Call me Richie

What gear should I be in?
I don’t know…are you pushing hard or does it feel easy?  If it’s easy change gears.
Is that high or low? Up or down?  Both levers together?
I don’t know! 

Much giggling and crunching of gears and legs free wheeling later, we still didn’t have any idea; we were having a great time regardless.

That’s a bit how the conversation went last night when two Quackers went out for their first road bike ride out along our favourite running route (a Quacker has recently purchased her first road bike, it’s very pretty).  River Road is nicely undulating and reasonably quiet so a perfect course for beginner riders.

The trouble for these two Quackers is that one is a raw beginner and the other is only half a pedal turn in front.  I soon discovered that when it comes to riding fast this Quacker makes me look like Richie Porte.

Who’s Richie Porte you ask?  Why he’s a speedy Tasmanian cyclist who wins big international races and gets places and gets to wear that yellow jersey sometimes in that French race…what’s it called…umm…The Tour de France…that’s it.   He’s also an Australian Olympian.  Such is my cycling knowledge but I do know who Richie is because he’s a fellow Tasmanian.  Go Australia!

Back to our ride last night.  Yes this Quacker makes me look like Richie.  Apart from going up hills.  She powers up those hills and I fall a bit behind, but on the flats?  Off I go like a zombie is chasing me whereas my fellow Quacker is riding like she’s off to enjoy the scenery.  I got my fellow Quacker to go a bit faster along a flat section and we managed to get up to 32kph!  Our average speed was 17.5kph over 15.5kms. 

And just because we don’t know if low is fast or slow, or high is slow or fast.  Here’s a little help for us two beginner cyclists.  We need to get the lingo correct.  But let’s think back to only six-ish years ago when we heard the word taper and had to look it up.  Watch this space.  I’m sure that soon this Quacker will be claiming that yellow jersey and the title of Richie.

2170ad24f7edb70e9242b16f4d24e3d2Happy running 🙂

20 thoughts on “Call me Richie

    1. I’m sure I will if I ever do 100kms! Or is that 100miles??? We have our eyes on a 70km event in November. It’s always good to remember how far we’ve come hehe and nothing like having a giggle at ourselves 🙂 glad this made you laugh! I only hope that our friend Bruce doesn’t see this post…he already shakes his head at all the strange beginner triathlon mistakes we all make!

    1. 100 miles? Not sure I’ll get up to that! I’m feeling a bit better about no knowing the gears and also that if you aren’t sure there is totally no hope for me. I shall remain a gear cruncher!

  1. This made me smile Annie! I love your descriptions and I’m glad you are enjoying cycling. I’m a great flat rider but will go up hills if I have to, just so that i can go down the other side. I got a new bike for my birthday and am really enjoying it. Watch out Richie!

    1. Hehe thanks Debbie! I’ll have to remember that going down the other side bit, trouble is that I get a bit worried going down hill. I did buy some lovely new cycling gear at DFO this weekend. I am going to look the part at least until I get on the bike hehe

  2. After 3 years with my road bike, I still have the gears labelled on my handlebars. 1/2 and F for which part of the lever to use (half or full – no idea what the real terms are) and H or E for harder/easier. It’s very comforting to know that other people start off with as little knowledge as I did. 🙂 Keep it up!

    1. Oh gosh Heather, you are making feel better! I have no clue and I don’t think I ever will. I will definitely keep it up…I’m going to be that ‘make up the numbers girl’ in cycling as well as running and totally loving it 🙂

  3. Ha ha it was the best fun 😂 What a great ride can’t wait until the next one. Apart from the yelling at me to pedal faster 🙈 Only joking

  4. Haha that took me back to my early days of cycling. It’s amazing how improving technically in cycling helps with performance. You quackery will soon be racing with Ritchie! Xo

    1. Well you never know Sue, there was a Richie sighting in Launceston last weekend! And he has competed with the club that we are having a little turn with. I’m hoping for some improvement. We are going to try a special ride to raise funds for youth mental health in November. I have my heart set on the 70km ride but it is rather hilly. I would rather run up hills than ride but there are quite a few months to gain confidence 🙂

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