Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon

Photos from Launceston Running Club’s facebook page

Yesterday was Launceston Running Club‘s Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon.  This was my very first ever half marathon in 2013.  Yesterday was the third time I’ve run this event and up until a few moments ago I thought it was my 17th half marathon.  Well no, thanks to the wonders of record keeping, it was the 18th time this Unporty Woman has lined up and ran a 21.1km event.

And what an event it was.  I loved every single second of it!  How could this be?  There is always a point in a race where I go oh dear, what am I doing this for, why am I here?  But no, not yesterday.  I loved it.  At km number 15 I was having so much fun that I knew I had a big grin on my face but I couldn’t get serious and stop smiling.

There seemed to be something magical about being back on the course of my first ever half.  All the training miles that I’ve run since then.  All the wonderful events and goals achieved.  All the happy runs.  All the hard sloggy runs.  All the wonderful people I’ve met all because I was brave enough to keep trying to be a runner – well all this kept crowding into my mind and heart and I was filled with gratitude for running and all the richness it’s brought to Pauly and I.


I ran the whole way happy. My laps don’t show my normal slow down, instead they are quite consistent.  While the course goes down 300m from start to finish there are three mega hills to chip away at.  I’m thrilled at how well I managed to tackle them.


Here are my times:

  • 2013:  2:18:04
  • 2015:  2:10:15
  • 2016:  2:04:31

This little story of the Scottsdale to Bridport Half shows that even a runner like me can get stronger over time.  The key is to keep on trying.  To chip away at running goals just like we would a big hill.  Focus in on each step and before we know it we are at the top.  Don’t give up.  Keep on trying.  If I can do this running thing anyone can.

Crossing the finish line – a handicap of 00:30:00 and I came 6th.
Pauly crossing the finish line, handicap of 1:07:00 and came last! Pauly's time was 1:46:00
Pauly crossing the finish line, handicap of 01:07:00 and he came last! Pauly’s time was 1:46:00


Half Marathon Number 18 and just a wonderful place to run it, right where it all began – thank you running!


Happy running 🙂

Look what came up on my watch right after I stopped it yesterday!


24 thoughts on “Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon

  1. Wow look at that mileage on the watch! However I can’t stay to chat, now you have reminded me that I need to get out for a run before the day disappears! I was doing housework but it can wait😆😆😆

  2. Wow Annie there is no stopping you! Just getting stronger and stronger. I’m not sure about that handicap system and Paul coming last with a time like that! Anyway you not look very happy and that’s the important thing.

    1. The handicap system was hard to get a handle on but now it seems natural. I like that it gives us armadillos and opportunity to ‘beat’ the gazelles. I know that no place is safe, so much can happen in the last 500m of a race, even the last 5m. It gets a bit exciting.

  3. Well done Annie! Your positive words always make me happy, I’m so glad you keep running and blogging, your blog always makes me smile!

    Congrats on your run and your awesome 6500km total, woo hoo!

    1. Thanks Megan 🙂 that is lovely of you to say and very much appreciated. Anything that makes someone lovely like you smile must be ok! Who’d have thought I could run that much…hehe I’m still giggling at that little message. I was so chuffed to see it!

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