On being crabby with Weather

Weather and I haven’t been on speaking terms this week.  Demis Roussos may be friends with the Wind.  Sandy may be Summer Lovin.  I’m going with Bill and his Ain’t no Sunshine and getting more in touch with Bob’s Blowin in the Wind and Hurricane.

For goodness sake Weather, get a grip.  It’s winter and you can be stormy but this is ridiculous.  If you were my facebook friend I’d unfriend you because of your silly outbursts.

Monday wasn’t a run day fortunately.  After yet more flood reports I opted to go home at lunch time and work from home.  The creek I have to cross was half a metre off the three bridges, but it didn’t rise any further thankfully.  The travel into Launceston for Grit Class and Parmi Night was not pleasant.  While I was lifting weights and doing a million burpees I could see the leaves blowing past the window of the gym. Brrrr.

Tuesday was run night.  More rain.  More wind and guess what?  Snow!  We get snow in Tasmania but not usually at 200m.  It didn’t settle but The Running Group was cancelled.  After a day of sitting I was ready for a run.  I opted for a home tabata session.  Just as I was about to cook dinner the power went off.  Weather, that wasn’t nice.  That was just plain nasty.  We braved the wintry conditions and headed into Deloraine to the pub.  Just as we arrived home and walked in the door the power was restored.

Snow falling in Deloraine

Snow falling in Deloraine

Wednesday.  Weather was a little bit better behaved.  Freezing and windy but run-able weather.  To think that one week ago we were running a 5km recovery run after the marathon in singlet and shorts on the warm Gold Coast… and here we were in Tasmania running in thermals.  I have never run with so many thermal layers ever!  We went for an undulating 5kms instead of our usual hill repeats.

Louie and Dewey are happy to be running, not so sure about Huey.

Louie and Dewey are happy to be running, not so sure about Huey.

Thursday is rest day.  Arrest day it should have been.  Weather blew her guts out.  She picked things up and banged them.  She pulled up trees and thumped them down.  Just as I was about to step into the shower the power went off.  On a farm without town water no power means no water.  Pauly hooked up the generator to get the pump working.  I checked the fridge before I went to work.  Cheese, Cold Chicken, Champagne – check, check, check.  Pauly was away for the night so at least I had food from all the major food groups to sustain me.

Thursday night Weather went ballistic.  Howling winds.  Freezing temperatures.  I thumbed my nose at angry arrogant old Weather and read a book with my cats by the fire.

Getting good use from my running head lamp

Getting good use from my running head lamp

I bought this candelabra due to the frequent power outages we get in winter.

I bought this candelabra due to the frequent power outages we get in winter.

Storm? What storm?

Storm? What storm?

Friday morning and still no power but the sunrise was just magic.


It was Friday long run with Louie, Pauly got home just in time to run too – after finding more trees down over roads on his way home.  The power outage was set to continue for a while.  It was cool but not too windy.  Perhaps Weather was calming down at last.  After breakfast out we headed home expecting the power outage to continue at least until evening.  I was just thinking about hooking up the generator at about 12pm and the power came on.

At least the power was on in Deloraine.

At least the power was on in Deloraine.

Weather you have been a real pain this week.  I’ve had things to do that I had to leave until today because you were so naughty and blew all those trees down over the road and the power lines.  I had to drive the 40 minute round trip to Deloraine instead of my zippy little 12 minute route.  But you have given me an opportunity to reflect and be grateful.  A chance to sit and chill with my pussy cats by the fire and be happy to have a warm home to live in.  I’m grateful for electricity and the mod cons of this life.  I’m grateful for the people who fix the power lines and clear the trees.  (I’m really glad they didn’t go out and fix them in the storm, but waited until it was safe.)

And just look at the Saturday Weather has given us today!  Crisp and cold but brilliantly sunny.  The perfect day for a 15.2km handicapped race with the Launceston Running Club.  After the week we’ve had I threw any ideas of time to the wind.  I decided to run for fun with the warm sun on my back.

Pauly running today

Pauly running today

And there's me wearing my Run Happy top that Janette found in a sale...one of my favourite tops.

And there’s me wearing my Run Happy top that Janette found at a running expo…one of my favourite tops.

Dear Weather, please calm down and be nice, show us your pretty side again.  The floods have made us all take notice of you.  The snow made us sit up and pay attention.  We are grateful for your changing seasons but let’s cut the melodrama.  Time to chill Weather (that’s figuratively not literally thanks – you know chillax, put your feet up…).  Let’s be friends again eh?

Happy running 🙂

Today’s photos taken from the Launceston Running Club’s facebook page – thanks Glenn.

Oh dear....what's not to love about a bottom that can run marathons?

Oh dear….what’s not to love about a bottom that can run marathons?


21 thoughts on “On being crabby with Weather

  1. What a week! What a year after bush fires and all😱 Good idea re the headlamp. I have some things to store in the attic space where there is no light and now I know what to do!
    I hope your weather calms down and is nice to you for the rest of your winter, then we’ll be swapping again😊

  2. Oh I love this Annie!
    Your night by the fire with the cats a book and no hubby sounds idealic, easy for me to say I guess as I lay here in the garden basking in the sun!

    • Poor old Pauly was on the ferry crossing from Melbourne to Devonport. That thought alone kept me rather happy. Fire, wine, cats or tossed like a sardine in a can on rough seas? Ummm….

  3. Madam Weather can be a mood old b***h!!! we know her well up here in Derbyshire!!!
    Stoked you had a fab day, i find that blue skies and sunshine make you forget all the crappy stuff… doesn’t matter how cold it is as long as its sweetly sunny!
    OH WHAT SUNRISES!!!! just beautiful!!!

  4. I had to laugh at this Annie, it has been just awful hasn’t it?
    We didn’t get as wet down here but the winds were unbelievable, I’m still waiting to get missing tiles repaired on our roof which is nothing compared to losing your whole roof 😞
    I hope your fields are not too bad and they get chance to dry out and recover soon.

    • Thanks Sam, oh my goodness, missing tiles. I hope that gets fixed quickly. We’re surviving just but so much better than other farms in the district. We’ve had to agist the milkers due to the feed situation but so far we’re coping.

  5. Oh Annie I laughed at your ‘unfriending’ weather. Yes if it were only as simple as that. Hoping the rest of your winter is more tolerable and enough with the bloody precipitation in Tasmania!

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 the sun has been out today, it has given us all hope. It’s been so wet, it’s only the 20th and already the month of July has seen two times the monthly average of rain fall.

      • Please keep those sunny vibes coming. I had an early trip to the airport today to come to WA to see Anna – it was stormy all night complete with a text from the airline saying that flights might be delayed. The road near home was flooded again but we managed to get through. And I managed to get to WA, here I sit in crops and a tee shirt!

  6. You made me laugh with this post. Everything you said applied to us here as well. I love your unfriending weather on facebook comment. We’ve just had the most magical sunny weekend and it was just what I needed. I read my book in the sun, I walked in the sun, I sat in the sun….it was lovely. Today though the weather has closed in and we have more rain and more cold snaps to come. I do agree that it makes you more grateful for things and I know I’m more appreciative. Thanks again for making me laugh 🙂

  7. I’m sorry the weather hasn’t been cooperating. We’ve had a couple of bad storms here as well, but thankfully our electric came on within several hours! I hope the flooding isn’t too bad. Miss E.

  8. Heck and I’m over winter here, I can’t even imagine how cold you’re getting it. Roll on summer, then we can start bitching about how hot it is!! hahahahahaa

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