Marathon clock

Is there a marathon clock do you think? You know, like the biological clock. A clock that’s ticking but we don’t know when it will stop and that will signal the end of marathon running?

I like to think there isn’t one.  And if there is I don’t want to know.

Age is only a number I often say. You’re only as old as you feel I say that too and I don’t feel 52, I don’t think I act 52. I run more than I did 10 years ago but that’s not hard because I wasn’t a runner, wasn’t even thinking about being a runner 10 years ago. Positive aging, doing it right. Grow old disgracefully. I say those two phrases a bit as well. In fact at 52 I wear shorter shorts than I did in my 20s – I’m getting the disgracefully bit about right me thinks.

But maybe there is a marathon clock. Maybe there will come a day when marathon running isn’t possible for these aging bones and muscles I call me.  Maybe?  Possibly?

With this in mind I printed out a blank 2018 calendar and then had a brainstorming session with myself. Me and myself are quite good at brainstorming, we come up with the most fabulous ideas.


I don’t much like the idea of a bucket list but I do love Wish Lists. On the Wish List for marathons is a marathon in every Australian state and territory and one on the south and one on the north islands of New Zealand.

Given that Pauly will turn the ripe old and dignified age of 60 this year I’ve been listening closely for the sound of ticking coming from his direction. Can you hear any? No me neither, but is that because I’m getting a little hard of hearing in my 50s? Let’s go with the concept that there isn’t any ticking but let’s also be on the safe side and plan those marathons!

From Launceston to Perth is about 3,200kms of flying.

Here are the marathons as done or tentatively planned:


  • Tasmania: Cadbury Marathon 2016
  • Victoria: Great Ocean Road Marathon 2016
  • New South Wales: Sydney 2017
  • Queensland: Gold Coast Marathon 2016
  • Northern Territory: Uluru Marathon 2018
  • South Australia: Adelaide Marathon 2017
  • Western Australia: City to Surf Marathon 2018
  • Australian Capital Territory: Canberra Marathon 2018

New Zealand

  • North Island: Auckland Marathon 2017
  • South Island: Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon 2018

Already Pauly has chugged out eight marathons and two ultras. By the end of this he’ll have done 14 marathons and three ultras but knowing him they’ll be more thrown in for good measure.

If there is a clock then it can tick all it likes because whatever happens we’ll be doing our best to get our wish list done; but if we don’t we’ll have fun trying.  AND we’re not the only crazy duck with this Wish List, the Lovely Louie is right there with us.  There are going to be some fabulous trips away together and you never know we might convince Janette to come too.

Aging really is only a number and I do believe that part of being old is acting old and thinking old.  Pauly and I certainly aren’t into acting or thinking old.  As I look around the small corner of the blogosphere I’m part of I see shining examples of people in their 50s and more who set the best examples of how to grow old youthfully…crazily…and just a tad disgracefully too.  We might get more of those wrinkles but that’s from getting up early and running in all weathers, bush walking, zip lining, bungie jumping or whatever it is that we want to do. Age is only a number and it’s a number that says GO!  I can’t hear a single STOP about it!

Happy running 🙂

Here are some happy snaps from last week

A high vis cycle with some Deloriane Ducks
A high vis cycle with some Deloraine Ducks – go team citrus.  I’m that bossy friend who insists on high vis.  No high vis?  Raid the son’s work tops and wear those.  You should’ve seen all the waves Louie and Brooke got!  Go Tradie Girls!
Band new gaters!
Band new gaiters! Pauly and I went for a bit of run in the bush.
How thoughtful, a couch in the bush in case we need a rest.
How thoughtful, a couch in the bush in case we need a rest.


Banksia flower
Banksia flower
Several kangaroos bounded across our path, it's there on the right hand side.
Several kangaroos bounded across our path, it’s there on the right hand side.
Crazy husband: he's about to go from the half to full marathon at Tassie Trail Fest...
Crazy husband: he’s about to go from the half to full marathon at Tassie Trail Fest…
Kangaroo tracks
Kangaroo tracks

18 thoughts on “Marathon clock

  1. I only started running about 6 years ago. Just entering a few fun funs and have been doing the Point to Pinnacle for the last 7 years.
    End of 2014 I realise my 60th birthday is looming May2015. My sister wanted me to go to Hawaai for my birthday.
    I had been looking at the Great Ocean Road Marathon surely this would be a good way to celebrate turning 60. I had never run further than 21k the thought of the first Marathon was a bit scarey. Once I announed it I just kept going wtih it. Since Im very private with my age to most people I didnt let on my true reason for entering. I trained on my own it was hard, I did it. Injuries have caught up with me I dont feel like Im done with Marathons yet.

    1. Great Ocean Road is a beautiful marathon, very well done and such a perfect gift to give yourself for your 60th Birthday. Here’s to getting those injuries under control and another marathon. Very well on all the P2Ps too!

  2. that is an enviable challenge, good luck and good running in all corners of our lovely country. Some of these are also on my own wish list and would love to do the Queenstown mara to top it off

    1. Thanks Jo 🙂 Queenstown is on our wish list too, it will be an after-dairy-farming marathon due to the time of year. New Zealand has so many beautiful marathons we could just hang around there for a few years I think.

  3. WOW! what a kewl, super kewl challenge!!!!

    I am SO with you on the age thing… god, i don’t feel 52 either… and funny thing is… Jules is turning 60 this year too (parallel universe thingy again?)… he has done 5 half marathons this year so far… a PB each time and LOVED them! He had never covered the distance before… 10km was his distance… and look at him now.

    Gosh that scenery is beautiful! LOVE tree lined road shot! looks so peaceful!

    GO Anniebabes… you are my inspiration and you totally keep motivating me!

    *mwah* *mwah*

    1. Thank CJ 🙂 Good on Jules with the half marathons and a PB each time, that’s pretty awesome! It is funny that we are the same ages! To go from 10kms to 21.1kms at nearly 60 defies the whole aging thing that so many people have in their minds. Love it. Here’s to lots more challenges for all of us no matter what they look like. You inspire me right back CJ! Glad you liked the photos. That road is right near home, in fact today we ran from home and up and around to do a slightly longer run. Louie has a very special weekend this weekend and all of my kidlets are home so no Friday long run this week.

    1. I don’t know if one of those exists. Starting marathon running just takes a little time and a good plan…at least that’s been my experience 🙂 I hope you find the marathon start button because it’s well worth the time to train. It’s the best sense of achievement crossing a marathon finish line no matter what time it takes.

  4. I only started running at 42 and triathlon at 45
    I’ll be 50 in a couple of weeks and will be completing in my third ironman this summer along with a few halfs and a marathon with a dozen others celebrating their 50th birthday
    50’s are the new 30’s and I know I’m so much fitter now than then 😁

  5. What an amazing list Annie! I try not to let age dictate too much of my thinking. We aim to just keep embracing and enjoying this life as much as possible. I think as long as we are passionate about a goal anything is possible.

  6. I really love how you call it your ‘wish list’ instead of a ‘bucket list.’ It really puts such a positive spin to things since I’m working towards my wish list marathon (now I hope I don’t chicken out). But kudos to your wish list! Wow! And I hope there is no marathon clock…as long as my muscles and joints hold up, I hope to run some more…

  7. I have been thinking about this Boston being my last Boston marathon – I guess I am not ready to say this is the end of my marathon running, but the winters are so cold and dark and snowy where I live, I think my winter marathon clock is saying it is time. Nice post — congrats on all your marathons!

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