The plan is up


If there was a theme song for this week it would be some sort of elevator music tune.  Baby Elephant Walk or Walk in the Black Forest perhaps.  It’s been a week of waiting.  Recovering from Ross Marathon last week, resting and waiting for the next plan to go up on the fridge.

More on that in a moment.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually punctuated with trips to Launceston (a 50 minute car trip each way) for different things.  Running.  Swimming. Gym. Going out for dinner.  Massages. Appointments. Shopping.  But not so this weekend.  This weekend is the first weekend for many many moons that we have been on the farm.  In fact we haven’t been further than Deloraine since Monday!  How ever on earth have you spent your free time? you may ask… Eating.  Reading.  Helping on the farm.  House work (window washing, freezer defrosting, replanting planters and lawn mowing) …with a heavy pause on eating!

No jobs this morning though.  Today The Running Group came out for a run, brunch and to feed calves.  It was fun.  We had a great time.  After a week of not running it felt supremely wonderful to pull on my running gear.  It was like having a big long drink after feeling terribly thirsty for a long time.  Lovely.  And it was a wonderful bonus to welcome running friends to our home and enjoy a run in the country together.


Here are some happy snaps of The Running Group members bottle feeding some of the calves. They had already been fed properly, this was a treat for the humans more than the bovines babies.





Running has brought with it so much more than fitness.  I had no idea about this before becoming a runner:  while I was simply trying to run more than 200m without feeling like death, I had no idea there was more to it than simply putting one foot in front of the other and hopefully not collapsing in the process…  Real friendships formed through slogging it out in training and crossing finishing lines.  Real friendships formed through joint goals and unselfish pure delight in seeing another’s success.  Real friendship is the unknown delight of becoming a runner.

Today was wonderful in many ways but none more so than to see Janette in her running gear.  After months of being off with an injury and then just as she was about to get back into running three weeks with the mother of all viruses, today she was able to run.  With Janette and I was Martin who has also been off with an injury.  How awesome to share a wonderful farm run on a spring day with those two.

Oh yes, and the plan is up.  The Bruny Island Ultra Marathon run plan is up.  I have a sore knee courtesy of calf feeding on Monday afternoon.  Who knew that this Unsporty Woman could run a marathon one day then nimbly climb in and out of calf pens the next?  Trouble is I was head butted in the knee by a rather hungry calf.  I’m hoping that this discomfort will be temporary. Louise had an extremely sore knee after Melbourne Marathon and it came right.  The soreness is no worse after my run today so I’m hopeful.  I’m off to the Osteo tomorrow to be on the safe side.


The plan is up.  Whatever happens I will be training with passion.  I will be training to succeed.  I can’t believe that just a few short years ago Louie was asking if she could come to a 5km fun run with Pauly and I, her first ever fun run, and now we are training for an ultra marathon together.  I absolutely, unashamedly LOVE looking over my shoulder and seeing how far we’ve come.  I’m so proud of us.  And I’m not going to apologise for living and breathing ultra marathon training for the next 12 weeks.  Unlike the marathon I don’t feel ultra running calling to me.  This is going to be a once off this journey into distances beyond the marathon.  Therefore I’m going to put my all into it.  I’m under no illusions; it’s going to be tough.  I might not make it.  But I will be giving it 100%.  12 weeks until the 64km Bruny Island Ultra Marathon.   All good wishes and positive vibes most gratefully accepted.

Happy running 🙂

22 thoughts on “The plan is up

  1. Good wishes and positive vibes sent instantly without any need to rummage for them! Only 12 weeks of training ( though I appreciate that you are in tip top condition)! I love the fact that you had your running club to the farm😊 And that you fed the calves before hand! Lol!😆😆 when joe was little we used to love to go to those farm fun places where you could see the lambs being born, feed the babies, play in a haystack and buy an ice cream. I think that I enjoyed it as much as he did!
    I know that you will ace bruny island!😊

    • Good wishes and positive vibes received, thank you so much. The whole Bruny Island thing excites and frightens in the same measure. I feel so determined. I love watching people when they come to the farm. For us it’s all a chore but to visitors it’s so much fun and it helps us to see it all in fresh eyes.

  2. Exciting times! I look forward to reading your blog over the next 12 weeks! it’s going to be a big journey, but one I am sure you will conquer with absolute determination! All the very best to you!

    Who knows, as you say, maybe I should come visit Bruny Island too one year! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Megan. And only five weeks until Melbourne for you! I do really think that you would love Bruny and of course I can find you some willing team members next year!

  3. I reckon this is the start of many a great thing AnnieBabes… Your positivity is inspiring and you total zest for life abso motivating… You have what it takes… and more! Can’t wait for updates on how it’s going so dont shy away from sharing… We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t dying to keep up with all the news xxx
    LOVE that everyone came round to the farm!!!!! So kewl!!!
    Have fun, enjoy spring and keep being amazing!!!! Xxx

    • Thank you so much CJ, your encouragement is just so lovely and so appreciated. I will keep you up to date…it’s going to be a tough but fun 12 weeks. I keep looking at Pauly’s solo finisher’s medal from last year and telling myself that I have what it takes. Thank again xxx

  4. The plan, the plan, everyone is focused on the plan! I ran with the running group today for a run off the plan and one guy was wearing a singlet with a saying in latin, I asked him what it translated to thinking it may mean ‘seize the running day’ or similar. With a cheeky smile he said it meant ‘stick to the damn plan’ I had a good chuckle over that.
    If you weren’t training for something you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself, x

    • You are so right Jo! I love my plans. Even Louie made the comment that she felt great to have a new plan. I hope your training is going well for Melbourne. That’s not too far away! I like the sound of that t shirt hehe xxx

  5. Oh I would love to be a member of your club! Calf feeding he simply lovely. All the best for your Ultra training. I have no doubt of your success either with the training or the event itself. X

  6. Annie of course you know we will be cheering like wild people here in Canada. It truly is amazing to think of what you have accomplished in that time. Hoping the knee is a quick fix and you will be right as rain in no time.
    The calf feeding looks wonderful. i would have liked to have chatted it up with all of the wee ones.

  7. Runner Injured By Cow. That’s a unique headline I haven’t seen before 🙂

    Hope the knee isn’t giving you any more grief and the training plan goes smoothly. Of course you will finish!

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