Boot Camp Farm-style

Pauly and I have often talked about the concept of a live-in boot camp on the farm.  Every day is one big boot camp for Pauly.  Over the years we’ve seen many a rookie farm worker go from looking soft around the gills to toned, fit and tanned in a matter of months.

What if we could do this for stressed out bean-counting, pen-pushing, computer-chained city workers who sit all day to make their living?  City people who leave home in the dark, get sucked into a high rise and then spat out at the end of the day once again in the dark.

How about some honest hard work out in the fresh air to tone up the body and cleanse the soul?  Sunshine.  Fresh Air.  Wind.  Rain.  Getting dirty.  Moving, carrying, lifting, walking, pulling, pushing all day every day.  And at the end of the day tired from a hard day of physical work rather than tired from the air-conditioned stress  of working in a politically correct office environment.

It’s an interesting concept.

I had time to think yesterday while I supported Team Huey and Louie’s longest long run in their Bruny Island Ultra training.  This support crew thing is quite hectic.  Yesterday the team opted to run 30 minute loops due to the looming bad weather and Louie with the final lingering bits of a nasty cold.  They are so ready to run those 64kms!

A view of Meander River

A view of Meander River



There’s Pauly in his orange fluro and Louie running too

Up and over one of the foot bridges

Up and over one of the foot bridges

Pit stop

Pit stop

What if I were to add custom running training with support to our little concept of Farm Boot Camp?  Now that would be so much fun!  One problem though, I’m not a coach or a PT.  But I would be extremely good at keeping my victims guests on track with a program that they brought to the farm with them.  Dedicated and disciplined.  That would be our motto.

Rehab Race Update

That checkered flag is so close now.  It’s not looking like I’ll be able to run the half marathon at Cadbury Marathon in January, but when I wondered about the 5km my beautiful Osteo asked if there was a 10km run because I’d be able to do that no worries.  10kms!  TEN. WHOLE. KMS???? Oooooo sweet!  Yes please.  Pauly came in with me to my appointment and asked about me doing Great Ocean Road Marathon in May 2017.  My Osteo says that is totally doable.  Bruny Island Ultra dream for 2017 is born.

More needling and more cupping and the ITB is feeling so much better.  Yesterday I ran 3.5kms and it was better than good.  Slowly slowly wins the rehab race.  The Osteo pointed out that my fitness regime has what she called straight line activities:  running, swimming, cycling.  She wants me to start to do more boot camp like exercises.  Yay!  I have so missed my burpees.  I LOVE burpees.  And lunges.  Oh how I have missed those.  It’s still carefully carefully though.  I’m not quite up to full on leaping and jumping but getting there.

And today I walked parkrun in 39:45.  I always say to myself If you’re going to walk in a race, walk like you mean it!  Launceston parkrun turned four today.

Here is a list of the exercises I’ve been doing for the ITB, 3 x 10 of each:

  • Bridges
  • Table top:  from table top, tap one foot down and then the other
  • Knee drop:  lie on back, knees bent, slowly lower one knee to the side, return, do the other knee, repeat
  • Theraband:  sit on chair, loop the band around chair leg, put band around foot and extend the leg
  • Squats using a fit ball
  • Russian twists
  • Planks
  • Upright rows with barbell
  • From standing position, hold a 2kg weight in each hand with hands by sides, raise weight to level with waist, lower and repeat
  • Push ups
My home gym

My home gym complete with baby moo cows out the window

Borrowed bike and wind trainer, thanks Bruce.

Borrowed bike and wind trainer, thanks Bruce.

To finish up piriformis and quad stretching with a full body foam roll.

Oh and five minutes of mindfulness.

I’m doing my own version of boot camp here on the farm.  And my view is lovely.

To anyone running Point to Pinnacle tomorrow, all the very best to you x  Go claim that mountain!  I sincerely hope the weather forecast is wrong!

Happy running 🙂

Here’s a video of some Tasmanian Native Hens and their babies and one of a Swan and her cygnets.

20 thoughts on “Boot Camp Farm-style

  1. OMG how on Earth can you walk SO fast!!!!!!! I’m pleased I was running with Pauly today, cos there is NO WAY I would have kept up with you. I love your dedication …. you are VERY inspiring!

    • I really enjoyed the fast walk. When my knee is totally better I’d like to have another go at walking fast. I think I could do it in 35:00 if I tried really hard. Go you Janette, it’s so lovely to see you back in your running gear xxx

  2. Hey Annie your idea isn’t so crazy! It sounds like a dream to me -a dream that could come true? Many farmers in my part of the world have had to ‘diversify’ opening farm shops, cafe’s, petting zoos, corn mazes and the like. Offering a running camp from your farm is a great idea! Ideally though you would train to be a coach- some kind of qualification to make you legit! But you already have the knowledge, you have empathy you could help people to achieve their goals. If you google running holidays etc you will see that it does exist as a concept. And some of those city workers might be runners already – they might not want to give up their jobs and work on the farm, but 2 weeks of B&B running in the beautiful countryside, doing some fitness classes…… dream about it some more! It’s a great idea!

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 All that you say is well worth a ponder. Unfortunately for us the dairy downturn that hit in May quite out of the blue has got some coffin nails poised and ready to be slammed in. 2016 has been a year of heart break for many dairy farmers in Australia. Some have taken their lives and some have simply walked off with nothing. But we are still smiling!

      • So, so sad. Sad that people have died over this. I’m glad that you are smiling. Life can send some tough knocks sometimes and being able to roll with the punches is a major asset. I hope that there’s a good way out of that situation for you ❤️️❤️️ Julie

      • Thank you Julie. The last 14 months have been rough. We still don’t know what the future holds but we are totally overwhelmed by the love and support and positive vibes we receive from our friends. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts very very very much!!!! xxx

  3. Yay such good news on the rehab race. Sorry I’m reading posts in the wrong order so asked how you were doing in a newer post.
    I have no doubt you could have a farm stay program and race training workshops!

    • Thanks Sue 🙂 Rehab Race is going pretty well. I had all sorts of things planned this week but have been struck down by a virus so will be taking it easy again. Oh well. We are hosting some Japanese guests very soon and really looking forward to sharing our slice of paradise with them.

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