Quackers who swim, bike and run

quackers logo

The Quackers love to run.  Our beautiful logo says so, so it must be true.  Perhaps Team Huey, Dewey and Louie along with all of Team Quackers are related to the Indian Runner Duck.

Indian Runner Ducks
Indian Runner Ducks

I’m not sure but I think I can see a similarity in style.  What do you think?

But did you know that Quackers love to swim and bike as well as run?  No, neither did I until this weekend.


Saturday saw Janette (Daisy) and Louise (Louie) along with some young Deloraine Duckies line up for their first ever triathlon at the Women’s Only Tri event.  Then today saw Pauly (Huey) line up for his triathlon with the Launceston Triathlon Club.  And the Unsporty Woman, known as Dewey in our Duckie team, well she decided to tri on both days!  What a weekend of wet suit washing, gear packing and unpacking, tyre pumping, goggle tightening, oh and a bit of shoe lace knotting as well.  The Quackers have formed a new sub-team known as the Tri Hard Ducks.

Louie (Louise), Dewey (Unsporty) and Daisy (Janette) – The Tri Hard Ducks!  But we are still Quackers at heart.

Swimming (300m)


While the Indian Runner Duck runs beautifully I wonder if they can swim?  The swimming for the Tri Hard Ducks was an interesting leg of the tri.  One doggie paddled.  A couple breast stroked.  Some looked anxiously off into the distance at that buoy we were swimming to and wondered if they would ever get there.  Another decided to chat to the lifesaver on his surfboard while doing freestyle Hello (swim, breathe, swim) I’m a bit slow (swim, breathe, swim) sorry.  I will let you guess who did what.

Women’s Only Tri swim start on Saturday
Pauly getting out of the water today with me close behind. 2nd last and last!!!
Pauly getting out of the water on Sunday with me close behind. 2nd last and last!!!


Janette often says this is the fourth discipline of triathlon.  While this weekend was her first ever, she has volunteered at many and supported Bruce who is an experienced triathlete. Transition was the funniest part of both days!

Proof that Pauly really does need me to supervise him at all times. He did the cycle complete with wet suit, his transition was fast!
Proof that Pauly really does need me to supervise him at all times. He did the cycle complete with wet suit, his transition was fast!

One Quacker zoomed in and then sped off on the ride forgetting to do something important.  A couple of Quackers did their best Houdini impersonation while struggling to free themselves from the rubbery trap that is commonly known as a wet suit.  One Quacker looked like they needed to learn how to tie shoe laces.  How long does it take to put a pair of shoes on for goodness sake???  Obviously a rather long time!

Cycle (10kms)


This was pretty uneventful apart from the chain on one Quacker bike deciding to come off just as they began.  Not to worry this little duck pedaled like a champion and was soon passing other participants like they were standing still.  Oh my goodness.  With just over 70 novice triathltetes at the Women’s Only Tri on Saturday there were many on mountain bikes.  I am afraid to say that one Quacker, thanks to the speedy borrowed road bike, mowed down ladies on mountain bikes like they were parked.  They didn’t know they could be so competitive (ooops, it wasn’t a day for that but they couldn’t help themselves).  One Quacker however pedaled along like she was off to a picnic.  The only thing missing was a basket out the front complete with blanket, bunch of flowers and a bread stick.  Another Quacker who participated in the Super Sprint today got a little hot with a wet suit on (see photo above).

Run (2kms on Saturday and 2.5kms on Sunday)


This was tough.  Three of the Quackers plodded along longing for the finish.  One Quacker got off her bike and went mental!  Happy to be back in her native environment (a definite sign that she is part Indian Runner Duck) she flew out of transition and overtook many runners.  She was 3rd runner by time over all.

Pre-race nerves, yes that this toilet paper in my hand.
Pre-race nerves, yes that this toilet paper in my hand.

All up the Quackers had a great time and did a great job at both events this weekend.  There was huge anxiety in the nest about the swim and the cycle.  I’m so proud of everyone because they didn’t let this fear stop them from having a go.  The Women’s Only Tri was all about getting women to have a go at a tri in a safe, friendly and non-competitive environment.  It was about celebrating the finish line not the finish time.  We are, however totally stoked with where we finished.



Results from Saturday, Sunday’s results aren’t out yet

While it didn’t go as Pauly had hoped for his first tri, he finished too.

It is necessary to mention that last weekend Louie and Pauly ran a 64km Ultra Marathon and here they are this weekend lining up for a triathlon.  Ultra Marathoner one weekend, Triathlete the next!

