Bruny Island Ultra Training – a new focus

The focus for Bruny has shifted from me to Pauly and to being a supporter.  The event organisers have transferred my registration to my speedy husband.  He and Louise, team Louie and Huey, will be running the whole way together with the support of Team Janette, Unsporty and Grant, hopefully with us doing a few little runs along the way too.  Together we are the Quackers.

Let me tell you about Pauly and his running.  Motivation?  He has very little.  Speed?  He has quite a bit for an old dude who is pushing 60.  Endurance?  He’s like the ancient John Deer tractor on the farm, he can chug along all day without missing a beat.  So far this week I’ve got him out the door for four runs.  That is a  bit of a miracle.  On Friday one of those runs was with Louie.  I was able to do 3kms then drove out with them, stopping every couple of kms as we will do on race day.  Support crew training is off to a good start.

We went out river road which is a lovely undulating, windy road out in the bush.  Each time I stopped I’d wait to see them.  See them?  I could hear them way before they came into sight.  And who do you think was doing all the talking?  It wasn’t Louie!  My husband has as much talking endurance as he does running endurance.



Sometimes getting Pauly out the door for a run involves trickery, smoke and mirrors.  On Tuesday I was able to do a 2km run on my return to running program.  I suggested that he come with me and then continue on for 2.5kms making it a 5km run.  Our spring weather has been dreadful.  So wet and windy and cold.  But Tuesday was magic.  Warm and sunny.  After 1km I told Pauly I would run out for another 1km then turn around and walk back.  At the 2km mark I strongly suggested that since I had to wash his running clothes anyway and that he was already out that he may as well run out for 5kms and do a 10km run.  He shot me a filthy look that said I don’t want to, but you’re right, ok.  He kissed me on the cheek and off he went.

I was able to get back to the house before there was any sight of Pauly so I got out the bike I have a lend of from Bruce and ended up riding 3kms!  And afterwards when we were both back home Pauly thanked me for getting him out for 10kms (which he did in 50 minutes).  Running doesn’t solve any problems but it helps to clear the mind and lift the spirit.  There is just something magical about it that can’t be quantified.  Pauly came back with a smile and a more positive outlook that day.

I can’t say cycling is going to be my thing, but it’s almost as good as running.  Friday after the run I took the bike out again and this time did 15kms.  The knee is holding up ok, but I’m not pushing it.

And Friday also saw me visit the Osteo.  I’m back with my original Osteo who, since I hurt my knee, has returned from maternity leave.  So far I’ve seen two Osteos and two Physios.  All concur that there is full range of movement without any pain so a scan isn’t necessary at this point.  This Osteo has a holistic approach to her treatment.  She’s inclined to think there is an ITB issue along with a bit of a problem with the piriformis.  She’s cut back my 40 minute twice a day rehab regime to 20 minutes of rehab exercises and 15 minutes of mindfulness.  I’m not sure what I think about this but seriously if I was told standing on my head and singing Waltzing Matilda for an hour everyday would fix my knee I would do it!  The treatment she is giving me is similar to the physios but she has been doing a knee release as well.  I nearly hit the ceiling but afterwards the knee feels like new.  I’m pleased to report that a couple of times this week I’ve had a small glimpse of a Rehab Race black and while checkered finishing flag.  I think I’ve still got a ways to go but the end is closer every day.

And as for dry needling, that doesn’t really bother me at all anymore.  I’ve found it gives huge relief and huge benefits so while I don’t give advice, please keep an open mind to this treatment.  If you don’t like needles and it’s recommended by a health professional please be open to it.


We’ve been swimming a few times each week. This is the spa at our gym. Can you believe the views? We can see right down the Tamar River as well as the mountains. We are so lucky.

Bruny Island Ultra training is coming along quite nicely thank you.  Please ask the weather gods for a fine day for our team of Quackers.  A maximum of 15°C and partially cloudy with a slight breeze would be nice thank you.  Five weeks to go!

Happy running 🙂

PS last night I tried a new curry paste.  Don’t you love the map of Tasmania done out of chili shapes?  It’s gluten free and so delicious!




10 thoughts on “Bruny Island Ultra Training – a new focus

  1. You are still so busy Annie, even without running an ultra! All the rehab, looking after Paulie being support crew! You deserve to get better😊

    • Aw, thank you Julie, that is a lovely thing to say. I do deserve to get better (blush) because I’m too hard to live with without running (hehe). It’s another day closer to being back!

  2. Fab blog post! Your Annitude is alive and well! Curry looks so yum I think I may make a curry for lunch today now 😂 take care hunny and well done on the patience… it will all work out… you’ll see xxx

  3. You radiate positive spirit Annie. Glad to hear you are coming along. I laughed and laughed at your smoke and mirrors with Paul. What would he do without you?
    Id o think the map with the curries is fantastic and dinner looks scrumptious. Wish we could pop right over. xoxo

    • Oh that would be so lovely, the popping over bit. I thought about you on Monday when we found our Devil in the trap. Why don’t we ever have international visitors when these things happen? We have some Japanese visitors coming to stay at the end of the month, fingers crossed the Devils will come out and play.

      • I would have gone completely wild with glee that’s for sure Annie. Hopefully the devils show some cooperation for your visitors. We were talking to our long time friends and owners of Nichols Expeditions about how you and Pauly should start up a Tasmanian Farm experience. They thought it would be marvelous. Imagine the brochure including Tasmanian Devils in the stay!

      • It would be wonderful to be able to show guests our shy Devil. We love the farm and love to share it with others but the native animals always seem to retreat and no show when our guests are here!

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