Today I can say I reached a new level of grownupness in the running realm.  I’ve done something that I gasp never thought I would EVER do.

Have you ever noticed how slippery running clothes are?  One moment they are neatly folded and looking tidy, the next minute they are a colourful moosh.  Looking into the wardrobe becomes more like looking into a tumble drier or washing machine than an ordered storage system.  Just a few prods through the pile to find that specific running singlet will mean that they’re all messed up.  And this is especially the case when one’s collection of running clothes has grown to the point where the storage system cannot cope and indeed there are not enough weeks in the year to wear all this kit.

Today I culled, cleaned and de-cluttered.  Running gear that hasn’t been worn for more than a year was ruthlessly thrown into the recycle bag.  The first couple of decisions were tough.  My brow became clammy, my heart pumped faster.  But as I progressed I was able to employ logic and calmly culled away.  Just as a librarian weeds the collection, I weeded out my kit.

Mintie slept in the sun while I decluttered (he is not allowed on the bed).

Mintie slept in the sun while I decluttered (he is not allowed on the bed).

Yes.  Today I feel I have reached a bench mark in running maturity.  I, the Unsporty Woman, have been able to get rid of running gear that I no longer need.

Usually I have three pairs of running shoes on the go at any one time. I have five right now!

Usually I have three pairs of running shoes on the go at any one time. I have five right now! Pretty…

It feels good to finally have this job done.

It’s been a lovely weekend.  Launceston Running Club had the final race for the 2016 season on Saturday.  The 10km feature race was on a new course.  Both Pauly and I ran pretty well, nothing outstanding but pretty good.

Now our attention fully turns to Ross Marathon in two weekend’s time.  Marathon number five for Louise and I.  I think I can safely claim grownup status as a runner.  If I can do all of this then anyone can.  Never give up!

Happy running 🙂

10 thoughts on “Decluttering

  1. 😆having a clear out an be traumatic but is so worth it !!! There’s always that sense of ‘but I might need this for …. ‘ when what you really need is the space to take care of the stuff you’ve got! It’s very cathartic once it’s gone and I try to salve my conscience by giving as much to charity so that it can be re used where possible.

      • You never know! It could be the start of someone’s fitness journey, or even a career in sport😄 Or maybe it will keep a refugee warm on a cold night. Maybe they will be rags for cleaning- that’s good too! We don’t know, but we give with love and hope for the best😊

  2. Gasp, I’m hyperventilating just reading this. I did see a great idea to cut squares out of t-shirts including race names and stitching them into a quilt – happy memories and all.

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