Glancing back, Looking forward

Glancing back…


Glancing back at running in 2016 I see many things.  Mostly I see happiness, success and new bling!  Yes there was the hurt knee that caused a dream to be put on the back burner, but even now I can see the silver lining in that (but I do wish that I was looking at a medal rather than at lessons learnt, but that’s just life, bring on 2017 and another opportunity to have go).  2016 saw this Unsporty Woman run marathon numbers three, four and five.  Five Marathons!  Who would’ve ever thought that?  Certainly not my pre-running self.  Glancing back at other areas of life in 2016, well, it’s not been an easy year so let’s concentrate on running!

2016 Running sees new friendships made, blogging friends met, laughing, trips away, eating and lots of funny silly antics that only runners can get up to.  AND biggest of all the start of becoming a triathlete (that’s part of that sore-knee silver lining and indeed a difficult road that is leading to a beautiful – maybe that should be fun or even funny – destination).


I LOVE this quote, it totally sums up my first toe-dips into multi-sport. Thank goodness for the ability to have a good old laugh at one’s self.  Good news though, I have stretchy shoe laces!  Rainbow ones!  I’m gong to smoke transition now!


New photos and new medals and one new trophy (Pauly’s).  Brag wall or memory wall?
Memories of countless training runs and wonderful trips away is how I see this wall.


Looking forward…


Already The Quackers are hatching new dreams and plans that not only get us clucky but put us into a happy flap: Auckland Marathon (New Zealand), maybe Sydney Marathon.  Right before us is another trip to Hobart and the Cadbury Marathon where Louie and Huey will run the full and Janette (Daisy) and the Unsporty Woman will run the half.  Both Janette and I are coming back from time off running.  Cadbury is going to be a huge celebration but perhaps it’s the thought of chocolate at the finish line that will keep us both waddling along (that and catching up with Megan again).  The clawback of fitness and endurance is tough but Daisy and Unsporty have got the guts and determination to do it!  It’s one step at a time for these two duckies.

We are looking at some trail runs; 2017 will see us line up for a trail half marathon in March that’s part of the Tassie Trail Fest.  What else?  We are signed up to run at The Great Ocean Road again.  Hopefully another turn at Run Melbourne, parkruns here and there and some Launceston Running Club runs.  We’ll be trying to get into town to run with The Running Group AND Janette and I have just booked a trip to Melbourne in February to see Usain Bolt run!

This summer/autumn will see some of the brave little Quackers participate in a number of Super Sprint Triathlons in Tasmania.  I’m hoping that I’m not going to be the only one!


I’m grateful to the past for what it has taught me, but as the quote says, I’m not going that way.  I’m going forward.  Here’s to a wonderful 2017 for all of us.  May all your dreams come true.


From me to you Happy, Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Happy running 🙂

PS Here are some wishes from me to you xxx

far happy always

Whatever your far is, I hope you get to that goal distance in 2017




This is my 2017 New Years Resolution.

My 2017 New Year’s resolution is to work on this.

For all the 2016 typos, wrong punctuation, incorrect spelling and bad grammar from this Unsporty Woman…sorry!


24 thoughts on “Glancing back, Looking forward

  1. Not sure I’m most jealous of seeing usain Bolt or running trails. Your running year ahead sounds amazing, I’m hoping the non running side is as smooth as it can be. happy running in 2017 x

  2. OMG I LOVE Mr Bolt too!!! Loving your quotes just a wee bit too 🙂 All the best Anniebabes, to you, Pauly and all of yours xxxx May your 2017 be EPIC!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your 2016 with us! That “be brave” quote is fantastic. I will be doing the half marathon at Sydney and am looking at the Cadbury event for 2018.

  4. Never any need to apologize to me for any grammar or punctuation. I feel it’s all a bit of a guideline. Your positive attitude is demonstration that what some would see as catastrophic you have used to embrace a new sport. Sending big hugs and very best wishes for all these amazing goals for 2017! Xo

    • Thanks Joanne 🙂 I have researched The Year of the Rooster. I believe it starts on 28 January. Pauly and I are going out for a Chinese meal and will be wearing bright Rooster-coloured something to celebrate the end of the Monkey year. Here’s to lots of happy memory making moments in 2017 for us both xxx

  5. Happy New Year Annie! So lovely to read your post and the positive mindset for 2017! It makes me feel excited for the year ahead, that’s for sure!

    I’m also so excited to read that you will be doing the half in Hobart and also can’t wait to catch up again! I’ll see you at the start and be sure to cheer you on at the finish!

    I also see you’re thinking about Run Melbourne, well I’m already signed up, so I’d love to see you over here on my home turf! It’s my favourite run.

    I won’t be running Great Ocean Road as I’ll just be back from my holiday, so I won’t have time to train.

    All the best for the year ahead, and I’ll see you in 2 weeks time xx

    • See you in two weeks Megan! Well less than that now. How quickly Cadbury is coming up. I’m really hoping that we can get to Run Melbourne. It’s such a wonderful event, I love the vibe and the energy. All the best for you for 2017 too x

  6. What a great year you’ve had despite the injury issues. You are inspirational and I love the quotes you included. All the best to you for the year ahead, I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Great post. By the way you are far from unsporty!!

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