When life gives you lemons

I quite like lemons.  I love Lemon Delicious Pudding.  I love lemon tart.  I love lemon icing on a rich moist ginger cake.  And I happen to quite like lemonade too.

Life has given me lemons.  A knock on the knee by an over enthusiastic calf brought a fabulous year of running to a halt.  Three marathons in 2016 all in preparation for an ultra in December.  The dream is dead in the water thanks to a sore knee that doesn’t like running right now.  Finally on Tuesday the Physio advised that running an ultra in seven weeks wasn’t a good idea.  It was pure relief to hear these words because my heart had known this to be the case for weeks.

Life has given me so many lemons I have them completely bursting out all over the place.  A bit like the old Fab Washing Powder ad that was on TV in the 70s – my life is swamped by lemons.

But I like lemons and I know how to make lemonade – and I have an experienced set of boot straps that I have been able to give a good old yank on.  I’m so looking forward to our Bruny Weekend even though I’m not running the ultra solo.

What’s the lemonade in this tale of the sore knee?

Let me tell you a story.  There are two friends.  One runs a four hour marathon and the other a five hour marathon.  They decided to run a 64km ultra together.  The slower friend was worried that her faster friend would be held back. What if I don’t make it? She would say.  I think you should have your own support crew just in case.  Now that slower friend has had to pull out.  Those two friends are really sad about this.  They have run miles and miles, kilometres and kilometres together in preparation for this ultimate running goal.  They are both as heartbroken as each other.


Here’s Louie on her 28km run this morning in the pouring rain.  Louie doesn’t let a bit of rain stop her.  I got to run 2kms with her from my Return to Running Program.

Now it’s time for Lemonade!

The slower friend happens to be one of the best cheerers and encouragers known to the sport of running.  She is epic.  She is amazing.  My goodness, if there were Olympic medals for the sport of cheering no one else would get a look in.  She is so fabulous that she would get First, Second and Third medals!  Oh and we like medals a lot; she would have the full set such is the quality, quantity and all round wonderfulness of her skills and talents.  (However if Janette entered this event this slower friend would get a run for my money – her clapping and cheering is known far and wide for its excellence!)

The plan is for the faster friend to run with support from her slower friend, then next year the faster friend gets to return the favour.  Both can run at their own pace but still be together.  It’s not what they wanted to do but looking at this objectively it’s actually a pretty good outcome.

Winning?  I think so!  Lemonade out of lemons?  The sweetest kind that there is.

For running and friendship go hand in hand together.  There is no greater friendship than to support each other no matter what and to be there and share in the success of a goal completed.


A message that Louie sent me

And just because I really do like lemons here is my recipe for low-carb, no sugar lemonade and it is delicious!

Happy running 🙂


First make some soda water.  We have the best calcium-rich water in the entire world here in the Meander Valley, Tasmania, Australia!  It comes from a limestone bore deep in the ground.  Our water has more calcium than average milk and as for the milk we produce?  Calcium levels are through the roof.  We don’t have curb-side recycling, having a soda stream reduces the plastic in our world.


Squeeze some lemons – anywhere from half to two whole lemons does the job.


Add the lemon juice to the soda water.

20161020_181555If you like it sweet add some liquid stevia – I quite like it without but Paul adds about 30 drops.

Drink and enjoy.  I’ve found it doesn’t keep more than 24 hours, it gets a funny taste so make and enjoy it straight away.

23 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons

  1. I know the disappointment of having your main event – anticipated for over a year – pulled out from underneath you by an injury. I also know the feeling of relief when you finally call it, and all the what-ifs and indecision is put to rest.
    I’m so, so sorry for you, Annie.

    … but I suspect it has only temporarily slowed you down 🙂
    Enjoy your lemonade and keep working on that recovery. It’s coming.

  2. It was always going to be a huge year with all that running planned but 3 maras in one year is a fantastic achievement. I’m sure you’ll be a gold medal supporter now as well!

  3. Like Joanne I agree there is a great relief in just knowing the ultimate news as disappointing as it is. If there is anyone who knows how to make lemonade it is you ray of sunshine girl. Sending hugs your way.

  4. You are amazing Anniebabes… your Annietude is infectious and inspirational… you will heal and come back stronger for it! J, L and P ducks are so privileged to have you as one of the team… and thats what teams do, they stick together and support one another… STUNNING post… LOVE IT!
    I am DEF coming for lemonade one day xxx

  5. Beautiful words Annie! Feel your pain but also your relief being told you shouldn’t run, so much easier when someone else makes the decision.
    And the latest plan is fab, happy cheering.

    • Thanks Lovely Shaz 🙂 it was pure relief. I kept taking myself out of the situation and looking back in. I imagined I was someone else and what I would think about them doing an ultra. I feel like to try after coming back from a hurty knee and hardly any training would wreck that knee even further and set them up for a huge soul destroying failure. I’m still sad but finding my happy more each day 🙂

  6. My son loves lemons and will happily eat them the way some people eat oranges!
    Now that you know that you aren’t going to be running bruny island at least you can make plans- not knowing is the worst thing. And you have made plans, good ones that you can look forwards too! I suspect that you will be a little sad on the day but I know that you will have fun too!

      • That’s children for you! I posted recently that I’m reading a book called ‘slow burn. One of the themes is ‘it’s all good’ Whatever happens. We’ve touched on PMA so many times, but it’s interesting how much it comes up in running, in books, from other bloggers. No where else in my life have I encountered so many people with PMA – but that’s good! I need to spread the attitude!

      • Yes, I think that you have to get it right though. I think the aerobic stuff is key, and if you are unfit starting with walking is the best way to get the endorphins going rather than the stress hormones! I think that if we could all ditch our cars and walk/run to places the world would be a better place! More happy healthy people!

      • I totally agree with you. Another thing I’ve done since being off running is to rig up a standing desk at work. I feel so much better at the end of the day it’s unbelievable. No more sitting like a hunch back for hours on end!

  7. Your lemon flavoured story is fantastic Annie! Wishing you all the best as you take on the important job of cheer squad, you are a champion at whatever you set your mind to so I’m sure you’ll get all the medals on offer! You will be awesome 🙂

  8. I love your attitude! I didn’t make lemonade but made our Christmas cake instead, last year was the first year since I’ve been married that I didn’t get round to making one as I was so busy with training but this year I had plenty of time to get it made nice and early 😊
    Hopefully things are still improving and your knee is healing well xx

    • Christmas cake is a whole lot more complicated than my lemonade. Glad to hear you’re making your ‘lemonade’ too Sam. Knee is getting better for sure but not there yet… hopefully soon….never liked that word ‘soon’. Hope you’re getting a little better everyday too. Sounds like you have made really good use of all the time that you might have spent training.

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