Bruny Island Ultra Elevation

In 18 days time Louise and I will be lined up to run our third marathon this year and our fifth in total.  Ross Marathon is a small event.  Last year there were 47 men and 14 women.  It’s a small event even by Tasmanian standards.  There is a half marathon and a 10km event; all up about 450 people participate.

While Ross is very much our focus right now, we are looking just beyond it.  After Ross there will be one week of rest then it’s right into 12 weeks of Bruny Island Ultra training.  After discussion and much research we have decided to split our long runs over two days with about a 60/40 to 70/30 split.  Our aim with Bruny is to finish, we have 10 hours to run 64km (that’s 40 miles).  We think our plan will get us from start to finish with the minimum of stress.

Our plan is still very much in draft mode.

In the meantime here is a graphic of the elevation of Bruny Island Ultra courtesy of Pauly’s run last year.

Bruny Island Ultra Elevation map

Thank goodness for hillitude!  We are going to need it.  After running a marathon distance we’ll still have a half marathon of hills to go.

Any thoughts or advice on ultra marathon running would be most appreciated.  Any comments along the lines of you’re crazy will be responded to with much raspberry blowing (we know we’re crazy) 🙂  But why not try and run an Ultra?  Why wonder if we can do it when we can actually try?  Wondering has no thrill or interest or fun.  Trying brings the thrill of What if we actually do it???  How cool will it be to try and do this together?  What stories we’ll be able to tell!  There will be no wondering for Louie and I, we’ll be lacing up our shoes and running as far as we can and hopefully on Saturday 03 December at about 2:30pm we’ll be holding up a sign at the Bruny Island Lighthouse!


Here are Team Quackers from last year.  Pauly ran Solo and the rest of us ran in a team relay.  This year Louie and I line up to run the whole way!

Happy running 🙂


12 thoughts on “Bruny Island Ultra Elevation

  1. I have been volunteering at an Ultra Race for the past couple of years. There is a 50k, 50-mile, and 100-mile event. The 100-miler has a 30 hour cut-off.
    All the ultra-runners I’m aware of use the same training philosophy that you’re suggesting – 2 long runs on consecutive days with the longer of the 2 runs on the first day.

    Good luck with the Ross Marathon. You’ve got this!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Joanne, it’s good to hear that we are on track. Louie and I finalised our plan today. I feel excited more than anything. Really appreciate your feedback. And that’s great that you volunteer for the ultra. I would love to do that too. I can’t see myself going more than the 64kms at this stage.

  2. So excited for you Annie. Why not try it I say? If you can do all of those marathons it certainly seems possible. Good luck with the marathon and count on this cheerleader. Xoxo

  3. Why not try indeed and you will love the challenge. As you know I ran long both days of the weekend, changing the longer ran to first or second depending on life going on around it! My advice for the day would be WALK the hills. Save your legs! So envious! Enjoy.

  4. Sounds like a great event – I’ll be thinking of you and cheering you on. All the best with the hills, although I know how much you love running up them 🙂

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