Motivation to run

Many runners struggle with motivation to get out that door and run.  It’s getting ready to run that’s the trouble and getting out the door rather than running itself.

Motivation is rarely an issue for this Unsporty Woman, such is my love (addiction) to running that getting out the door is a joy.  Most training runs involve running with someone else.  This in itself is a motivation.  You have an appointment with Louie.  Don’t be late!  I tell myself.  Or I’m going into town to run with The Running Group or to go to pakrun or the Launceston Running Club.  These runs are easy to get going and get done.  I have an appointment.  I said I would be there.  Letting other people down isn’t an option unless for a very good reason and not being bothered isn’t a good reason.


What to do?

Here are my tips to get out that door and run:

  1. Program in procrastination time.
    If I’m running after work (which is usually the case) I’ll give myself a block of time to potter about, procrastinate and be tardy and lazy.  I enjoy procrastinating!  It’s lovely to potter about without any goal in mind.  But it has to have a finite amount of time.  With a set block of time I can truly enjoy procrastinating and wallow in all its loveliness.  Once that time is up, it’s out the door I go!
  2. Put on running underwear in the morning.
    I couldn’t possibly imagine putting on running underwear in the morning and not taking it for a run after work!  What a waste that would be (at least that’s what I tell myself).  You don’t have any running underwear??? Invest in some!  Even Pauly has a couple of nice pairs of manly man-style running jocks that he is only allowed to wear for running.
  3. Remember the procrastination time?  Just before that ends I grab my GPS watch and sit it outside to find the satellite connection.
    I simply have to go for a run now, that would be a waste of a connection if I don’t.
  4. Have a plan.
    Even if I’m not training for an event (and there have been times when I haven’t) I have a plan for my running.  Plans keep me honest and on track.  Plans are a bit like having an appointment with ourselves.  Just as we don’t want to let running buddies down we shouldn’t want to let ourselves down either!
  5. Join parkrun.
    There is nothing like a commitment to get us running.  parkrun is more like a family than a running thing.  This is where I’ve met so many runners who are now my friends.  The benefits are amazing and I’ve written about them so much.  Visit the website and find out if there is one near you.  parkrun is a weekly appointment for a 5km tempo run for me.
  6. Enter a virtual run.  
    There are so many out there!  Some are for specific distances on specific days.  Others are setting a goal mileage/kilometre-age for a designated month.  They are a great way to stay motivated.  And usually there is a medal arriving in the mail at the end.  Sweet!  They say it takes 28 days to form a habit.  A month dedicated to a virtual run that’s raising money for something you believe in will help create a good running habit.
  7. Think of someone who can’t run right now (me 🙂 ) and devote a run to them!
    There are many people I’ve dedicated runs to both training runs and events.  From my friends who have battled terrible diseases to fellow runners doing the Rehab Race.  There is always someone we know who can’t run who would love to be.  Don’t waste those able legs just because you can’t be bothered.  Running is a gift.  Go unwrap it and enjoy it.

Seven tried and true methods to get out that door and run.


Here are some links to my favourite virtual runs:

  • Kms4Kids – helping kids with Type 1 Diabetes and the project is organised by a wonderful running friend, Deb, who has Type 1 Diabetes herself.
  • Virtual run for the Indigenous Marathon Project – helping send a team of Indigenous Australians to run the New York Marathon.  I love EVERYTHING about this cause.  I met some of the organisers at the Gold Coast Marathon Expo this year and I was so excited to be able to say that Louie and I have this on our list of runs to do each year.
  • Run the New Year – this one raised funds for the Make a Wish Foundation and has links to other runs that raise funds for great causes.

Do a search for virtual runs and there are just so many to choose from all around the world…don’t get me started on the Disney Virtual Run… haven’t done that one yet but oh my goodness the medals are wonderful!

Go on, get motivated.  Get out that door and run!


Happy running 🙂

PS the Rehab Race is going pretty well, I’m keeping pace and my form isn’t slipping.  The finish line is still a ways off (around who knows how many bends, it’s currently out of sight) but I’m hydrating and taking on appropriate fuel and the headspace is finally coming right, yay for mental toughness.  This fixing of the headspace is due to the beautiful support from so many (feeling humble) thank you.  I’ve been introduced to a rather innocuous looking green band today who I have affectionately dubbed The Band of Burn.  I’ll do another update on the Rehab Race at the end of the week.

20 thoughts on “Motivation to run

  1. Great tips. I try to do free virtual runs every month and take part in some of the running challenges on Endomondo – they don’t cost anything, but a bit of on-line competition between virtual friends is always good for motivation. Happy Running! 🙂

  2. Nice tips Annie and great read as always! Love the virtual runs, I’m glad I read about them on one of your posts last year, I’ve done a couple now and they’ve been a good way to keep motivated.

    Glad to hear light is at the end of the tunnel with your rehab! You’re a tough cookie! Keep up the good work and I hope the band of burn is kind to you!

    1. Thanks Megan 🙂 That’s wonderful to hear. Virtual runs are so good. Virtual and virtuous in a ways: keeps us running and we donate some $ to a good cause. The band of burn is being kind. It really helps so much as does doing some release work on my trouble spots. More needles today!

  3. Annie I am smiling at the new ‘rehab race’. Your positive attitude has woven itself into the new challenge. Great tips on keeping motivated and the final one shall do it for me. I promise to get out to run this week just for you. Big hugs xoxo

    1. I love my running underwear. My only criticism is that I haven’t been able to find matching sets. I have some that match but they weren’t made as sets. There is a business project for some enterprising person. All us running princesses out there would be flocking to buy it….hehe…well I would!

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