Running in Tasmania – plans can change just like that

Tasmania is the island State of Australia.  Our Island sits south of the Australian mainland at 41.4545° S, 145.9707° E.  To the north is Bass Straight, to the East is the Tasman Sea, to the West is The Indian Ocean and to the South is the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

Our weather is known for its variety and severity.  We can get all seasons in one day and just because on the calendar it says it’s spring (like now) doesn’t mean our weather will be spring-like at all.  We’re on the cusp of summer and today is wild and wintry.

Today is Point to Pinnacle and due to dire weather conditions the race was not from Wrest Point at sea level to the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington at 1250m in elevation.  It was Point to Point – 10.5kms up and 10.5kms down.

How bitterly disappointing for those who trained to run all the way up the mountain.

Each year it’s always a possibility that a point to point course may be decided on due to the weather conditions and race organisers are up front about this.

I say to anyone who lined up today that you are a star.  You trained to be at that finish line and were prepared to take on the mountain no matter what mood he decided to be in.  Very well done!  You are a Pinnacle Star and no one can take that away from you.


Things don’t go to plan quite often in this mixed up world that we live in.  Being able to adapt and come up with a new plan is one of the most wonderful things about being human.


When I first started this blog finding information about Tasmanian running events was not easy.  I started a page especially to list events.  I try and update it once a quarter (the date it was last updated is listed at the end of the page).  Today I’ve done an update and have included some new runs – new and new to me.  A brand new run for next year is the inaugural running of the Gone Nuts 101 in February.  This event has three distances and can be run in a team.  The longest is 101kms.  It’s firmly on my wish list for one year in the future – a team event or the 50kms that is.  I’m not nuts enough to want to run 101kms.  The name comes from where the race starts.  The little town of Stanley on North West Tasmania has a unique geographical feature known as The Nut.  If you get the opportunity to see the movie The Light Between Oceans, some of the filming took place in Stanley.

Since this blog started, running has grown and grown in our island state.  While it’s disappointing when the weather conditions cause events to change, the great thing is that there is always another event to choose from.  Something to train for. Something to challenge us.  No matter what happens on the day the aim is to keep on running.  To the Point to Pinnacle organisers who made the call to change the course today, I say Good Call!  I can’t imagine it was an easy decision.

Happy running 🙂

7 thoughts on “Running in Tasmania – plans can change just like that

  1. That’s a serious race to train for, so like you say a bit disappointing if it doesn’t come off on the day! Running is becoming more popular everywhere I think. This is a good thing! The more that people get interested in their own health, fitness and nutrition the better for us all😊

  2. My experience has been that if the organizers feel the need to modify a course due to weather conditions, it has to be pretty bad. Disappointing, but necessary.

    Like you, I still say congrats to all those who did the training and were there ready to go. As we know, the training is 3/4 of the battle!

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 judging from comments I’ve heard from those who took on the mountain this year they are all feeling ok about the decision. They were absolutely drenched to the bone like they’d just been swimming. There is always next year. One running group is going to restage the event this weekend in an unofficial capacity (weather permitting).

  3. Likely a very tough decision to cancel the race but I’m sure the organizers looked at the safety of participants as the deciding factor. So great that your blog is a collection of running events in Tasmania. Annie I think you are becoming Tasmania’s running ambassador?
    How isthe rehab race going?

  4. Oh I would be gutted, I would stamp my feet, throw toys out of pram and pout. But as I’ve not trained for it I can see that the organisers did the right thing. Mental note to see other side if this happens to me!

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