Having a try at a tri

When life gives you lemons make lemonade they say.  Not being able to train for and run Bruny Island Ultra this year has been a huge disappointment.  What to do?  Thanks to Bruce lending me a bike and giving lots of encouragement I entered and completed a triathlon today.  It’s my 52nd birthday too.  A baby triathlon called a Super Sprint:  300m swim, 10km ride and a 2.5km run.

For the last six weeks since my knee has started to heal I’ve been carefully testing it out with little brick sessions (a brick is a ride followed up by a run).  It’s gone really well; slowly slowly wins the rehab race.  Wednesday night I ran 5kms with no issues.  The knee is about at 98%.

The sun was out for triathlon number one.  24°C.  The water was like a pond, calm and clear but icy.  I’m really pleased with how it went.  The objective was to finish.  I did that and I’m thinking it was under the hour but I don’t know for sure because I didn’t fuss with any timing devices (even though my Polar RC3 GPS records cycling and running, I left it at home).  I wasn’t last.  I think I was second last.

Here are a few little videos that Pauly took.  I need to work on my swim to ride transition!  There were two events on at the same time, the one I was in and a Sprint distance triathlon which is pretty much double what I did.


Mum, Dad, me and Janette pre-start.

I want to say a big thank you to Pauly who took me out for a trial of the race a month ago.  He kept me going.  I want to say thank you to Mum and Dad who came to watch and clapped and cheered.  I want to say thank you to Louise for encouraging me and keeping me strong.  I want to say thank you to Janette for encouraging me and keeping me strong and she made a super human effort and was able to come and watch the start before zooming off to other commitments.  I want to say thank you to Sam for her inspiration and encouragement.  I want to say the biggest thank you to Bruce for lending me the bike.  He lent me the bike before I hurt my knee and at the time I was feeling very unsure about attempting a triathlon so close to an ultra.  As it turns out focusing on the triathlon was the best thing ever.  I am very grateful for wonderful friends and family.  And as for that Canadian Cheer Squad – you ladies should hire yourselves out!


This is how I like to remember my beautiful orange pussy cat, outside in the sun being free and doing his own thing with Poppy.

This week has been a tough one.  For the last three weeks my beautiful pussy cat Minite had been hiding in the cupboard and just not himself.  Initially I put this down to the Tasmanian Devils living under the house.  In the last week he lost quite a bit of weight.  He wasn’t himself so I took him to the Vet.  After a scan it was confirmed that he had advanced intestinal cancer.  I made the gut-wrenching decision to allow him to go to sleep.  I am heart broken.  He was more than a cat to my family.  He was a cherished family member.  The person who knows all our secrets.  The person who gave us unconditional love (as long as we fed him that is).  He was with me during some of the most troubling times in my life before I met Pauly.  Then my beautiful Mintie adapted to being a farm kitty without a hitch.  In fact he loved his eight years here more than his eight years as a town pussy cat.  He was in his element.  My beautiful boy was 16 years old.

Today I nearly gave up and didn’t do the triathlon because my heart is just too broken.  I’m glad I didn’t.  For life goes on.  The worse thing that I could do for the memory of Mintie would be to give up.  He was no quitter that beautiful cat.  I will never forget the hard times he helped me through.  Today was for him.

It’s time to mourn and be sad.  But soon the time will be to remember the happiness and joy that my cat brought to my family.  I’m so grateful that the stars lined up and Mintie joined our family.  This grief is worth the richness that he brought my children and I.

It’s with a lot of sadness that I tell you that my beautiful friend Louie lost her most cherished puppy dog Eddie only a few weeks ago, also to cancer.  I didn’t want to write about this because she has been so sad and I didn’t want to upset her.  I hope that we can navigate this time of mourning and find our happy again very soon.  Our running will help us and soon Louie, I will be back running distance with you complete with non-stop talking and chatter and laughs and shrek-like noises!  We will never stop missing and loving our fur babies but one day soon we will find our happy x

With finishing a triathlon I have a problem.  I simply can’t call myself Unsporty when I’ve completed a multi-sport event.  I can run with the notion that running is an activity and not a sport.  But this notion of activity doesn’t run to swimming or cycling.  More on this later.

