The Thank You Jar Project

I’ve had a little project going for the last few weeks: The Thank You Jar Project. As I’ve thought of someone to thank, I’ve popped their name on a piece of paper and popped it in a jar. I’m going to draw each name out now and say some thank yous – in no particular order other than the randomness of the shake of a jar, here are some thank yous to people who have helped, supported and clapped and cheered my running in 2016.


Mum and Dad
Thanks for your texts and coming to see me at my first Tri. Always positive and always believing. Thank you.

Thank you for your lovely words of support.  It’s been a tough year for you but you always have something positive to say and I have appreciated that very much.

The Children
While not huge fans of running (understatement), my kids have said all the right things when I’ve told them what I’ve been up to. I even received texts of congratulations after Gold Coast Marathon! I hope I am an example to them of how to grow old in a young sort of way.

What can I say? Always positive no matter what. Keeper of secrets both serious and funny. Thank you is just not adequate.

So many lovely words of encouragement and such a great blog you write.  Thank you Jo! And you do look wonderful in a cow costume!

Coach Craig and Tina
So much support, so much encouragement as well as the nuts and bolts of how to get to that finish line. Thank you!

Lovely Shaz, all the way in England but a friend like she is just around the corner. For all the messages of support and encouragement and kindness. Thank you.

For your encouraging messages and words of support.  Always appreciated, thank you.

Sam you inspire me constantly. When the going gets tough I think of you and the mountains you have climbed in your training and in your recovery. Thank you so much for being there.

I love your blog, you keep it so real and inspire me so much. Thank you for your support and encouragement this year.

It’s all your fault I am a runner! What a year we’ve had. Here’s to a happy 2017 and making more happy running memories.

A member of the wonderful Canadian Cheer Squad. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support in 2016.

So many lovely words of encouragement. Thank you Lovely Megan! I hope our paths cross again soon, hopefully in 2017.

For lending those bikes and encouraging us to get into triathlon, I’ll be forever thankful. It was just what we needed!

What can I say? For being there and always being smiley with words of wisdom. Thank you. Here’s to more happy running memories in 2017!

I truly do think you are one of life’s angels. Thank you for all the kind and loving words. Thank you for telling your story and keeping things real. You inspire me with every post.

Thank you Sue. Always something wonderful to say; words that inspire and lift up. The other part of the Canadian Cheer Squad and someone who I call a friend.  Thank you Sue!!!

The Running Group
Lucky last out of the jar. A wonderful group of people, so much fun to run with. Always ready to celebrate success and to support when times are tough.


Every Reader
And there are many others too who I am sure I should say thank you to. People who have said just the right word at the right time. The Masseuse, Osteo and Physio who have treated my sore knee. The PTs at LA Fit gym. The people at the Tri Club who have offered words of wisdom and advice. When it comes to running, positive people who lift up far outweigh the negative element.  To readers who have stopped by and read or commented, thank you. I hope my 2016 ramblings have lifted you up.

Happy running 🙂


29 thoughts on “The Thank You Jar Project

  1. I am hoping I am not making the wrong assumption, but I am going to assume I am the Megan you are thanking 🙂
    Thank you to you Annie, my year has been all the more better for meeting your and your lovely crew down in Hobart at the Cadbury marathon. You have no idea how chuffed I am to receive your thank you.
    Your blog continues to inspire me as you share your running & rehab adventures, and also your real stories of life on the farm down in Tassie.
    I feel truly blessed to have met you and look forward to continuing to read your blog in 2017.
    I am heading down to Hobart again in January to run the half marathon this year, so if you happen to be there, I will be sure to say Hi!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year Annie – here’s to another year of running in 2017 – Cheers Megan xx

    1. You certainly are the Megan I am thanking. Your thoughtful comments have been appreciated more than I can say. We will all be at Cadbury again! Louie and Pauly are signed up for the full and I’m one day closer to doing the half every day. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New year too. See you in a few weeks xxx

    1. It will be exciting to see you again too! I’m hoping for some nice weather, not too hot and not too cold and no wind. It’s been terribly cold and windy here so come prepared for the Tasmanian summer!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Annie (I also hope I’m the Jo, your link is to my blog but I haven’t done a cow costume) I feel a real chord reading your adventures and struggles while running my own journey. Maybe next year the planets will align and we will run together in an event!

