In space of a week, one awesome run and one totally hideous run.

Last Saturday was the Scottsdale to Bridport half marathon, I loved every step of it!

This Friday was a 28km training run.

28kms.  If I was only going to say good things about this run there are only two things that I can say.  1) I got to run with Louie and 2) I got to the end.  That’s all.  There were only two good things about it.  By 8kms in I was struggling.  8kms?  You call yourself a marathoner?  Ugh!  Even Louie struggled.  I can’t blame poor preparation:  Thursday saw me eating and drinking appropriately and having an early night.  The weather was horrible (wet and windy) but even that shouldn’t have made the run so bad.  I have no idea why it was so bad for both Louie and I.  No idea at all.  It was what it was – bad.  But we did it, Louie and I together.  Thanks Louie for keeping me running when I know you were struggling yourself.  Last long run before Ross Marathon.  It was ugly!


How can running from one week to the next be so different?

The trick I’ve found it is to dig deep and to remember that in the scheme of things running a bad run makes us stronger.  Don’t dwell on it.  Move forwards.  A good run is around the corner.

Then today was the penultimate run with the Launceston Running Club for 2016, a hilly 5km.  It wasn’t remarkable in anyway.  I did it.  I have enjoyed my runs with the Club this year and I have taken the motto of the Club where you can run for fun to heart as always.  Next week is the 10km Feature Race and the last event on the calendar.


Yeah.  So.  Not a good week this week.  And that’s ok.  Running is about endurance as much as anything else.  I have endured.  Sometimes that’s all we need to do.  It’s not always about trophies and PBs – sure they are nice, but sometimes it’s only about making it to the finish because the fuel tank says that’s all we can do.  AND getting to the finish makes us a winner every single time.  Finisher = Winner.

Here’s to a better week next week.

Happy running 🙂


13 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. Well done to you both for keeping on keeping on. I’m sure others would have given up and gone home long ago. I love this: getting to the finish makes us a winner every single time. I continue to be in awe of your dedication and effort you put into every run. Go girl!

  2. It is those crap runs (oh god I’ve had a few) that truly make us appreciate the good ones and keep us striving for more… you girls are just AWESOME!!! Here is to CRACKER of a good week ahead! *mwah* *mwah*

  3. Good attitude Annie. Might I point out the obvious that you had recently run a half marathon? Obviously I don’t have the knowledge that you do but doing a race you leave a lot out on the course. At any rate you got it done. Whew!

    1. Yes, good point Sue! That half was so much fun, I didn’t even think it was a long way (crazy) but it obviously took it out of me. Much recovered today. Time to start more planning for the next big adventure.

    1. Another slow marathon Lovely Shaz. I’m hoping for a 5 hour finish at Ross. It’s three 10.55 laps and it is a huge mental game even to do the half. But I have my happy attitude on about it and am stoked that (hopefully) at the end I’ll have both Tasmanian road marathons done.

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