Go Louie and Huey!


It hasn’t been the ideal lead up for either of these two running ducks, but what I do know about both of them is that they have guts and determination.  On Saturday they will start at the start line and chip away at those 64kms step by step and then cross the finish line triumphant!  The theme song will be masses of cheering from Grant, Janette and the Unsporty Woman.  We believe in them and know they can do it.  Bruny Island Ultra here we come!

Two sleep Team Louie and Huey, two sleeps to go!


Happy running 🙂

PS I was second last at the triathlon but really happy with the results over all.  Three people go out of the water after me.  The time for the swim includes the swim to bike transition so I really do need to work on my toe drying, sock putting on and shoe lace tying skills…either that or forget the socks and go with wet feet (ewww).  The next triathlon is on 10 December!  Another opportunity to try a tri 🙂  Looks like I was the oldest old girl who was prepared to have her age listed!


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