    1. You are the Jo xxx weren’t you in a cow costume at GOR? Or do I just remember all of you in cow costumes because of my fatigued state at the end of the marathon… I hope the planets to align! Some of the Quackers have just signed up for a trail half marathon so we are heading into the trails too. I love your blog, have tried to leave a comment many times but I must be doing something wrong. Happy Christmas to you and yours and the lovely ladies you run with x

  3. *sniff* Awww Anniebabes! what a LOVELY heartfelt post! You inspire Annie! Your positivity is not only motivational, but inspirational too… Your Annitude is what gets me out the door and up those goddamn hills 🙂
    Sending you, Pauly and all of your family, the BEST wishes for2017 and a very merry Christmas!

      1. *lol* Ms Hillitude is there… you will see… she just takes a little longer to show herself… you just gotta believe in her 😘

  4. What a lovely post Annie and thanks to you for including me in it. I often dream about living closer and how I would show up at your various races and cheer like a mad person. What fun we would have and frankly I think you would inspire me to get out of my comfort zone. Sending happy wishes to you and Paul and some very big hugs. Our time with you in 2017 will always be a high point of our lives. Xoxo

    1. Thank you Lovely Sue 🙂 you inspire me all the time to consider getting out of my comfort zone…we are off to Auckland NZ (hopefully) in 2017, I have always wanted to walk around the Sky Tower so I might just do it this time!

  5. What a lovely post 😄 I think the same about my lovely running buddy 💕
    Looking forward to our long noisy runs again real soon,every run your knee is getting stronger and going further, the rehab race is coming to the finish line 😄 Yah ❤️

  6. Thank you Annie! What a nice idea to have a thank you jar. I have a ‘gratitude journal’ which is sometimes hard to write in, sometimes easy😊 But as it says in the intro, on hard days you can read the pages you wrote on the easy days! And thank you to you too, for sharing your journey. I remember reading about your taper ages back for, was it your first marathon? And you talked about visualisation and mantras- stuff I’d never heard of in association with running before – and frankly a lot more interesting and useful to me about how many 4×100 reps someone did at what speed! I appreciate your comments too – it’s nice to be able to have a conversation about running without thinking ‘oh, I’m talking about running again to someone who doesn’t get it, should I wind this up now or finish what I was saying……!’ 😂😂

    1. Awww thank you Julie, I’m so glad my ramblings have been worth the time to read. We runners need like-minded people to talk to and share the love and sometimes the un-love for this strange activity we do. We get each other. Thank you for yet another lovely encouraging comment x

  7. What a lovely idea Annie, I’m so happy I found your blog 2 years ago when I was googling “Point to Pinnacle” to try and find out more about this iconic race. Finding a link to your blog gave me a great insight into the run but far more than that, I found a wonderful friend ❤

      1. Or a triathlon event 🏊🏻🚴🏻🏃🏼
        How nice it will to both be running with no problems! I saw my physio again today, more needles and a reminder to take it very very slowly, I’m now up to 5-6kms twice a week and I can increase one of those by 5 mins each week if the pain remains at low level, so good news 😊🏃🏼😊

      2. You never know, maybe a tri event. I’m going to do some volunteering for the Launceston Tri Club in the New Year. That’s so good to hear about your running, Sam. I really hope that everything goes really well!!!

  8. Oh my I have never been in a jar before! How lovely. All that you say to me I say back to you lovely Annie my friend across the world x

  9. Thanks so much for mentioning me and others in this post Annie, I have appreciated your words of support throughout the year and look forward to a great year with more time for running, blogging and travelling – we might even get to Tassie!!! Your posts are always so positive and I love reading them. Take care and keep running/smiling/cycling al of it.xx

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