Keep calm, they’re only needles

Needles to fix a knee.  Now that gives me the giggles.

I need some needling to fix my knee.  That’s even funnier.

My knee needs kneading and needling.  ROFL!

Perhaps I’m over tired?


The thoughts that went through my head as I traveled the 50 minute journey into Launceston for my dry needling appointment today –

  • The cacophony of utterances from the many who told me how it hurt, and how it was scary and how it was uncomfortable all rattled in my head (anything rattling in my head these days is pretty amazing because the poor old brain is so crammed full of stuff right now).
  • Breath, it’s only a little prick, I told myself. More giggling.  I really am over tired.
  • Bruny! Bruny! Bruny! (thanks Sam)
  • Isn’t Jane Rutter’s CD* so lovely, I thought. But best not play it when Pauly is in the car, he’d go to sleep with all that flute music gently wafting from the speakers.
  • Sharon and Jill said that it didn’t hurt and that it would be ok. Remember what they said.  Let that be louder.
  • For goodness sakes woman, you’ve got a tattoo and three piercings! Get over yourself!
  • A text from Louie, saying she hadn’t heard any yelling yet.  Hehe!
  • I’ll do anything for my ITB to go back to being just a part of my body that silently works so that I can run.

I was calm.  This worried me because I am not calm when it comes to needles.

Once on the treatment bed, towel over my core with me gripping the edges, I focused and breathed.  In goes the first needle.  In goes the second.  I prattle and talk manically.  Then suddenly I realise it isn’t really hurting, it’s just a few tiny stings.  The third and fourth go in.  Cool.  Sweet.  I’m doing this.  I feel proud.  Then a little bit of moving the needles, that wasn’t so nice but still completely ok.  Just a little uncomfortable.

Dry needling done!!!

Running has taught me to endure.  Quitting isn’t an option.  We forge forwards to the finish line.  It’s what we do.  My appointment started, the treatment was done, then like crossing a finish line, the goal was achieved.


ITB update from the Osteo:  Be careful. Treat it with respect.  Keep rolling, icing and stretching.  Have another lighter week then the distances can be ramped up slowly.  This was just a little issue that was brought to a head thanks to a knock from a calf.

Happy?  Feeling confident?  Yes I am.

I think I’m going to sing this while I’m running Bruny!

Happy running 🙂

*Jane Rutter is an Australian flutist, I recently found her CD when flipping through an old CD album.  It’s rather lovely and was perfect calming music for today.

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