold Coast Marathon.  I recognised and acknowledged the warmth, the hot sun and the humidity but told myself it was ok and that I could do this run.  I kept in touch with my happy attitude and from time to time asked that Central Governor up there in my mind if it was ok, if it was under control.  Yep, I’m doing fine, it said back to me.  All the visualisation and mental toughness training is starting to pay off.  Running distance is truly as much a mental game as it is a physical one.

Louie looking gorgeous as always. Smashing out the marathon in 4:01:43
Louie looking gorgeous as always. Smashing out the marathon in 4:01:43


Pauly had a great run too. He ran the first 5kms with me than mowed down over 2000 runners between leaving me and crossing the finish line in 4:00:59
Pauly had a great run too. He ran the first 5kms with me than mowed down over 2000 runners between leaving me and crossing the finish line in 4:00:59
....and here comes me chipping away at those 42.2kms....
….and here comes me chipping away at those 42.2kms….


Gold Coast Marathon had an amazing upbeat atmosphere.  Picture palm trees, glimpses of the beach and the rolling waves, happy volunteers everywhere, awesome enthusiastic crowds lining the course and cheering.  There were even motivational runners from the 32km mark who ran with runners who were flagging, buoying them up and keeping them running.  Could there be a more well organised event with all the key ingredients to help runners do their best on the day?

I learnt so much about myself as a runner on Sunday.  I didn’t achieve all my goals for the run but I got a long way ahead with them.  Particularly I would run to the last drink table, take a drink and walk for a little way then run again.  That’s a major win for me.  I did do some walking in the last 12kms. I wasn’t happy with that but I still came in under five hours.

Coach recommended a book by Matt Fitzgerald called How Bad Do You Want It?  I’m not even half way through and already the book is helping.  This book introduced the concept of the Central Governor.  It’s helping me to see that I limit myself mentally and how to release that limiter.  I will write a review when I’ve finished the book.

Marathon nails, a Mother's Day gift from my children. Oh, and a lovely bit of marathon gold.
Marathon nails, a Mother’s Day gift from my children. Oh, and a lovely bit of marathon gold complete with a little bit of British Luck.

All up Gold Coast Marathon was a winner of a run.  I am more determined than ever to be at the start line of the Bruny Island 64km Ultra in December.  I can do this.

The biggest thank you to my running buddies Pauly and Louise.  To Janette, Grant and Karlee who were support crew on the day, jumping on and off trams to be at key points to cheer and encourage.  To some Tasmanian runners who were up there on the day especially Lorraine, Pete and Sharon.  And especially thanks to my wonderful Coach Craig and Tina.

If I can run marathons and challenge myself to go further, then whatever your further might look like, you can do it too.  Believe in yourself.  If your can-do attitude is struggling then get into some metal toughness training.  It works.

Shade! Cool. Done!
Shade! Cool. Done!

Was running marathons six weeks apart a good idea?  Well, yes, so far so good.  Two months time is Marathon number five, Ross Marathon.  Bring it on.

Pretty happy with that!
Pretty happy with that!

Happy running 🙂

Photos take by the wonderful Janette…here are a few more


Keeping warm pre-run
Keeping warm pre-run


26 thoughts on “Finding that magic point

  1. well done on another marathon, amazing effort by you all, you’re storming through them! Only after you have done one can you truly appreciate what mental toughness it takes to get through it. My own emotions are so changeable I can’t write my own race report just yet

    1. Thanks so much Jo. It was tough out there on Sunday. That heat for us southerners was a bit of a shock. Marathon number one is such a huge huge huge thing to finish. All that training and then the race itself. Huge. Very well done to you!!!! I’m looking forward to reading your race report xxx

  2. Well done!! Your happiness at the end says it all 🙂
    I think you’re unstoppable now!

    I love the line “whatever your further might look like, you can do it”. I’ve made a note of the book. It sounds like good reading.

    1. Thanks Joanne, I’ve got a lot of work to do on the mental toughness front but I feel like I’m making ground. I’ve read some more of the book today and I’m loving it. It’s so good, lots of real life stories of athletes over coming difficulties and meeting goals through mental toughness as much as physical training.

  3. Yay!! Oh it looks very warm Annie. Well done to keep that positive attitude. Under 5 hours is awesome! You are beyond inspiring. Bruny 64 won’t know what hit it when Annie comes marching on!

    1. Thanks for your confidence Sue. I was pretty pleased with the time, but oh so thankful to be finished. I crossed the line and just wanted to find a place in the shade to fall down into!

  4. Oh Annie.
    Great photos.
    Great to get in under 5 hours, a whole 6 minutes under. (How does Pauly feel about those 59 seconds?)
    I LOVE the idea of motivational runners, how I could have used them, actually during any distance.
    Lovely to see the Union Jack was with you.
    Hurry up and finish that book I need a review.
    Lastly well done, here’s to the next one.

    1. Thanks Shaz 🙂 Janette did a wonderful job of the photo taking. She and Grant and Karlee zoomed all over the place, they were exhausted at the end of the day with all the racing around after us. Pauly is ok with the time. He did sub four hours in January at Cadbury. He hadn’t planned to run the first 5kms with me but wanted to on the day. That’s what cost him a faster time. The motivational runners were just plain awesome. They looked out for runners and ran along with those who really needed it. They were happy and upbeat and friendly. I’ve never seen anything like it in an event before but oh so good!!! I’m working on the book. I’m so glad Coach recommended the book, it’s so good.

  5. Sub 5!!
    I can’t say you amaze me because I’m not surprised. But you definitely inspire. All of you!

  6. All your marathons are different and bring new challenges- I’m really feeling for you running in the heat as I’m by the pool in Greece! But you did it – again! I too like the idea of the motivational runners – what a kind thought/ idea for someone to have😊 I’ve read a couple of Matt Fitzgerald books and they have been interesting, so I’m looking forwards to hearing about this one. He does write for ‘athletes’ though so I will wait for your review to see if there’s anything in there for me.
    Well done, you have shown once again that you can do anything that you set your mind to!

    1. Thanks Julie 🙂 There will be something for you in this Matt Fitzgerald book. The biggest thing I’ve currently got from it is that I limited myself through perceived effort. I’ll put some thoughts about this in a post.

  7. I’m sure I commented but must have forgotten to click the post button so I’ll have to do it again as it is too important to me!
    Another marathon, you are truly inspiring as a runner and a person 😊
    I really understand the bit about hitting that breaking point, you’ve got enough kms in those legs and enough wisdom in your head to know how to manage that now, you now have a deep pot of experience to draw on!
    Can’t believe you are doing another one, not the unsporty woman, just the crazy happy running woman xx

    1. Crazy happy running woman…that is lovely! Thank you Sam. I thought about you several times on the run. I can’t believe you swam and cycled and then ran a marathon. I’m loving the challenge right now. I feel really special that I can do all this running, it’s a blessing and a gift that I don’t take for granted. Thanks for your lovely comment and your support xxx

  8. HOW did i miss this post? Love it! you guys always astound me, always looking fresh, like 34km? pay! easy peasy *lol* LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bondi hoodie!!!!!

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