She did it!


Louie’s dream since becoming a distance runner has been to run a sub four hour marathon.  A dream and a goal that she’s worked hard on.  Dreams are great.  We need dreams; this Marathon Girl turned her dreams into plans that she worked hard on.  Today that hard work paid off and her dream came true.  She is a sub four hour marathoner!

And didn’t I cheer like a banshee!  Oh yes I did.  Some people next to me said they wanted to wait and not watch Louie cross the finish line but to see my reaction!  A shrinking violet I’m not.  Enthusiasm is a character trait that I have in spades.

This was Louie’s 6th marathon (and only six weeks ago she did her first ultra marathon).  We are all so proud of our Louie!  Her time was 3:57:13 and she was 5th in her age group out of 13.  She did it.  Her dream came true!!!

Today was one big reason to celebrate for all the Quackers.

Not long before Louie’s epic (and loud thanks to me) finish, three lame ducks proved that they aren’t done with distance running yet.  Bruce, Janette and Unsporty finished the half marathon.  On crossing the finish line at first I was happy but soon after I had a little cry.  Tears of gratitude that I’m not done with this wonderful activity that I love so much.  At exactly 19.84kms with under 2kms to go the level of awareness I have of my knee issue rose.  I can’t call it pain.  I just know it’s not 100%.  I heard the words of my lovely Osteo Fiona and I had a walk (I’d had one other walk break but that was because I was knackered…or buggered as we say in Australia).  The test would be if I could start running again and it not be any worse.  It wasn’t!  I ran the rest of the way even up the last cruel hill before the finish line.  Is the Rehab Race over?  Not yet but nearly.  My time was 2:19:20 and I was 25th out of 43 in my age group (my slowest Cadbury half but my happiest).

Janette finished a few minutes in front of me.  Bruce finished a few minutes in front of his lovely wife.  For both of them it was their slowest half by a long stretch but they are back running and today it was all about finishing.  Janette and I ran together until about the 16km mark.  She was on fire.  Smiling.  Talking.  Laughing.  She said a few times that she was so happy to be out running and that she was a million times happier on the inside but couldn’t really show how fantastic she felt.  She was practically bursting.  How good to be running and hearing my friend chatter away again.  We are known for our talking.  I have missed it!

And finally Pauly came over the line.  He struggled with cramps and finished in 4:07:34 and 7th in his age group out of 17.  He was an exhausted old farmer at the end but he did it.  This was his 8th marathon in two years and at the end of 2017 he will be 60.  Age is only a number.  Pauly proves this frequently.  Eight marathons and two ultras.  Super star Pauly!

It was lovely to see Megan at the start.  And it was lovely to meet Jo who reads the blog, thanks Jo for coming and saying hello 🙂 🙂 🙂  A friend of Blondie Daughter #1 ran her first half marathon, so very proud of her and a number of other runners (Tasmanian running circles are small) also ran and everyone did wonderfully.  The weather gods were kind and turned on a cool day; 21°C was the maximum but it would have been way cooler in the morning while we were running.  The wind was a challenge but nothing like it had been for Ross Marathon in September 2016.  Well done to everyone!

Another wonderful event at Cadbury.  I hope we can enjoy many more.  The organisers of this event do it so well and the team of volunteers are on the job and know how to look after runners.  My goal was to thank as many as I could and as loudly as I could – I did that.  My secret goal was to be just as loud at the end of the 21.1kms as I was at the start.  I managed it just!

Here are some happy snaps.

Waiting for Louie at the hotel - does this man look ready to run a marathon?

Waiting for Louie at the hotel 4:45am – does this man look ready to run a marathon?

Huey, Dewey and Louie

Huey, Dewey and Louie

Janette (Daisy) and Louie.

Janette (Daisy) and Louie.

Pauly and Bruce - get that caffeine into you old boys!

Pauly and Bruce – get that caffeine into you old boys!

Catching up with Megan, Lance and Fiona.

Catching up with Megan, Lance and Fiona.

Then I was a big grown up runner and put my phone away and concentrated on the running part of running….

And there's our sub four hour marathon girl with Freddo Frog at the finish.

And there’s our sub four hour Marathon Girl with Freddo Frog at the finish.

Louie and Grant.

Louie and Grant.  Two happy Quackers!!!

