Running together (where would we be without running?)

As the months of 2016 whizz past I look back and see that Pauly and I haven’t done many runs just the two of us.  Pauly prefers to run away from the farm with our running friends.  If we aren’t heading off to run it means he doesn’t have time due to farm work, so I run on my own.

Today was different.  Pauly and I got up early and off we went to get our scheduled run done.  There was work to do on the farm before a lunch date, but there was time for the old Farmer to come out and run with his wife.


As we got to the top of the 1.2km farm driveway I could tell he was struggling.  I love running on the farm… except that it reminds Pauly of all the things that aren’t going well with this farming life.  The pastures are damaged from the floods and the heavy rain.  There are things to be done but thanks to the drop in the milk price and the uncertain times, we are unable to do anything about many things.  We have to sit and wait and make do.  Farmers have to leave the farm to get a break.  Just looking out the window they see work to be done.

I could tell he was ready to stop.  My sub-four hour marathoner husband was struggling at running 1km.  The weight of his worries pressing down upon him with each running step.

Let’s go left I said.  Let’s run somewhere different.  He gave me a sideways look as only my husband can do and followed me as we ran away from the farm.

Montana Road may look like a quiet country road but the traffic that uses it thunders by.  Large farm machinery.  Milk tankers and trucks.  Tired farm workers commuting from town to farm with their foot flat to the floor.  And of course in some sections tourists who don’t seem to understand the dangers of country roads; they go around blind corners smack bang in the middle rather than keeping to their side of the road.

Recently the plantation forests on Montana Road were harvested and now the land is being slowly transformed into pasture.  The end result is that the once heavily wooded area that had low visibility for drivers has been opened up.  It’s safe to run on.

We went left and headed as if we were going into Deloraine.  We arrived at The Bridges and headed into what we call The Bush.  This is windy and narrow and oh so pretty but not suitable for running.  We hadn’t seen one vehicle so decided it would be safe.  And it was.

The run restored the weary Farmer’s soul.  With each foot fall away from the farm he brightened.  We drive along this road frequently but in running shoes it was different.  We were able to take in the many little dams along the way that were once hidden by plantation trees.  We saw the horse track that runs through the Meander Valley for miles and miles just down from the road – I’d never seen that before.  We heard the rush of Montana Falls.  The whip birds were calling.  The streams bubbling.  The scents from the gum trees and recently sawn logs were fresh and invigorating.  It was cool and overcast.  Perfect running conditions.  We stopped and looked and chatted and took a few happy snaps.  We ran as fast or as slow as we wanted.

Running somewhere new was just what we both needed; to see the land around us from a new perspective.  With some recent reading about the pioneers of the Meander Valley I have a new respect and love for this place I call home.  This farming life may see changes ahead for us, but right now I can count my blessings and be grateful to live in a place of serenity and beauty.  There is no better way to take it in and enjoy it than in running shoes.

Here are a few happy snaps.

Happy running 🙂

Montana Road before the Three Bridges
Montana Road before the Three Bridges
These are the trees that caused the power outage on Thursday and Friday
These are the trees that caused the power outage on Thursday and Friday
Crossing the Three Bridges
Crossing the Three Bridges
Winding through The Bush
Winding through The Bush
Big old gums <3
Big old gums – love them.
Back across the briges
Back across
Almost home. This is Pauly's farm. If you look across the dam you can just make out the farm house.
Almost home. This is Pauly’s farm. If you look across the dam you can just make out the farm-house.

Run done and morning farm jobs completed, time to go out for lunch.  Blondie Daughter #1 is home from Melbourne for the weekend.  We met Mum and Dad at the Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory.  It was so good!  Brown-eyed Daughter #1 and H gave us a voucher as a thankyou gift for helping with the Wedding back in November.  We finally were able to enjoy it.

Tasmanian food heaven.
Whats not to love about old fashioned Champagne glasses?
What’s not to love about old-fashioned Champagne glasses?
And look what came up on my watch. That’s an awful lot of running therapy. Thank you running.

16 thoughts on “Running together (where would we be without running?)

  1. Poor Pauly, it’s awful when your worries weigh you down. But how lucky he is to have a wife like you who can spot it and show him what he needs😊😊 it always lovely to find a new run, but then I love my old favourites too! I hope things pick up in farming soon. People need to eat and drink and need to value that rather than taking it for granted. When will we realise though?

    1. Thanks Julie, a little glimmer of light appeared in the ever lengthening tunnel today. Fingers crossed. Who’d be a farmer? Thanks so much for your lovely understanding comment xxx

  2. Love to you both. I think I have an idea of how Pauly feels. Sometimes its all just too hard, even the easy is too hard! Well done for not getting squashed on the country back roads. On my run today I jogged to the top of a parking station and looked out… it was nice to be so high, but there was no sign of prettiness or natural beauty. Thank you for sharing the snaps, it is actually soothing to see such places, even in a photo.

    And I am so jealous of the food! Tassie food is the best in the world.

  3. It was good to read your post Annie, and I’m glad you had a lovley run together away from the farm. I do hope things get sorted out soon for you, I know how feeling stressed impacts on the body. You deserve much more!! Congrats on all that running therapy too.

  4. Annie I got all teary reading your post. I’m so sorry it is such a stressful time for both of you. As you described Pauly struggling on the driveway run my heart just ached. Good for you to turn the run away from the farm and to explore Meander Road. I remember your cautions about driving and the fact you never ran there. Sounds like many wonderful discoveries made that morning.
    Lunch looks amazing! Wow what a treat for sure. Congrats on all those hours my friend. Sending hugs to both of you. Xo

    1. Thanks so much Sue x the process we’ve been going through since November just keeps being drawn out and out. But we’re still ok. Had a lovely night at the pub with Bruce, Janette and Nicholas. Thank goodness for caring friends both near and far xxx

      1. Oh it warms my heart to think of all of you at the pub. We speak so often of missing you and Paul and how we wish we lived closer. Know we keep hoping for good things and hopefully an answer soon. Xo

  5. OMG how is that feast!!!!! sitting here drooling…
    Oh Anniebabes, you are such a good person, and such hard time for you guys, so amazing that you can find the positives and the beauty! I really look up to you, your PMA is legendary!!!
    That looks like the most stunning place to run… and NOTHING better to be able to run straight from home into the wilderness like that…
    take care funny… ~*~*~blowing kisses~*~*~

    1. The food was so good CJ. Seriously I could so easily become a professional foodie if there was food like that to be had all the time. We are so lucky to live where we do. I just loved that run so much and to think we’d never done it before. Thanks for your love and care and understanding xxx

  6. I always love seeing your pictures!

    I feel like a horrible blogging colleague – I have been so anxious about keeping my house and getting a full-time job, that I tend to wallow and forget that other people are also struggling. Running is just about the only thing that keeps me sane. Believe me, I feel your pain and empathize with you! As always, I enjoy reading your blog. Miss E.

    1. Thanks Miss E x you are the bestest blogging friend. I love to read your posts on your consistent running and all the moves forwards you are making. We all struggle. I don’t think there is life without it. Sometimes I say I’d like a bit of boring for a while just to see what that would be like; no worries or concerns. Thanks for your lovely caring comment and the kindness that comes from your words straight to my heart. Here’s hoping that we have just a little bit of smooth sailing coming our ways – to you and to me xxx

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