Long run Cottesloe style

Being on holidays in WA in the middle of winter has been perfect for running – all up I’ve clocked 57kms this week.

While running friends at home in Tasmania pull on their thermals, wind stoppers and woolly head bands, I’ve been out running in crop pants and singlet tops complete with sun screen.  From minus temperatures to 21°C courtesy of a few hours of flying time.

This week the long run called for 20kms.  I nearly didn’t do this run wondering if I’d done a bit too much for the week.  A quick check of the weather coming up in Tasmania next week (more rain, more wind, more of extreme winter) and the decision was made; 20kms here I come.

Back to Cottesloe I went for the long run.  What’s not to like about running near the beach?  A slow 20kms then lunch at the pub.  A perfect holiday morning.

Here are a few happy snaps.







Running has been the perfect way to take in the scenery.  Ross Marathon training is coming along quite well. So far so good.

Happy running 🙂

12 thoughts on “Long run Cottesloe style

  1. Beautiful! I love the big skies and sea. Nothing like a bit of sun in the middle of winter too, it really helps to re charge the batteries!

    1. Definitely not Joanne, I’m just going to have to visit in the Western Australian summer so I can experience their sort of heat. I’m told I’ll melt but those winters….blissful!

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