Here comes Pauly! "sexiest man in the marathon" I called out the two times I saw him on the course and then told everyone around me that that was my husband <3

Here comes Pauly! “sexiest man in the marathon” I called out the two times I saw him on the course and then told everyone around me that that was my husband ❤

The Quackers and Freddo. He has webbed feet like ducks so if he wants to take up running he can join us :)

The Quackers and Freddo. He has webbed feet like ducks so if he wants to take up running he can join us 🙂



Happy running 🙂

PS back to work tomorrow for me after three wonderful weeks off.


21 thoughts on “She did it!

  1. Oh how wonderful! Well done you guys!!!! Fab news! Anniebabes you’re BACK too!!!! Pleased the race went well for you…
    phwoar Louie!!!! 😉
    Pleased your three week off were so lovely… enjoy being back and all the best for the year ahead!

  2. Congratulations to you all! I can feel your enthusiasm roaring out of this post. I love your supporing nature, I’m sure everyone knew exactly how you were feeling!! In your honour I ate a freddo frog today…and I went for a 5km run/walk. Gotta be happy with that 🙂

    • That is excellent Debbie and I’m glad you ate a Freddo as well as got a run in. It’s the day for chocolate and running. I am off chocolate for three months but have brought a lovely stash home for 01 April.

  3. it was funny approaching that last hill and thinking that is Annie from the blog just in front of me. I was impressed you made it up that last hill I had a little walk. But like you my 2016 was marred by injury so happy to be back…I think next year will be my attempt at the long one. Just a bit worried about being that last finisher.

    • It was lovely to meet you Jo! Don’t worry about that last spot, I doubt you’d be last. I think the time has been extended because the year I did it I had the narrowest little section of road to get up that hill. This year the lane was open for ages. It’s good to be back running after taking breaks for both of us x

  4. What a wonderful post – huge congrats to you all. Just what I needed to read at the start of my long return to running fitness after five months out. You’re an inspiration, and one day I’d love to revisit Tassie and race with you! 👏👏👏💪❤️

    • Oh I would love for you to visit Tassie and come and enjoy an event together. Here’s to getting back into fitness Cathy. Man it’s been tough to get back for me but it’s so worth it!

  5. Fantastic that Lou has achieved her goal! Her determination and training has paid off. Now for the next one…

  6. What a day and what a fantastic outcome! It was so lovely to see you all again before the start. It’s funny, catching up with you is like meeting TV characters in real life. I read your blog all the time and then I get to meet up with you which is so much fun!

    Well done Annie on doing the half, it’s been a tough time with your rehab race, so to know you got back out there doing what you love is fantastic! It was nice to see you out on the course, you looked so very happy when I saw you running with Jeanette!

    And Louie, I had no doubt you’d do that sub 4 when I passed you a couple of times on the course, you looked so strong and had your eye on that prize, well done, it’s such a great feeling to reach your goal!

    I had a super run, finishing the half in 1hr 47 mins and 47 seconds! My cheering as I crossed the line was pretty loud as well, I was wrapped.

    Well done to you all, I look forward to reading about the next adventures for team Quackers.

    Hopefully our paths will cross again soon xx

    • It was lovely to see you Megan. Well done on a smoking time for the half. It’s always lovely to meet up with like minded people. It was such a fun day with so many reasons to celebrate. I hope our paths will cross soon too. Your lovely comment has me smiling from ear to ear. Thank you so much for the lovely words xxx

  7. Standing on the desk going wild here. Pom poms swirling about like mad. SO happy for all of you! Look at you doing a half! That rehab race is coming along amazingly well due to dedication and positive determinations. Pauly is like some superhero dude. Congrats to the whole crew and big hugs all around. xoxo

  8. What an amazing day 😄 We all achieved something we have been keen to do.
    I’m so happy for you Dewey, your rehab race is almost over you done an amazing job on Sunday and got a great age place as well. It’s great to see you and Janette back out there on course having a great time and nice to catch up with you again Megan. When I started running I never thought I would ever do a marathon, let alone finish under 4 hours, you can do any thing if you want it bad enough I’ve discovered. The best part of my run wasn’t crossing the finish line, it was when I got to the top of the hill and all could hear was my lovely friend Dewey screaming out Go Louie 😄 That’s what running is all about, supporting each other and never giving up on your dreams.
    Thank you everyone for all your lovely wishes and to the best running buddy ever 😄

    • Yay Louie! What an awesome day for you and all us little old ducks. A day that will go down in the memory books to be pulled out again and again. Remember Cadbury 2017? What a great day it was….we shall say this often I’m sure. And did you notice that the medals are bigger this year? The half one is anyway…Janette pointed this out so of course I had to measure them! We love our medals!

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