Cottesloe parkrun

Australia is a big country. My newly-wed Brown-eyed daughter lives about as far away from Tasmania as you can get. It takes a one hour flight from Launceston Tasmania to Melbourne Victoria, then a four and a half hour flight to get to Perth Western Australia. On Friday morning I took the journey to come for a visit.

From Launceston to Perth is about 3,200kms of flying.

From Launceston to Perth is about 3,200kms of flying.

A bonus of going right now is that at home we’re having snow falls in places where it doesn’t usually snow. Snow falls on the higher peaks in Tasmania but not at 300m above sea level where the farm sits and definitely not at sea level itself where it did yesterday.

A photo that Pauly sent to me yesterday.

A photo that Pauly sent to me yesterday.

Pauly laced up and ran the Launceston Running Club’s 8km handicapped race in Westbury while snow fluttered all around. He came second!

Meanwhile in Western Australia I donned a singlet top and crop pants and ran Cottesloe parkrun. Is Cottesloe parkrun the only course that takes in a stretch of beach I wonder? This is a small parkrun; yesterday there were just under 50 participants. This was my third time running the event.


A cooler morning by Western Australian terms greeted runners but perfect for a Tasmanian coming from freezing icy temperatures. It was just right for running. I decided to go out hard and to make the most of the smooth running track before descending to the beach. The Run Director had warned that there were protruding rocks at the start of the beach section. Some were marked with cones. I took my pace down several notches and weaved in and out of the sandy coloured rocks. Then it was onto the soft sand. That was heavy going. Finally I got to the flag at 2.5km then it was time to retrace my running steps back to the start/finish line.


Jelly legs! The short but steep path back to the running track was tough. My legs felt like they’d gained weight. Keeping on running was taking maximum concentration. Finally back on the running track and I was huffing and puffing heavily. I chipped away and reeled in runner after runner. Nearly home and I ran past a lad of about 15. His faster friend who had already finished came running back. Take that place! He yelled. The slower friend started to sprint. So did I. Be damned if he was going to take my place, I thought. I went harder and harder but it was all too much and the young lad got past me right at the end. I did my best and I was happy with that.  I enjoyed the challenge of attempting to keep up with a teenager.

parkrun is my weekly opportunity for a faster 5km. It’s race-like conditions without the all the anxiety and pressure that some races present. I had nothing to prove other than wanting a good heart-pounder of a 5km to help me on with marathon training.

Guess what? 3rd lady to cross the line and 1st in my age group. And an official Cottesloe parkrun PB.

Cottesloe is a very different parkrun with the beach stretch. The previous two times the beach has been made up of harder compacted sand without the rocky section. Saturday it was soft and shifting with every foot fall. I’m going to call this one my soft-sand PB. I wonder if Cottesloe is small because of the challenge of the sand? In all the course is just over 5kms too.


My 1km splits were:

  • 5:09
  • 5:02
  • 6:06
  • 5:40
  • 4:56

And guess what happened today? The Lovely Louie PBed at Run Melbourne half marathon with an official time of 1:45:39. Go Louie!

All up a good weekend of running for Huey, Dewey and Louie even though we were running in three different states.



I loved my parkrun opportunity. Brown-eyed daughter drove me and waited and then we had breakfast while looking out over the beach and far out to sea. Just lovely.

Happy running 🙂


26 thoughts on “Cottesloe parkrun

  1. Thank you for the map! I keep meaning to get the atlas out and look where places are in Australia ! Now I know people who live there or who have visited, cities like Perth or Sydney mean something to me because I’ve heard a bit about their culture and lifestyle. But I’ve never got over the question in my general studies A level where we were given a map like yours with the dots but no place names and asked to match the cities to the dots. I had no idea! But now I do, thank you!! Lovely park run too. I’m glad that you have that 15 yr old a run for his money!!

  2. Sounds like you’re enjoying the sunshine Annie! And the park run sounds like fun too, some fast km splits in there for you. Well done!

    I also ran Run Melbourne today! I wish I’d seen Louie out on the course, good on her for getting a PB! It was cold, I know I ran fast hoping to finish soon and get back in the warmth, I kept thinking of hot coffee the whole way!

    Enjoy the rest of your break!

    • Congratulations on Run Melbourne Megan! Sounds like it was freezing! I missed being there with Louie but hopefully next year we’ll get there again. My daughter’s boy friend is running Melbourne Marathon half in October and I’m so hoping I can get over for that weekend.

  3. That sounds like a great run, despite the sand! Congrats to you 🙂 It sounds much warmer than Melbourne was today. I really enjoyed Run Melbourne event and I managed to run most of it – yay me! It wasn’t fast but I proved to myself that I’m on the way back. Enjoy your time in WA.

  4. very fast splits there in the unusual conditions, well done you! I love parkrun and hope to get quicker like you have. PB’s all round for us in Run Melb today as well, a very good running weekend

    • Thanks Jo and well done to all three of you on the PBs at Run Melbourne. I have your blog posts coming in nicely to my email inbox but still can’t get a comment to post. Love reading what you’re up to. parkrun is a wonderful way to work at that 5km time. I must pull finger and have a go at my local parkrun one day again….I like to chat too much, running hard is hard work, chatting is fun 🙂

  5. Lovely! I believe Shellharbour parkrun (near Wollongong, NSW) also runs partly on the beach, and The Beaches parkrun (Newcastle, NSW) is ALL on the beach. I haven’t done either but I’m told The Beaches is much easier at low tide than high tide. 🙂 Congratulations all around.

  6. You came on a nice cold weekend – was colder here in Perth this morning than Hobart! Did you get to do the Swan River Run today? it is prob the prettiest run in Perth – River and Kings Park.
    I do enjoy the Cott Parkrun – just no good with the pram 🙂

    • Cottesloe parkrun isn’t pram friendly at all. I can see why there aren’t any little ones being pushed around on this course. No I didn’t do the Swan River Run, my daughter suggested it but time with family is so important, I didn’t want to take up time getting in and out to a fun run. I get the giggles when I see people in winter woollies here….last week I was going to work in minus temps…

  7. I like the idea of your run in the sun vs Paul’s in the snow! Hope you are having a great time with your lovely daughter! So special to spend time with these grown babies. Congrats on your excellent finish! Sending big hugs. Xoxo

  8. I liked the fact that Team HDL were racing ‘together’ but in 3 different states. Now that’s team work!!
    Congrats on a tough run and hope you enjoyed the rest of your time with your daughter 🙂

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