Does my bum look big in this hydration pack?

If it does, I don’t care, I don’t care that my rear end looks big because it perfectly accommodates the most comfortable and efficient hydration pack that I’ve had the joy of owning.  How many hydration belts have I had the joy of owning?  In the hunt for the perfect kit this Unsporty Woman has shelled out on four actual hydration systems, three gear belts and two clip on drink containers.  The answer to how many is lots!  All of these have been ok, some even good, but no where near as good as the latest purchase.

Introducing Ultimate Directions new Groove Stereo belt.

I don’t just like this new belt, I LOVE it!  Here’s why:

  • it’s light weight, soft and comfortable
  • it fits my phone and gels with ease
  • it has bungee cord bits that hold a light weight jacket (yet to be fully tested)
  • there is a pocket at the back for keys and lip balms and thing
  • BEST OF ALL no slosh!  Not one sloshy, slushy sound comes from this wonderful belt.

I first saw this product at the Gold Coast Marathon Expo but the price was such that I needed to think about it.  No amount of smooth selling from the hip looking I’m an ultra running dude who knows everything could persuade me to part with my cash there and then.   Not even the offer of I’ll give you two bottles for the price of one.  I needed to think about it.  And think about it I did and then two weeks ago jumped online and ordered it.

It wasn’t cheap.

After two runs with it I’m in love.  I bought this myself and haven’t been sponsored to say nice things about this product but honestly it’s that good that I feel confident to recommend it.  Why pay for a whole lot of cheap systems (like I did) when you can go the Rolls-Royce and get perfection?

Here are a few happy snaps.

13872934_10153989535343020_1847489097505240740_nThis is the front.  It has two pockets at the front that are a bit like stretchy pouches, behind the pouches is a large zip pocket that easily fits an iPhone 6.


This is the front where the belt folds around.  I bought a large size in case Pauly would like to use it.  The fabric is soft and breathable and doesn’t rub.


And this is the back.  I spun the belt around to get the bottles out and it was no drama.  There is a drawstring cord to keep them in place; this is necessary as the level of the water goes down to prevent them from bouncing out.  It was so easy to pull the bottles out and then return them.  The bottles feel a bit funny at first but are easy to hold.  The valve to drink from is nice and water tight – they are those ones that you bite on to release the water.  Really easy to use!




Highly recommended and worth the investment even if it does make my bum look big!

Happy running 🙂

22 thoughts on “Does my bum look big in this hydration pack?

  1. thanks for the heads up, I also have tried a (cheap) belt and a couple of clip on bottles. You get what you pay for and the cheap things don’t work well and I struggle to get something to sit right and be useful, You’ll be well hydrated on those long runs now!

  2. Hi Annie
    Hope all is well in your world, I had to smile at your post, over the last year I have tried and tested a variety of gear and gadgets, some of which are winners, some destined to sit in the garage!
    It’s great when you find something that works so well, looks like this one will become your best friend 😊

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one with the debris of discarded running bits and pieces. I do love this one. I think it will become my best friend almost as much as my beloved Polar watch and prescription running sunglasses. Things are ok over in this corner of Tassie, I hope they are in yours too.

      1. I know! I used to think -pair of trainers and that’s it, now it’s winter kit, summer kit, day kit, hi vis kit, off road trainers, road trainers, in between trainers, hydration pack, garmin, hat, body glide, gloves, to say nothing of entry fees! But I always say I don’t go out much, I don’t smoke and it must be cheaper than the gym!!!!!

      2. Oh gosh…giggles….I have all that sort of kit too! It is definitely cheaper than smoking. I know of a household that spends $300 per fortnight on smoking. I don’t spend that on running at all. Running makes us happy. Running gear that works makes us run happier. Let’s buy the gear! I honestly think that this particular purchase will be something that I use for years and years to come, right up there with my running sunglasses and GPS in treasured possessions 🙂

  3. Hehe – NO, your bum does NOT look big in this hydration pack!!!!!! Wow – think of ALL the long, long runs you will be able to do with this – over the hills and far away. Good buying, for sure.

  4. hmmm like the look of that… i reckon if i buy one more thing hubby will divorce me *lol* LOVE the squishy bottles… i have a Salomon one that i LOVE!

    1. This running gear buying can get out of hand. I tried to add up how much I’ve spent on hydration systems and decided it was way too much! I remind myself that I know of people who spend more than $300 per fortnight on smoking and that always makes my running shopping look most wholesome and acceptable hehe xxx

  5. So great when you find a piece of gear that really works! I agree that sometimes spending the money is worth the investment! I also think you should send your article to the company. 🙂

      1. That would be nice….I could do with a sponsor. I always maintain that running companies should sponsor the slower people because we would give them greater product exposure 🙂 hehe

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