Next Saturday Louise and Pauly will be lining up for the Bruny Island Ultra.  Go Team Louie and Huey!!!

Happy running 🙂

30 thoughts on “Having a try at a tri

  1. Happy birthday Annie! What an amazing achievement completing your triathlon on your birthday.

    I’ve been following your rehab race and you continue to amaze me with your dedication and commitment. And now, completing a triathlon, I am so excited for you!

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved cat and also Louise losing her dog, it is such a sad time when we lose our fur babies, thinking of you both.

    It really sounds like you had a terrific day and I look forward to hearing about more of your running and triathlon adventures.

    All the best to Paul and Louise next week for their ultra! I will be thinking of them and hoping all goes well.

    Best wishes again for your birthday 🙂

    • Thank you Lovely Megan xxx You say such lovely things. This rehab thing has had many dark moments but more positive ones. Thank you for your lovely wishes and I have passed them on to Pauly and Louie. We loved meeting you at Cadbury, I hope we can meet again xxxx

  2. Congratulations Annie. I know we’ve never met but I’m so excited for you. I’ve been waiting for this post. I remember you saying a while ago that you might give triathlon a go. (While also saddened to hear about your other disappointments and frustrations.) Good on you for getting out and making new memories. Happy birthday! Definitely not unsporty: more like Un-unsporty.

  3. For an old chick, you really do rock! So impressed and proud of you, huge well done, I feel there might be more triathlons in the future.
    So sad for you, with the loss of your ginger kitty. X

  4. Happy birthday! Very well done completing the triathlon. And thank you for sharing the films – I could imagine I was there. You have almost got me thinking i might start running again…

    • Thank you Sara 🙂 Look up parkrun and see if there is one near you. It’s a great way to have a try at running….run a bit….walk a bit….make new friends….that’s been my experience of parkrun 🙂

  5. Go you! Very excited to read about your move into triathlons! I know this was not on your plan for right now but with determination and your amazing attitude you have turned things around and made the very best of things.
    I’m very sorry to hear about you and your friends pets, they are so much part of our lives that it is like losing a family member when they die xx

  6. I’m so proud of you today, not only for having the courage to try something different but for turning up today when you are so heartbroken, that takes real courage,your amazing. Next Saturday I’ll be running Bruny in memory of our beautiful fur babies ❤️

  7. I LOVED the videos!! I feel like I actually got to see you race your first tri 🙂
    Congratulations on your first of what I assume will be many more. Like running, the multi-sport becomes an addiction!
    Racing is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Happy Birthday and I hope the rest of your birthday week is extra special ❤

    I'm so sorry you lost a long-time member of your fur-family. I'm heart-broken for you {hugs]

  8. Happy birthday! And what a great way to spend it achieving a ‘first’! Learning new things keeps us young, so it’s a very apt thing to do your first tri on your birthday! Sorry to hear about your cat though. Relationships with animals are simpler than those with humans, but can give us such a lot. Onwards and upwards Annie!

  9. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear Cat. I was in the same place with my dear old Rosy, also 16 & had to put her down the week before my 2nd Marathon in 2015. I ran with her collar in my hydration vest & shed a few tears along the road thinking about her. Also sorry to hear of your friends dog passing too. Our 4 leggeds are so so so much more than pets.

    Congratulations on your unsporty Triathalon!!! Happy Birthday too – great gift to yourself in doing the Tri!!!!

  10. Annie where shall I start with this post? Let’s start with a huge hug and my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your beloved Minite. Having been with you through so much of life’s ups and downs just heartbreaking to let that cherished kitty go. So sad for Louie too and I hope the two of you can gain comfort in a shared journey.
    The Canadian cheering squad is in good form and although we will be in California next weekend we shall turn it on for the Bruny team!
    That you turned your lemons into trying a new sport well you are my hero Annie. Such an inspiration.
    Now you may recall I have been nagging you, I mean encouraging you to change the name of your blog. So when I read “I simply can’t call myself Unsporty when I’ve completed a multi-sport event.” you can imagine the squealing that went on over here! Cant wait to hear more about that! Xoxo

  11. So sorry to hear about your loss and Louie’s as well. I hope you are feeling good about the triathlon -you are a star and definitely not unsporty!

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