Step away from the dairy farmer

Single ladies, step away from that dairy farmer.  Don’t be taken in by his handsome weather-beaten look.  Don’t be beguiled by how cute his butt looks in those faded jeans and gumboots.  Don’t be charmed by his wide smile and sparkling blue eyes.


When you visit his quaint country farm house surrounded by content cows, frolicking calves, rolling green paddocks and mountain vistas – just look away.  Don’t be taken in.

Our farm house on Sunday. We've never seen snow like this here.

As for his fresh full cream milk straight from the vat with the cream on top?  His quiet country evenings in front of the roaring fire?  Just close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and say NO!

If you dare a sneaky peek at these things you’ll be taken in.  You’ll fall in love and the next thing you know you’ll be in overalls and gumboots up to your neck in mud!  You’ll be milking cows being sprayed by coo poo, working on farm budgets, running out electric fences, running errands here, there and everywhere and you will have no clue of what your life was like before entering this vortex that is the dairy farming way of life.

2013-05-10 13.31.54

I often say I’m a town girl who can do country girl things.  Nothing speaks volumes about this than today.  I’m supposed to be resting my ITB and not zooming around the farm in my gumboots.  But what can you do when there are jobs needing doing and everyone is stretched to the max?  You get in your gumboots and you do your best to help out.  It’s been so wet here that even Pauly managed to bog a quad bike today. The wife was called upon to help and then she bogged the jeep.  Finally after much mud and squelching around both vehicles were freed.


Single ladies if you don’t like mud, debt and learning new things that will probably break your nails – do not date a dairy farmer!  And definitely do not marry one.  Not only will you know the joys of true love, the reality of farming with all its highs and lows but you might also be tempted to become a runner.  Well that’s what happened to me and the rest as they say is history.  Now to get into the shower and glam up for the running club dinner!

Happy running 🙂

PS This was very much a tongue in cheek post!


17 thoughts on “Step away from the dairy farmer

  1. Also, I think that pic is my all time favourite wedding photo. Its hopeful, personal, charming, and romantic. Not at all cheesy or pretentious or posed. So rare.

  2. I know you wouldn’t change a thing, except perhaps the weather! Hope it dries up soon for you ☀️
    And that photo is priceless, I love it 💕

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