Bolting over to Melbourne

Usain Bolt came to Melbourne so of course two of the Quackers had to go and say hello!

Thursday evening at Southbank:  Chinese New Year Decorations are so cute.






Friday was all about The Melbourne Cat Café!  Blondie Daughter #1 took Janette and I and it was wonderful.





We shopped and shopped!  New trail shoes for Janette.


Saturday morning we ran Albert Melbourne parkrun.  It was my 99th parkrun and 4th time running around beautiful Albert Park Lake.  There were 448 finishers on Saturday.


It was so hot!  I started off looking happy but by the end I was pooped!  The maximum for Saturday was 35°C.


Saturday evening we met Usain at the Nitro Athletics.  Well not quite but we did meet Asafa Powell!





Our Coach was so happy!  Almost as happy as Janette and I were after a visit to Koko Black and eating ice cream.


We did eat some healthy things too like this delicious paleo chicken dish and a shake called a Golden Girl that was flavoured with mango and turmeric.  I was expecting that this is yucky but good for me taste, but it was just plain old yummy.


A wonderful weekend was had by all.  Credit cards are currently enjoying a cool down in the dark recesses of our wallets.

Happy running 🙂

27 thoughts on “Bolting over to Melbourne

    1. It’s taken since November 2012 – we have to drive an hour to get there so sometimes it’s just not practical coupled with farm work and running events away from home. This Saturday will be the 100th hopefully 🙂

  1. Looks like you had a great trip. I loved watching the Athletics on TV, such energy and a fun format.
    When is the 100th parkrun planned for? such a fantastic milestone!

    1. Thanks Jo, it was fun and amazing to watch how fast all these athletes are. 100th parkrun will be this Saturday hopefully. I’ve really put my knee through its paces this week so it might be a lovely parkwalk instead of a parkrun. Louie and I have a virtual half marathon planned for early tomorrow morning then Sunday is another baby triathlon. Hope you’re on the mend! I still can’t get my comments to post on your blog but I do love to read them and to keep up with what you’re doing. I had a look at the Hanging Rock Run and Pauly and I have this on the wish list for next year.

  2. What a fabulous getaway Annie. I’ve never been to a cat cafe although often in our travels cats are ‘working’ in restaurants to keep any unwanted rodents out!

    1. It was lovely thanks Sue 🙂 Cat Cafes are being the thing for us crazy cat people. There is one in Sydney called The Catmosphere. I really wanted to go to this one in December but Pauly really isn’t a cat person even though he does really care about our cats (he will say he doesn’t but his behaviour doesn’t match his words, he cried with my orange baby died). At The Catmophere apart from all the usual adoration of cats they do Yoga with Cats! There is one in Perth Western Australia affectionately known as the Purrrrth Cat Café. I’m going in March when I go to visit Brown Eyed Daughter #1. I could quite easily become a full time devotee of cats. I do love them.

      1. Perhaps you and Pauly could open a cat cafe in your next chapter? 🙂
        I think Pauly has a huge heart and even though he may say he is not a cat person your description of him at the passing of your lovely kitty shows a great deal.

  3. I love that cat cafe 🙂
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun! … but 35C is awfully hot for running. *Pooped* wouldn’t quite cover it for me!! Bravo.

      1. It’s getting wetter and warmer but Tasmania is the pick of the states. It’s been lovely here the last few days, we even had a frost this morning which is unbelievable, but it warmed up to 22C.

    1. It was really beautiful Miss E and they were everywhere. There was a display of lotus flowers that was especially beautiful but it was really crowded and so warm when we walked by that I just admired without photographing. Cat Cafes are so cute. I can see myself going each time I visit Melbourne.

  4. Sounds like a great time! I’m off to Melbourne next week for a few days and am looking forward to it. I’m not too sure about the cat cafe though….

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