Going bush

Gradually the return to running is happening.  Slowly slowly wins the rehab race.  Tonight 8kms through the forestry tracks near Montana Falls, just a few kms from the farmhouse.  The ground was soft underfoot but with rocks and branches to navigate.  The bush was quiet except for the odd rustle, thump, thump as a wallaby bounded away through the undergrowth.  The sounds of birds calling and sometimes the bellow of a love-sick bull in the distance.

Hurting my knee has truly sucked.  I had to let go of a running dream.  Initially I was devastated.  It so happened that at the time we were going through some serious rubbish on the farm that could’ve seen us packing bags there and then.  Then my beloved pussy cat died.  Over the last few weeks when it’s all got too much and the old black dog has been at my heels, I’m not sure if my tears have been for the lack of running, the troubles of the farm or losing my pussy cat or all of it all together.  And we still don’t know what our future holds.  Our hold on the farm is tenuous.

Thank goodness for the lend of those bikes and the wonderful positive thing that training for the little triathlon has brought.

Tonight it was back to my true love – running.  Slow running on a Wednesday night out in the bush close to home.  You cannot wipe the smile off my face right now.











A perfect place to increase the kms a little.  8kms slowly through the bush with Pauly.

far happy always

Happy running 🙂

Montana Falls

10 thoughts on “Going bush

  1. BEST BLOG POST IN YONKS!!!!!! So happy you are happy Anniebabes!!!! I’m beaming!!!!! Hopefully MrPostie arrives this week to just put the cherry on top 😘😘😘😘

    1. Thank you Lovely CJ! I did have some explaining to do to my Osteo especially as I wanted to do the two baby tris on the weekend. But I’ve pulled up ok. I guess there is running and racing and I’m just so grateful to be back running…I know I don’t have to explain that to you my lovely friend x

      1. Yip… it just THE doing that keeps us going… when we realise that times and positions are not the bees knees and just being able… well it all falls into place doesn’t it 😘😘😘

  2. Good on you Annie, you just keep going and going. Never give up – all the best to you both and hoping things can work out for you. Hugs xx

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