Go the Quackers!  What a mixed bag of abilities and pace we are, but we are all team members and all thrive on supporting each other.  This weekend is proof that age is only a number.  We range in age from mid 40 to nearly 60 and yet here we are doing something completely new and out of our comfort zones.  I don’t say this to pump ourselves up, I say this by way of encouragement.  If ever you get the opportunity to try something new in a supported environment like we lady Quackers did on Sunday, go for it!  There was so much laughter and encouragement.  This video really sums it up.  Listen for the little voice in the background encouraging mum while having a giggle at some of the Quackers running.  If we can do these things then anyone can!

And on Sunday the Super Sprint event was all about having a go too, there were guest Australian elite athletes there today doing a longer event at the same time.  They made some of us look like statues and yet they cheered and supported as much as everyone else.  Don’t be shy.  If you are curious, give it a go!

We celebrated on Saturday with some pink bubbles at the finish and were featured on the Women’s Only Tri Instagram.


Kate Doughty, an Australian Paralympian, was the Event Ambassador for the Womens Only Tri.
Kate Doughty, an Australian Paralympian, was the Event Ambassador for the Women’s Only Tri.  We posed for a photo right at the end of Saturday just before everyone had gone home.
Pauly almost ready for his first tri.
Pauly almost ready for his first tri and a new wet suit for me.
This wet suit took forever to get into! I had to use gloves so that I didnt put my nails through the fabric.
This wet suit took forever to get into! I had to use gloves so that I didn’t put my nails through the fabric.  Pauly bought it for me yesterday and I got to try it out today.

Go the Quackers, we did it.  We are triathletes.  What a weekend!

Happy running 🙂

29 thoughts on “Quackers who swim, bike and run

  1. Good on you all, what a fantastic effort! I’ve found that being slow means others who are quick and already finished are waiting to cheer you on at the end!

  2. It’s really great that you turned your knee injury into something great like triathalon – and took all the quackers along with you!!

    1. Thank you Julie x it was a wonderful day and so much fun. We all can’t wait to do it again. The knee has certainly opened up some new doors that probably would’ve stayed closed.

  3. I love this post! It sounds like you all had such fun and supported each other as always. It made me laugh too, as I have run with my bike helmet still on and set off to ride without it on!
    I look forward to hearing more triathlon news over the summer 🏊🏻🚴🏻🏃🏼
    It’s good to hear running is going ok for you too xx

    1. I read your comment to Pauly about setting off to run with your helmet on. I’m not sure when the next Super Sprint is on but I have put my name down to volunteer at the Bridport event in early January. Bruce says I get to tell people to get on and off their bikes at mount and dismount…oh the power! Running is going ok, not brilliant but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to run 10kms this week.

  4. OMG Annie, Two tri’s in two days, that is absolute madness, but I admire your madness! Absolutely well done to all. And as for doing an Ultra then a Tri a week apart that is AWESOME. Well done everyone, inspiring stuff

    1. Thank you Shaz hehe they are only little triathlons, only 45 minutes of exercise so if you think of it like that it’s not too mad. Louise and Pauly did so well with backing up the Ultra with a triathlon. I think Louie is on to improve next year. She’s not used to being the Duck that comes at the back hehe (Most of the Quackers are highly competitive with each other, it’s never said, but it’s there and it cracks me up!)

  5. What a great post to go with the great day we had 😄
    It was so much fun and everyone was so encouraging and friendly, can’t wait until we do another one a team one as well would be great fun. As always there was a few funny things happening which make it so memorable.
    Go Dewey 2 tris in 2 days, amazing stuff!!!

    1. A team one would be fun. I’ll have to work on the open water swimming! I’m really proud of all of us Duckies. We did a good job and had so much fun. A Tri-Triathlete I am hehe 🙂

  6. Wow, this is amazing! You all look like you had a ball, I’m even a little tempted to give a tri a go after reading about the women’s event, especially as it’s aimed at letting women have a try at the sport. I’ll have to keep my eyes open to see what’s around. You make it sound kike an amazing experience, loved your post 🙂

    1. It was so good Debbie! Apparently the first enterant to arrive on the day came with cold feet and decided to pull out. One of the lovely volunteers persuaded her to give it a go. She won the most awesome prize (it was supposed to be a spot prize). Everyone clapped and cheered! The spot prize was a beautiful tri-suit so she’s going to have to come back and tri again. I thoroughly recommend the women’s only event. I came mid field on Saturday but then on Sunday came second last again…my signature position!

  7. That sounds so much fun. Well done! I think the running would be the hard part for me but… guess what? I have started a nine week programme to train to run 5K. ‘Couch to 5K’ I officially got off the couch yesterday!!! It’s a start, and I’ve committed to running 5K on Valentine’s day in Feb to raise money for the National Heart Foundation.

    1. Oh wow Sara! Go you! That’s so good. I can feel a run at Westbury Common next time you’re visiting. I hope you enjoy your running and find it as wonderful as the rest of us crazy runners do.

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