Our Happy Place

Our happy place.  A place of quite a few PBs.  2:00:31 for a half marathon.  I doubt I’ll ever get close to that again.  A place of challenge. A place of celebration.  Dinners, breakfasts, shopping, late night glasses of wine by the Yarra River.  Time out with friends to pursue running dreams.  Much searching for good deals on accommodation and airfares to get there.  Lots of anticipation and counting of days until we get to fly over Bass Strait for special occasions and running events.

Melbourne, Victoria.

Today a scene of unnecessary tragedy where one person’s actions has taken the lives of three people and injured so many more.

My heart is breaking for the families of those who have lost loved ones.  My heart breaks for those suffering both from physical injuries and for those who were there and saw it all happen.

Life is precious.  We never know what’s around the corner.  Let’s decide to be happy.  Just this week Janette made the decision to sign up for Run Melbourne in July, then Pauly and I did and yesterday so did Louie.  Only today all of us booked our accommodation which is only a few blocks from where the tragedy happened.

For Team Quackers Run Melbourne will be all about celebrating what is wonderful about life:  friends, health, running and holidays together.  We are very blessed little ducks.

Happy running 🙂

Remembering happy days – Run Melbourne 2014:

Louise, Pauly and the Unsporty Woman AKA Louie, Huey and Dewey.

Louise, Pauly and the Unsporty Woman AKA Louie, Huey and Dewey.

Pauly at Run Melbourne

Pauly at Run Melbourne

Janette at Run Melbourne

Janette at Run Melbourne

Louise and I at Run Melbourne - so many people!

Louise and I at Run Melbourne – so many people!


16 thoughts on “Our Happy Place

  1. You’ve done one it again Annie, given me goosebumps.

    Such a sad event today. My brother works in Melbourne and I was straight on the phone to check that he is okay when I heard the news of what had occurred, he had been near by only 10 mins before. Thankfully not in anyway involved.

    For the poor families and people touched by this tragedy, it is just the beginning of their nightmare. Thoughts are with them as they face such a challenging time.

    But on a brighter note, I am thrilled to bits that you are coming to Melbourne! Yay! I am signed up for Run Melbourne already as well! I’m sure it might be a little harder to find each other to say hello, but we will try our best!

    Run Melbourne is one of my favourite events and the new course is great! Just love it!

    Look forward to seeing you on my home turf, but until then there are plenty more blog posts for me to read. As you say, life is precious, let’s enjoy the happy moments and treasure those who we are privileged to share a path with in our lives xx

    • Thanks Megan, so glad your brother is ok, 10 minutes is such a short amount of time. I had friends in Melbourne and I quickly checked facebook to see if they were ok too. I hope we can say hello at Run Melbourne! We’ll have to think up a meeting spot closer to the time. Louie ran last year and she said the course has changed since the rest of us run it. Thanks as always for the lovely comment Megan xxx

  2. Indeed a beautiful city with lots to offer and we are reminded that random acts can happen anywhere, anytime.

  3. I just popped over to the news to read about the horrific event. No matter where we go, we’re not safe from sad, disenchanted, sick people. So we keep on going, because the majority of us are loving, kind, giving humans, and we must enjoy our life of being, walking, running. DOING. Love your pictures. This past fall I ran the ‘Tufts 10K’ with thousands of women celebrating ‘being’ as we ran a beautiful route in and around Boston. Keep on running and enjoying!

    • Thank you so much. Well done on your 10k! I appreciate your comment and agree that most of us are caring people who keep the laws and wouldn’t harm anyone intentionally. It’s been such a terrible thing to happen in such a lovely city.

  4. So tragic to read the news and of course thought of those of you in Australia. We never do know what is around the corner. I am with you Annie in embracing life and enjoying it. Leave the world with as few regrets as possible. Xoxo

    • Pauly and I were talking today about life goals and living life to the full. I agree with you Sue and you and Dave are great ambassadors for embracing and enjoying life. Here’s to many more trips and many more runs and tris and things that we love to do.

  5. Such a dreadful thing to happen anywhere and to anyone, and I’m thinking of all those involved. On a happier note I am considering doing Run Melbourne again this year – my sister lives in Melbourne so it’s a great opportunity to see her as well. Keep smiling Annie 🙂

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